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This is the West Ham United Football Shirts and Accessories shop at Soccer Box. If you are looking for West Ham United football merchandise make this your 1st stop. West Ham United has never played below the 2nd tier of the English Football League and currently plays in the top-flight, the Premier League.

West Ham United is based in East London and has a loyal fan base in the South East of England. Large numbers of West Ham football shirts and can be seen in the area on match day, along with West Ham United football accessories and merchandise. The team’s supporters are loyal and proud of the club flaunting their support with all kinds of West Ham football merchandise.

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You can show you support and shop for official West Ham United football shirts and accessories at Soccer Box. 

The West Ham United football shirts are traditionally claret and sky blue in color. This color scheme is now iconic of the club, however, the first shirts worn by the team were dark blue. Before settling on the now popular claret and sky blue theme several alternative color shirts were trialled including a sky blue and white shirt.

The claret and blue shirts worn for all home games have inspired the design of the West Ham United football accessories and merchandise collection. The official football shirts are great for wearing on match day, but the official accessories and merchandise can integrate into every day life, allowing you to exhibit your team allegiance at home, in the office, at school or in the car.

Standard football supporter’s merchandise includes the infamous football scarf. You can shop for a West Ham United scarf at Soccer Box, but why not browse our extensive selection of football accessories where you will find many more ideas. For use at home or work the West Ham mug is a great choice and makes a perfect gift for any football fan. You can even kit your pet out with West Ham United football merchandise, we stock dog leads and bowls as great accessories for your canine friend. Or accessories for your feline include the West Ham cat bowl.

If your kids are keen West Ham United fans you can stock up on West Ham football accessories to keep them happy. Why not shop for merchandise that will transform their bedroom into a West Ham supporter’s haven. A quilt cover, clock and soft toy are all fantastic accessories that will brighten up any bedroom.

Also great if your youth is a fan of West Ham, we stock merchandise that is perfect for use at school. A backpack and accessories such as stationary and a water bottle are essential for school, and designed in the West Ham theme your kids are sure to love them. West Ham football merchandise and accessories also make great stocking fillers or birthday gifts.

The West Ham United football shirts and accessories are most prominently on display during every home football match. The team currently play at the Boleyn Ground but will be relocating to the Olympic Stadium for the start of the 2016 - 2017 football season. The new stadium will house a larger capacity of supporters decked out in their West Ham football shirts, accessories and related merchandise.

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