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Oct 20
Chelsea Kids Home Shirt 2014 - 2015

Highlighting Chelsea’s Key Footballers This Season

Chelsea Kids Home Kit 2014 - 2015The Chelsea football club is off to an excellent start in the 2014 – 2015 Premier League! With 7 wins, 1 draw, and no losses, the Blues are off to their strongest soccer season kickoff in years! But which players have made it possible for the club to perform so well this year? Which big and emerging Chelsea names are you going to be seeing on replica football kits for kids in the coming years?

At Soccer Box, we currently have a great deal of official Adidas replica kit, including player-specific jerseys for both Cesc Fabregas and Eden Hazard. Each replica football shirt is available as an adult jersey and a Chelsea boys home kit 2014 – 2015!

Replica Football Kits For Kids

Fabregas and Hazard

It’s not surprising that Fabregas and Hazard are two of the more popular members of the Chelsea football squad, or that their player specific replica kit are some of the best selling merchandise at Soccer Box, specifically for football loving kids.

After three seasons in the various Barcelona kits, where Fabregas made more than 150 appearances and scored 42 goals, the midfielder signed a five-year contract with the Blues this past June. He was one of the biggest transfers of the summer offseason, and his arrival helped lessen the blow as past soccer stars like Juan Mata and Frank Lampard left Stamford Bridge forever.

Hazard, meanwhile, was the most recent “player of the year” for Chelsea. Between league play, European tournaments, and cup games, the attacking midfielder played a total of 49 matches and scored 17 goals. It’s not surprising at all that kids want his name on their Chelsea boys home kit 2014 – 2015!

Other Stars

Both Fabregas and Hazard have acquitted themselves quite well so far in the current league season. Each star has played in all eight of Chelsea’s Premier League soccer fixtures, and they have scored one and two goals, respectively.

However, neither of them have been the star of the Blues lineup this fall. That title goes to Diego Costa, whose name will almost certainly be appearing on replica football kits for kids in the near future!

Indeed, Costa has had a world-class football season already and we are only eight matches into the league! Like Fabregas and Hazard, Costa has appeared in all eight football games that the Blues have played since the start of the premier division in August. In those eight games, he’s scored a total of nine goals in both his home and away kits. It is clear to see why demand for the number 19 kids kits is soaring in preparation for Christmas.

Costa has failed to scored in only two of the matches that Chelsea has played so far in the 2014 – 2015 Premier League: a bout with defending champs Manchester City and a recent Crystal Palace game. Coincidentally, the Man City match is also the only one that the Blues did not win.

Clearly, Costa—who came to Stamford Bridge this summer after several successful seasons with Atletico Madrid—is Chelsea’s secret weapon. You can bet that many of the kids wearing a Chelsea boys home kit 2014 – 2015 this soccer season are rooting for him!

Young Talent

With points in nearly every game—plus a hat trick in one and a brace in another—Diego Costa is undoubtedly Chelsea’s “player of the year” so far for the 2014 – 2015 season. However, the Blues have plenty of other talent on display as well.

One piece of the puzzle is Thibaut Cortois, one of the team’s two world-class goalkeepers. In recent years, Cortois has been on loan, wearing the Atletico Madrid kits while Petr Cech rightfully ruled the goal at Stamford Bridge.

For this fall, the 22-year-old Cortois returned to take on the role of starting goalkeeper, and he’s done an excellent job thus far. In the eight games that Cortois has played, he’s kept clean sheets in three matches and only missed one save in another three.

Another young football player who will likely be an international star within a few years is Andre Schurrle. A 23-year-old forward, Schurrle has been making a name for himself recently thanks to strong seasons in the Bayer Leverkusen and Chelsea kits. This fall, he’s started in four games, and substituted in during another two, scoring a pair of goals along the way. He’s a player to watch in the coming months.

Celebrate Chelsea’s star players with replica football kits for kids, now available at Soccer Box. Just make sure you don’t forget to use the coupon code “BLOG5” at checkout to save 5% on everything you order, whether it is a full kit or just a jersey!

Oct 20
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