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Mar 24
Manchester City Away Shirt 2014 - 2015

Manchester City Bows out of 2014 – 2015 Champions League with Barcelona Loss

Manchester City fans haven’t had a ton of things to be happy about lately. Their club has been experiencing a rough patch of sorts since the end of February, including a handful of Premier League losses. To make matters worse, the Sky Blues got an incredibly tough draw for the round of 16 in this Manchester City Home Shirt 2014 - 2015year’s UEFA Champions League. And now, after two losses against Spanish soccer titans Barcelona, Man City are officially out of the UCL tournament. Help to push them toward a strong finish in the 2014 – 2015 Premier division, with a new batch of Man City gear from Soccer Box.

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Manchester City Gear

The Champions League

After winning the 2013 – 2014 Premier League title last spring, Manchester was tapped by some as a potential frontrunner for a Champions League title in 2015. After all, for all their recent success in English football, the Sky Blues have still never won a UCL title. Fans were of course stocking up on 2014 – 2015 Man City gear, ready to cheer the team toward a precedent-breaking victory.

In the early stages of the tournament, it became fairly evident that this wouldn’t be the year where Manchester would break their UEFA title draught. Drawn into Group E, City was up against Germany’s Bayern Munich, Italy’s Roma, and Russia’s CSKA Moscow.

They started the round in poor fashion, losing an away game in Munich, settling for a lukewarm 1-1 draw at home against Roma, and drawing 2-2 in an away fixture with Moscow. By the time Moscow had beaten Manchester in game four, things looked truly dire for the reigning English champs. Indeed, four games into the six-game round, it looked like the Sky Blues weren’t even going to reach the knockout phase.

Luckily, the football squad turned things around in games five and six. First, players donned the Manchester City home shirt 2014 – 2015 for a rematch with Bayern Munich. With the home field advantage on their side, the Sky Blues managed to nab a surprise victory and keep themselves alive in the UCL. Credit for the 3-2 win goes to striker Sergio Aguero, who scored a hat trick to singlehandedly give Man City the win.

A 2-0 win against Roma in game six put Manchester in second place in the Group E standings and guaranteed them a spot in the quarterfinals. Sure, their record couldn’t compare to Bayern Munich’s five-win run, and few were talking about the Sky Blues as dark horse title contenders anymore, but they would at least get to continue.


That fact is no longer true, following Man City’s round of 16 battle with Barcelona. On February 24th, fans packed the stands at Etihad Stadium, clad in Man City gear and cheering for the Sky Blues. Even with all of that fan support, and even with the home field advantage, the club couldn’t win that first leg.

A pair of goals from Barca’s Luis Suarez put the Spanish soccer squad up two points in the first half hour. Sergio Aguero solidified his status as Man City’s offensive MVP at the 69-minute mark, scoring his club’s only goal for the round of 16.

When Manchester went scoreless in the second leg of the round—played on Wednesday, March 18th at Barcelona’s Camp Nou—their fate was sealed. With the aggregate score at 3-1 for the two games, Barca will continue to the quarterfinals. Man City, meanwhile, will now have a singular focus: defending their English football title.

While the early UCL elimination is disappointing, though, the wearers of the Manchester City home shirt 2014 – 2015 have nothing to be ashamed of. On the contrary, holding a powerhouse offensive side like Barcelona to only three points in two games is something that deserves recognition. Barca’s players and manager even praised Man City goalkeeper Joe Hart for his numerous jaw-dropping saves, with Lionel Messi calling his performance “phenomenal.”

With Hart in the goal and Aguero on the field, perhaps the Sky Blues do have a chance of winning another Premier division trophy this year? Pick up a new set of Man City gear from Soccer Box to cheer the club toward a second-consecutive title! Whether you are looking for a 2014 – 2015 home shirt, an away shirt, or even a presentation jacket, you can find it in our store. Use the coupon code “BLOG5″ to save 5% on whichever football shirt or other piece of gear you order.

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Manchester City Away Shirt 2014 - 2015

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Manchester City Home Shirt 2014 - 2015

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Manchester City Away Shirt 2014 - 2015

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Manchester City Away Shirt 2014 - 2015

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