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Czech Republic Football Shirt Available for Euro 2016 Qualification Campaign

The red, blue, and white colors of the Czech Republic football shirt have only ever appeared in one World Cup event: 2006, when the Czech team was eliminated from contention during the group stage. To be fair, the team has only been active for about two decades, since Czechoslovakia broke apart in 1993. Still, four missed qualifications – in 1998, 2002, 2010, and now in 2014 – have undoubtedly been hard medicine for fans of the Czech Republic soccer team to take.

Still, just because the Czech Republic doesn’t have much history on the global soccer stage, that doesn’t mean that the team doesn’t have any football glory to speak of. On the contrary, since first entering the tournament in 1996, the Czech team has done pretty well for itself in the UEFA European Championships. The Czech team will be vying for yet another Euro event beginning this fall, and Soccer Box has the gear that players will be wearing when that time comes, such as the Czech Republic home jersey 2014 – 2015.

Czech Republic Football Shirt

European Championship History

The Czech Republic may have only qualified for a single World Cup in international soccer history, but the disappointing nature of that particular record is not an indication of a weak overall football team. In fact, the first time the Czech Republic football shirt appeared in a UEFA European Championship, back in 1996, the team walked away from the tournament with an incredible runner-up finish.

At the 1996 European Championship, the Czech Republic team’s narrative could only have been aptly described as a Cinderella story. Drawn into a challenging group with Germany (the eventual winners), as well as with global heavyweights like Italy and Russia, the Czech Republic shocked the soccer community by beating Italy and drawing with Russia to qualify for the knockout stage.

There, the Czech team continued to ride the momentum of its good luck. A 1-0 win at the quarterfinals against Portugal was followed by an incredibly close match with France. The game ended in a 0-0 score and went into overtime, eventually coming down to a penalty goal shootout. All six Czech players made their goals, while one French player missed his – giving the Czech Republic a slot in the finals at its first European Championship.

The final match ended with a 2-1 score in favor of Germany, but the Czech Republic football shirt was suddenly one to watch in the realms of European soccer. A third place finish at the 2004 Euro tournament, and a sixth place result in 2008 have only further established the Czech team as one to watch at Euro.

The Euro 2016 Campaign

Now, as the Czech Republic national football team begins its campaign for the 2016 European Championship – in a qualifying round starting this September – it will be wearing the very Czech Republic home jersey 2014 – 2015 that will not be appearing at this summer’s World Cup.

For qualification, the Czech Republic team has been drawn into UEFA Group A, along with the Netherlands, Turkey, Latvia, Iceland, and Kazakhstan. As the runners-up at the 2010 World Cup, the Netherlands team will certainly be the Czech Republic’s harshest opponent.

The Netherlands will also be the first opponent that the Czech team faces as it fights for Euro 2016 qualification. On September 9, the Czech Republic will face the Netherlands at the former’s home stadium. Fans will want to have their Czech Republic home jersey 2014 – 2015 available to impart good luck upon their team.

After the first Netherlands match (a second will take place in October 2015, on the last day of Group A qualification competition), the Czech team will also face Kazakhstan and Iceland at home before the year is out. In other words, a home shirt is a good investment to make for this fall if you are a Czech fan.

Of course, the Czech Republic’s campaign for Euro 2016 qualification will also include away games, so fans will want to have away shirts as well. Soccer Box has a full supply of different Czech Republic football shirt types, and you can get them all for 5% off by using the coupon code BLOG5 at checkout! Enjoy!