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TSG 1899 Hoffenheim off to Tremendous Start in DFB Pokal Tournament

Evidently, players spent a lot of time in the Hoffenheim training kit over the summer. After a 2013 – 2014 season that saw TSG 1899 finish in ninth place on the Bundesliga table, and exit the DFB Pokal tournament during the quarterfinals, the club has Hoffenheim Navy Jacket 2014 - 2015returned with a vengeance for the 2014 – 2015. With strong starts in both the Bundesliga and DFB Pokal, Hoffenheim could be a dark horse contender for a German football title in 2015.

At Soccer Box, we are ready to support the extra popularity and demand that those dark horse hopes will surely bring about for the squad. We have a range of TSG 1899 gear, both in training kit and playing jersey varieties, including a handsome jacket. Looking for a blue and white home football shirt? You can find it here. Or would you prefer a snug and warm Hoffenheim navy jacket 2014 – 2015 for the fall and winter months? Soccer Box carries that piece of training gear, as well.

Hoffenheim Training Kit

Training Time Pays Off

The TSG 1899 squad’s days spent in the Hoffenheim training kit and jacket this summer clearly paid off. The club has been hanging around in the upper echelons of the 2014 – 2015 Bundesliga table so far, and is off to a strong start in the German football competition that is DFB Pokal.

Hoffenheim played their first match of the tournament all the way back in August – an away fixture against USC Paloma. Since the game was away, fans traded the blue, navy, and white hues of the TSG home kit and warm-up jacket for the bright yellow and red colors of the team’s away soccer shirt.

A Victorious Fixture

The game turned out to be a great confidence-booster for the Hoffenheim side, ending in a monumental 9-0 victory for the club. Granted, Paloma hails from the Hamburg Oberliga division—the fifth tier of German football. With that in mind, the match was always going to be strongly in favor of the 1899 side.

Even with the odds heavily in their favor though, fans were proud to wear the Hoffenheim navy jacket 2014 – 2015 after the triumphant win over Paloma. Hoffenheim truly controlled the match from the get-go, scoring the first goal at the nine-minute mark and delivering the last at the 90-minute mark—just as the fixture was about to conclude.

The true star of the football game was striker Sven Schipplock, who clearly spent a lot of time practicing in the Hoffenheim training kit during the offseason. Last year, Schipplock often played as a part of the Hoffenheim II squad. This year, he’s moved up to the senior lineup, and after his performance in the Paloma match, he’s never going back.

Schipplock looked like a global soccer celebrity during the fixture, scoring not two, not three, not four, but five goals within 35 minutes of one another. The 25-year-old striker absolutely dominated the middle of the match, giving his team a tremendous lead in both the match and the DFB Pokal tournament.

Going Forward

Indeed, when fans pull on the Hoffenheim navy jacket 2014 – 2015 for the club’s second fixture of the tournament this week—an October 29th home game against FSV Frankfurk—they will have a distinct advantage. And that’s because the 9-0 win against Paloma was the biggest victory of the entire cup so far. During Round 1, there were a few two or three-point wins, maybe one four-point win, and one 6-0 game, but no team defeated its opponent with as much surefooted soccer assurance as Hoffenheim.

Furthermore, FSV Frankfurt won one of the narrowest victories of Round 1, only beating out Sportfreunde Siegen with extra time and penalty kicks. And since FSV Frankfurt is from 2. Bundesliga anyway, Hoffenheim already had the edge.

Will this be the year that Hoffenheim’s training pays off and gets the squad a DFB Pokal trophy? Only time will tell, and there is a long road ahead for that tournament, but things are off to a good start! Celebrate TSG’s early 2014 – 2015 season success with a batch of new gear, available now at Soccer Box. From navy windbreaker jackets to home and away football kit items, all the way to Hoffenheim training kit options, we’ve surely got what you’re looking for. Use the coupon code “BLOG5” to save 5% on your order.