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Will the Uruguay Soccer Jersey Have a Presence Beyond the Group Stage in Brazil?

Fast-forward more than half a century, however, and Uruguay’s stock has fallen a bit. Three fourth place finishes – in 1954, 1970, and 2010 – have kept the team in the conversation as a World Cup contender, but Uruguay hasn’t claimed another title since 1950. And while the Uruguay 2014 FIFA World Cup home shirt will make an appearance in this year’s World Cup – find this lovely looking Puma shirt today on Soccer Box – it almost wasn’t that way.

Uruguay Soccer Jersey

Close Call Qualification

Indeed, the blue and white of the Uruguay soccer jersey was very nearly absent from this year’s World Cup after the Uruguay team failed to mount much of a charge in its South American CONMEBOL qualifying round.

In fact, of the South American teams competing for a berth in the World Cup, Uruguay came in fifth, trailing behind Argentina, Colombia, Chile, and Ecuador. Had Brazil been contending for qualification – the nation got an automatic slot in the World Cup due to its role as host – then Uruguay’s qualification hopes would have been at an end.

Luckily for Uruguay fans, the team was given one last chance to qualify in the form of a playoff that allowed the fifth place team from South American (Uruguay) to compete against the fifth place team from Asia for one of the final World Cup slots. In November of last year, Uruguay defeated Jordan to become (quite literally) the last qualifier for the 2014 World Cup.

Contention Chances

Because it came so close to the Uruguay home shirt not even being a presence at this summer’s World Cup, many football prognosticators around the globe are skeptical about the team’s chances. FIFA isn’t a part of the skeptical party, however, as it has slotted Uruguay at number 6 on its latest set of world rankings.

That ranking puts Uruguay ahead of every other team in its group, which is saying something, since Group D is one of the toughest in the tournament this year. The group includes former winners such as England and Italy, as well as a strong (but underrated) team in the form of Costa Rica.

The big story of Group D will likely play out between Italy and England, since the two teams have been long-time rivals on the stage of global football. However, the meeting between Italy and Uruguay will likely draw a lot of attention as well, since it will essentially function as a rematch for Italy’s close victory of Uruguay at last year’s Confederation’s Cup.

Uruguay fans will want to bring their Uruguay 2014 FIFA World Cup home shirt for the team’s first two group stage matches against Costa Rica and England. However, they should also not forget to bring their away kits, as Uruguay will take the away position for its match against Italy.

The Italy game will undoubtedly do a lot to predict Uruguay’s chances in the rest of the tournament. Last year, Uruguay lost the third place consolation match of the Confederation’s Cup to Italy in one of the closest shootouts of the tournament. The match came down to penalties after a contentious 2-2 scoring match, proving that these two teams are as evenly matched as any others in this year’s group stage.

So who will top Group D? Will Italy and England progress, or will Uruguay make good on its current ranking and top the whole thing? Either way, Soccer Box has the Uruguay soccer jersey items you will need to cheer this once-legendary football team toward victory, and you can save 5% on anything you order by simply typing in “BLOG5” as a coupon code at checkout!