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Venezuela Prepares for 2015 Copa America in Chile

In 2011, the Venezuela national football team finished in fourth place at the Copa America tournament, held in Argentina. It was the highest the country had ever placed at the event, a high watermark in the Venezuela Home Shirt 2015 - 2016history of Venezuelan soccer. This year, the squad will seek to improve upon that high achievement, at the 2015 Copa America in Chile. You can support their campaign today, with a brand new Venezuela football shirt from Soccer Box!

Venezuela’s Plainsmen will be wearing fresh football shirt designs for the upcoming COA tournament, courtesy of kit manufacturer Adidas. Soccer Box has one of these brand new designs in stock, with the Venezuela home jersey 2015 – 2016! The new jersey bears the Plainsmen’s trademark color of burgundy, as well as stripes and trim accents in a vibrant fluorescent yellow color. It’s the perfect shirt to mark the team’s return to the continental competitive circuit!

Copa America History 

The Venezuela national football team first qualified for the Copa America tournament all the way back in 1967. It was a sterling debut for the squad too, ending in a fifth place finish. With the top four slots taken up by Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, and Paraguay, the wearers of the Venezuela football shirt were clearly in good company.

After that first appearance, the Venezuelan team failed to reach the same superlative level at the tournament. From 1975 through to 2004, the country qualified for every COA, but always exited the competition after the first round. In those years, the soccer squad’s placements ranged from 10th to 12th, but never reached higher.

Then, in 2007, the Plainsmen seemed to stumble into a new golden age. Playing in their home country, the Venezuelan hosts made it to the quarterfinals and finished in sixth place.

Then 2011 was an even more impressive showcase, with the club making it all the way to the semifinals. They came within penalty kicks of a slot in the championship match, but ultimately lost to Paraguay. In the end, Uruguay beat Paraguay to win the title, and Venezuela lost to Peru in the consolation third place match. Still, the tournament was a big badge of honor for players in the burgundy jersey.


If 2007 brought about a fifth place finish and 2011 saw a fourth place, could the Plainsmen be headed toward the top three in 2015? We’ll find out in June, when players don the Venezuela home jersey 2015 – 2016 to commence the group stage.

For this year’s competition, the Venezuelan side has been drawn into Group C—arguably the toughest in the tournament. Group C also includes Brazil, Colombia, and Peru. Needless to say, the wearers of the Venezuela football shirt will have their work cut out for them if they are hoping to reach the knockout stages. After all, each other country in Group C has won the Copa America title on a previous occasion.

That’s not to say that Venezuela can’t possibly score an upset, though. Brazil has won the COA title three times, but has only done so as the host country, with supportive home audiences on hand to boost their momentum. Peru has two titles, but the most recent came in 1975. And Colombia, like Brazil, has only won at home (once, in 2001).

Still, the odds of Brazil exiting the tournament after the group stage are slim to none. And Colombia’s performance at the 2014 World Cup was so impressive that many are wondering if the team could be a dark horse contender to win the 2015 Copa America. Venezuela’s best bet, then, is to beat out Peru and then top the ranking of third place teams in order to reach the knockout phase.

In any case, make sure you have your Venezuela home jersey 2015 – 2016 ready for when the soccer squad commences its COA campaign! The Plainsmen will face Colombia first, on June 14th, and will proceed to play the other two Group C members in the days that follow.

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