Cardiff City Football Shirts

Cardiff City Football Shirts

Welcome to the Cardiff City Football Shirts and Jerseys shop at Soccer Box. This is the place to buy your home or away Cardiff City football shirt. Cardiff City is a Welsh football club playing in the English league. The 2013 - 2014 season is the 1st time they have ever played in the Premier League. The home and away Cardiff City football jerseys are available to order. Puma has been the team’s shirt and kit manufacturer since 2009. 

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The initial deal was for 5 seasons and is due to end with the 2014 football season. There are rumours that following the clubs Malaysian investment and rebranding the deal will not continue, and an Asian manufacturer may be drafted in to produce the Cardiff City football jersey and kits.

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In 2010 Malaysian Vincent Tan purchased Cardiff City. Cardiff City had worn blue football shirts since 1908, however, in a bid to rebrand the club boosting its image and success the decision was taken to change these iconic home kit colors. Changing the famous blue and white color scheme of the team’s football jerseys was not a popular decision with fans.

As part of the deal that would see the home shirts change from blue to red Vincent Tan agreed substantial investment into the club. The investment included funded for a new training centre, an increased transfer budget and the possible expansion of the team’s home stadium. Changing the iconic blue home shirt for a red one was drastic however, in retrospect the fans are delighted.

Red was chosen as the new home football shirt color to appeal to the Asian market where red is viewed as a powerful and appealing color. Red is also a color that features in the Welsh flag, so it can be argued that the new jersey is bringing the team back to its Welsh history and heritage.

The red football shirt was 1st worn for the 2012 - 2013 football season. Initially the fans were angered and shirt sales stumbled. However, as the season progressed it seemed the new red football jerseys were working miracles. By the end of the season the now infamous red Cardiff City football jerseys were leading the N-Power Championship. The fans were ecstatic as Cardiff City gained promotion to the Premier League for the 1st time in their history. It seemed that the home kit color change and new football shirt design was a great choice for club and fans alike.

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