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Welcome to the Fulham Football Shirts and Accessories shop at Soccer Box. If you are looking for official Fulham football accessories and merchandise we offer a fantastic selection. Fulham football merchandise is a great choice for any fan of the team. Why not consider shopping for Fulham football accessories and souvenirs as a gift for any supporter.

Fulham football club was established in 1879, and is the oldest London based club. The team wearing the Fulham football shirts have not always played in the top-flight but is currently well established in the English Premier League.

Such large fluctuation in performance, from playing in the 4th division to the Premier League has resulted in an equal fluctuation in number of fans. Loyal supporters have worn their Fulham football shirts through the ups and downs, and cheered the team on with Fulham football accessories and merchandise.

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The Fulham football shirts and accessories shop at has a great range of official team merchandise available to for you to order now! 

The Fulham football shirts are white in color; the shirts are worn with black shorts. The black and white color scheme is used in the design of the Fulham football merchandise and accessories. Black and white was not always the chosen color scheme for the Fulham football shirts. White shirts were introduced in 1903 after several seasons wearing red football shirts. The team’s 1st football shirts were a half and half design featuring 2 shades of blue. The white football shirts are recognized today as a symbol of the club, and are popular with supporters.

Football merchandise and accessories are ideal for fans of Fulham football club. Merchandise available at Soccer Box includes a Fulham mug that is ideal for enjoying a hot drink during or after the big football match. Or why not wear a Fulham scarf to show your support for the team on match day and every day.

Younger supporters are also keen to stock up on football accessories and merchandise. If you are buying a gift for a young football fan the Fulham football accessories range may have the perfect solution. A Fulham money bank is a great gift choice, allowing young fans to save their pocket money for more football merchandise.

The Fulham football shirts and accessories shop at Soccer Box is perfect for Fulham supporters. If you are not a Fulham fan or are looking for gifts for supporters of other football teams you will find shirts, and football merchandise for lots more teams by browsing our store.

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Shop for your Fulham football shirts and accessories and cheer on the team during every game.