Sheffield Wednesday Football Shirts and Jerseys

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Sheffield Wednesday is football club based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. Sheffield participates in the championship which is the second highest tier of English football making the team a successful club. Sheffield Wednesday are one of the oldest professional football clubs in the world and the third oldest in England. Up until 1929 the club was known as “The Wednesday”. Since joining the football league in 1892, Wednesday have spent the majority of their history in the top flight of English football. Sheffield have won a numerous amount of major trophies such as four League Titles, three FA Cups and one League Cup which was in 1991 making it their most recent major trophy since 1935. 
The Hillsborough stadium is the home of Sheffield Wednesday with a big capacity of 39,732, allowing many Sheffield fans to go show their love and support to pledge allegiance to be constantly pushed for a win!
The official Sheffield Wednesday football shirts are supplied by Puma. The Sheffield home shirt is blue and white stripes, with blue shorts and socks. The Wednesday away shirt is bright yellow and features very thin blue stripes on the shirt while the shorts are yellow and the socks yellow featuring a blue folding. Sheffield are yet to have a third shirt, but it may be announced in the coming years. 
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