Padova Football Shirts and Jerseys

This is the Padova Football Shirts and Jerseys shop at Soccer Box. Padova is an Italian football team. They are not well known and internationally popular like some other Italian teams but Padova is certainly a small team with a big attitude. The Padova football shirt makes a big slash in the Italian Serie B, as the team hopes to return to prominence in the much-desired Serie A league.

Padova also referred to as Calcio Padova was established in 1910. The Padova football shirt has been seen in the Serie A, B, C1 and C2 leagues since the turn of the century. This sums up the teams performance as they have climbed up the league and tumbled back down. The Padova football shirts and jerseys were last seen in the Serie A in 1996.


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Joma is the manufacturer of the Padova football shirts and jerseys. Throughout the teams entire history the Padova home football shirt has been white with red trim. The away shirt is usually the opposite color scheme. Under Joma’s Spanish flair for design recent Padova football shirts and jerseys have been skilful and artistic. Even if you are not a fan of Italian football, or indeed Padova the 2012 - 2013 football shirt that is now on special offer is not to be missed.

Padova football club was most successful during the 1950’s, in 1958 Padova reached it’s highest ever league finish at 3rd place in the Serie A. From 1962 to 1995 the Padova football shirt was non-existent in the top flight of Italian football. The team was in a constant battle of relegation and promotion between the 2nd and 3rd tiers of Italian football.

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