Ferencvaros Football Shirts and Jerseys

Ferencvaros Football Shirts

Here is the Ferencvaros Football Shirts and Jerseys shop at Soccer Box. Ferencvaros is a Hungarian club based in Budapest. Ferencvaros is the most popular team in the country and their shirt is recognized around the world. Ferencvaros is part of a sports club that includes teams for sports other than football, including ice hockey, gymnastics and swimming amongst others. The club was establish in 1899 by local residents of Budapest and is successful not only for soccer but a wide range of sports.

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The teams club shirt sells well in Hungary and can be ordered from the Soccer Box shop enabling you to show your team support and loyalty from anywhere in the world.

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The home tops are green and white; this color scheme has led to the team’s nickname ‘The Green Eagles’. Nike is the current manufacturer of the Ferencvaros shirt. The home, away and third shirts utilise the green and white color scheme in various designs. If you are a fan the club shirt is a must have item.

Most of the fans attending the games adorn themselves in one of the teams tops or jerseys. The club is on the process of having a new stadium built. Upon completion it will have a capacity of around 24,000 fans. The shirt clad fans will be privileged to have the most-modern ground in central Europe. It is planned that the fans will not have to leave their seats to order a drink; they will be able to do it via a free WIFI system. Mobile phone replays will also be available via the system for the adoring fans. If you are planning a trip to Hungary the Ferencvaros shirt is a must, why not catch a game while you are there?

The brand new Ferencvaros Arena will be is use for the 2014 - 2015 season onwards. As well as hosting thousands of fanatical fans, the Arena will be used for some Hungarian national matches.

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