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Welcome to the Steaua Bucharest Football Shirts and Jerseys store at Soccer Box. Steaua Bucharest is a Romanian football team and this is the place to shop for your Steaua Bucharest football shirt. We stock the shirt in adult sizes as well as a selection of official team accessories that you may also be interested in.

Steaua Bucharest is the most successful Romanian football team and is supported by a high percentage of the country’s population. The Steaua Bucharest football shirt is very popular in Romania but can be shipped worldwide when you order yours at Soccer Box.


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Nike is the manufacturer of the Steaua Bucharest football shirts and jerseys. When the club was founded in 1947 the team’s shirt colors were blue, red and yellow. From 1948 the use of yellow was gradually reduced in the Steaua Bucharest football shirt. Blue and red have been the dominant colors of the teams shirts and jerseys since this time. The style of the football shirts has been changed frequently. The red and blue vertical stripe Steaua Bucharest football shirt was only introduced in 2008.

In recent seasons yellow has returned to Steaua Bucharest in the form of the away football shirts. Nike frequently uses the history and heritage of football clubs to find inspiration for the design of the shirts and kits. This is the case with the Steaua Bucharest football jerseys and launching yellow away shirts.

A 2007 survey revealed that 42% of Romanian football fans claimed to support Steaua Bucharest. This is an immense number of supporters. The Steaua Bucharest football shirts and jerseys are the best selling football shirts in Romanian.

Many fans turn out to the Stadionul Ghencea to watch the Steaua Bucharest home games. The fans are clad in their football shirts and official Steaua Bucharest football accessories and merchandise. The current capacity is 28,139; there is the possibility of increasing this capacity in the coming years.

The Steaua Bucharest football shirt is a fantastic option for any fans of the team; why not also consider the official merchandise and accessories that coordinate perfectly with the shirt. Steaua Bucharest football merchandise and accessories available at Soccer Box include a scarf that will be perfect for watching the game on a cool Romanian evening.

Steaua Bucharest has won the Romanian football Liga 1 an impressive 26 times, most recently in 2013. As well as domestic success the team has also had some success in European football tournaments. These include winning the European Cup in 1986 and reaching the semi-final of the UEFA Europe League in 2006. The Steaua Bucharest football shirts and jerseys are recognized worldwide as a strong opponent in the Romanian football league.

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