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Football in Scotland has undergone many changes since the Scottish Football League (SFL) was originally founded in 1890. In 1998 the top-tier of football broke away and the Scottish Premier League (SPL) was founded. However, in 2013 the SFL and SPL once again merged to form the Scottish Professional Football League and as it is known at the time of writing the Scottish Premiership was founded. The Premiership is the top-tier of football in Scotland, and here you can shop for football shirts from some of the leagues most popular clubs. 

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Twelve teams compete each season in the Scottish Premiership. As a much smaller league than their European counterparts the allocation of games and format of the league is different. In the first part of the season each team plays every other team in the league three times. After each team has played their 33 fixtures the league splits into a top and bottom 6.
The clubs in the top and bottom six then play the other teams in there half of the league once, creating a further five fixtures. Points are carried over, but the split is fixed at this point, the top 6 can only move between placements 1-6, and the bottom teams can only move between placements 7-12.
After all 38 games are played the team sitting first in the Scottish Premiership table wins the title. The team in 12th place is relegated and the 11th placed team plays a play-off with the 2nd placed team in the Scottish Championship, the winner of this play-off fixture secured the right to play in the top-flight of Scottish football the following season.

Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers

The two biggest football teams in Scotland are undoubtedly Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers. Rangers had always played in the top-flight of Scottish football until liquidation resulted in their demotion to the 4th tier of football. Over the subsequent season’s the club has had to play it’s way back into the top-tier, which they finally secured for the 2016/17 campaign. Needless to say, with such history and ambition we stock the official Puma Glasgow Rangers football shirts.
Since the inception of the Scottish Premiership in 2013 Glasgow Celtic has won every trophy. However, it is expected that with the re-admittance of Rangers to the top-flight stiff competition will once again ensue between these two rival clubs. You can of course shop for your official New Balance Celtic home, away and third jerseys here at Soccer Box.
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