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This section is to help you get the best from this site when you order a name/number, if you do not understand anything you can always call us during office hours, If your query is not during office hours you can e-mail us at anytime and we will try and respond to your e-mail within 24 hours.
Choosing A Name And Number

When you have chosen the size of the shirt that you require On the next line there are the words "Name/Numbers", please check this box and you will see the page expand, in here you can add the name and number of your choice.

You can choose any name and up to two numbers, when choosing a name please bear in mind the width of the shirt, An average adult shirt can take up to 10/11 letters, a small boys shirt may only take up to 5-6 letters depending on what size you choose, if there are any problems we will let you know so please make sure you leave a daytime telephone number so that we can contact you.

I Have Ordered A Name/Number For A Premier League Shirt Official Printing

We stock a range of Premier League letters and numbers, these in the past have been in two colour ways, white/black and black/white. Which means a white number/letter with a black outline and vice versa for the black number/letter with a white outline Most Premier League clubs have at least one of these colours for one or all of their shirts, as we buy the letters and numbers in individual packs this means that we can apply any name that you require within reason, please remember that on most adult shirts we can get 9-12 letters on the back of a shirt depending on the size. For Children's shirts as the size gets smaller the width across the shirt also gets smaller so this then reduces the amount of letters that we can get on the shirt, a Small Boys shirt will take 6-7 letters on average.

For infant kits we can apply between 4-6 letters on average.

National Team & International Team Shirts Official Printing

Due to changes into the way suppliers allow us to order names/numbers for National and International football shirts we can only supply certain players names/numbers, the reason for this is that we now have to order names/numbers in packs of ten, i.e ten names and ten numbers, as you can see this would make it impossible for us to supply say BLOGGS 10 for the AC Milan home shirt as we would have to purchase 10 sets which would leave it almost impossible for us to sell the other nine sets.

If you require a name/number for your shirt and it is a personalised name of your choice we can do this but it will not be in official letters and numbers, We will cut out the name/number of you choice and make it as near as we can to the official style but in a plain style colour, please note the numbers will not have any official logo imprinted on as this would infringe copyright of the team.

If you would like this option when you have chosen your shirt carry on through the ordering process when you get to the last page before you finally submit your order there is a comments box towards the bottom of the page, in this box type the name/number that you would like.  Then please contact us to provide your card information on 01785 220225.  The reason for this is that once the order has been placed our payment system immediately removes sensitive card information.  Therefore, to process the additional printing charge manually we need to have the information provided a second time.

Please note:  Players names and numbers are based on the most recent team appearances.  Soccer Box is not responsible if the players name and number changes after the order is completed.

Any Name and up to Two Numbers = £12.95

If the shirt is a national team we will put the numbers on the front of the shirt at no extra cost. 

I Have Ordered A Baby Kit

Because Baby Kits are so small it is impossible to get the official numbers and letters to fit on the back of the shirts because the numbers are so big, if you do require a name/number for your baby kit we can do this but not in the official numbers and letters, We will get our supplier to cut out your chosen name/number in a style as close as possible to the original in a suitable size to fit the shirt, you can add instructions in the comments box on the order form if you would like us to do this.

Please Note:

Yes. If you have ordered a shirt that has a name/number then we will not be able to except it as a return as it is un-salable, especially if the shirt has been personalised with your own name.

All shirts are printed to order, if you choose from an image that already shows a shirt with a name and number we will have to print the name and number on the shirt prior to dispatch.

Please enjoy our site and if you have any comments or suggestions then please let us know as your feedback is very important.

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