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Welcome to the Newcastle United football shirts and jerseys shop. Here at Soccer Box you can support the Magpies and shop for the latest Newcastle United football shirt as soon as it is released for sale by Puma. Soccer Box is your one-stop location for Newcastle United football shirts and jerseys. From the classic white and black stripes to the new white and blue, is the home of official Newcastle United football shirts. Available in a variety of sizes, wear your beloved team’s home shirt with pride.

If you are a fan of Newcastle United and you would like to add to your football shirts and jerseys collection this is the place to shop for the latest football shirts and jerseys, as well as the teams official football training kit and a great selection of official accessories and merchandise. Newcastle United is a Premier League football team and their black and white striped shirts and jerseys are infamous in Northern England and around the world. Get your jerseys and cheer on the team during every game!

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Shop for Official Newcastle United Football Shirts and Jerseys at Soccer Box!

Puma has been manufacturing the Newcastle United football shirts, jerseys and kits since 2010. Puma is a German sportswear manufacturer that has bought a touch of flair and modernism to the Newcastle United football shirts as they have too many international teams with a fine selection of soccer jerseys and shirts. Details of the deal have not been released however, the club is ecstatic to be partnered with such a globally recognised manufacturer. The Puma logo will feature on the team's football shirts and jerseys for at least the remainder of this season, no other jersey deal has been announced to date. The latest Newcastle United football shirts and jerseys looks great and is a must have for all fans of the team. Shirts, shorts and socks are available to order now in an extensive range of sizes. The home football shirts are the most popular to date with the away jerseys coming a close second.

Newcastle United was first established in 1892. The merger of 2 football teams, Newcastle East End and Newcastle West End, formed the club. The now famous black and white stripes of the first team kit jersey were not worn until 1894. These colors where initially chosen for the Newcastle United football jersey, as they were not representative of either of the 2 original clubs. The team originally wore red jerseys, but this was too similar to the shirt worn by Newcastle East End to be acceptable to all fans. The striped color scheme of the teams jerseys has remained popular with fans throughout the clubs history. 

Wearing the Newcastle United football shirt has become symbolic of supporting the team. The club has a large following, particularly in the North of England where it is a sea of black and white striped Newcastle United football jerseys on every match day. Kids and adults alike turn out in their thousands wearing their football shirts to cheer on the team.

Fans of Newcastle United are some of the most loyal football supporters of any team. Research has shown that the fans that wear the Newcastle United football jerseys travel further and spend more than any other teams supporters to watch away football games. Away games can be tough for the team with a lack of familiar football shirts and fans in the stands cheering the team on. The loyalty of their supporters has helped spur on the team at all of their matches. Loyal fans can shop for their jerseys at Soccer Box where great prices and service is always available!

Newcastle United has played in the top-flight of the English football Premier League for all but 2 seasons since its beginning in 1992. They have not had a top-flight win since 1927 but came close in 1997. Newcastle United football jerseys are recognized as belonging to a top team that deserves its place in the Premier League.

The Newcastle United football shirts and jerseys sold at Soccer Box are official Puma merchandise. You can get jerseys for the whole family and cheer on the team together. Why not even consider getting a name and number printed on the reverse of your football jersey in official Premier League lettering. The Newcastle United shop has all the shirts and jerseys from all of the current kits, merchandise and accessories any fan could dream of owning.

Soccer Box is your one stop shop for all Newcastle United football shirts and jerseys, but is also the place to be if you are looking for any other Premier League, national or international football jerseys. Why not check out the range of Sunderland Football Shirts and Accessories. Sunderland is Newcastle United’s biggest rival; if your household is split you can shop for accessories for both teams in one place at Soccer Box.

Order your Newcastle United football shirts and jerseys online at Soccer Box while supplies last!