Premier League Football Shirts and Kit

If you’ve heard of football, you’ve heard of the English Premier League. The Premier League is the top flight of football in England and Wales, and is played out each season by 20 clubs. The bottom three clubs at the end of each football season are relegated, while 3 are promoted from The Championship. This keeps the competition fierce and allows the potential for underdogs to swoop in and take the title.

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Of course the most recent triumph of an underdog was Leicester City’s 2015/16 Premier League triumph. Of 47 clubs to have played in the Premiership since it’s 1992 inception only 6 teams can claim to be English football champions; Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, Blackburn Rovers and Leicester City.

Manchester United are the undisputed leaders in Premier League success with 13 titles to date. Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City complete the ‘big 4’ with 4,3 and 2 titles each respectively.

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Here at Soccer Box we aim to stock a wide and varied selection of official Premier League merchandise. We are supplied directly from the manufacturers including Nike, Adidas, Puma and New Balance. With football shirts, shorts, socks, goalkeeper tops and an array of training kit to choose from as well as team accessories you can stock up on all your favourite Premier League football team’s kit in our online store

With huge television deals and the buyout of many clubs by billionaire businesses or individuals the value of the Premier League has soared in recent years. Running the clubs as businesses has seen revenues increase, marketing increase and global reach increase substantially. It is the most watched football league in the world with games broadcast in 212 territories with the possibility of reaching up to a phenomenal 4.7 billion individuals.

Pre-season tours have also become the norm with Premier League clubs and their star football players travelling to far corners of the globe including parts of Australia, Asia and the Americas. These tours not only provide the opportunity for players to practice and develop in a friendly competition, but they also provide huge marketing opportunities.

As such demand for Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City and other teams merchandise is exploding around the globe. We offer a variety of shipping options so whether you are looking for a Man Utd shirt, a Arsenal kit, Tottenham Hotspur shorts, Chelsea training jersey or simply a Man City mug you can order right here at Soccer Box.

Demand for Premier League merchandise is high, as is tickets to football games around the country. The top flight of English football cannot claim to have the highest average stadium attendance. With larger stadiums in general the German Bundesliga wins that contest, however, Premiership matches are often sell-outs with many stadiums at capacity and waiting lists for season tickets to become available.

Whether you are lucky enough to attend every game your favourite team plays, or you are watching highlights on TV thousands of miles away you can show your support with the latest, official football kit. Browse our Premier League pages for inspiration, or take a look at the individual club pages for home and away football shirt, kits for kids and adults, as well as training gear and a myriad of accessories to suit every taste and budget.