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Here at Soccer Box we are proud to stock official Replica Football Shirts, and here is the category to find your desired replica jersey. This stock is supplied directly from a wide range of manufacturer’s to confidently guarantee authenticity and superb high quality. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a child or adult we are confident you’ll find it here as our shirts are supplied in a range of both youth and adult sizes. 

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This is the replica shirt department online at Soccer Box and only contains jerseys for a variety of the teams we proudly offer. The aim of this page is to show our customers what we mean by replica football shirts. When manufacturers make the shirts and kits for the official squad they also make a second version known as the ‘replica’, which is made out of different materials and can be bought in shops and online and is available at a much lower price.

View our Wide Range of Replica Soccer Jerseys, Supplied Directly from the Manufacturers and Available for Online Orders Now!

Replica means an exact copy or model of something, so don’t hesitate when it comes to buying your shirt as you will be definitely be receiving an item of official merchandise! At Soccer Box a variety of teams merchandise is available, ranging from Arsenal to Wolfsburg. We supply Premier League, National, and club teams so all fans can wear their beloved teams merchandise with great pride!

Explore the replica shirt category to find new and old shirts in kids and adult sizes. Each shirt has its own unique description that aims to describe the specific product in depth and as much detail as possible to give our customers as much information about the product. So read up on your favorite looking shirt to ensure it is the best one for you.

Some of our shirts located on this category are personalized with a player’s name, meaning avid fans can pledge allegiance to both their beloved team and player. If you wish to purchase a personalized jersey please follow instructions on washing with care.

Soccer Box is an online store specialized in football merchandise for a wide variety of teams from around the world. We aim to provide our customers with an easy order-process, allowing them to purchase their desired goods with great ease. Products are dispatched quickly for fast direct delivery to your door, we use various tracked shipping services so you can track your order every step of the way.

Browse our entire genuine shirt collection to find your favorite. If you see a shirt you like then be sure to select the dropdown menu to check it is in stock in your size and simply add to your shopping cart to proceed to the checkout process.

Wear your replica football shirt with great pride and confidence whether you’re in the stands or in front of the TV and show support to your beloved club!