Germany Soccer Jersey

Germany Soccer Jersey is the official Adidas soccer uniform of the Germany national football team during international competitions. This team has been representing its homeland since 1908.
It is worthy to note, however, that at first, Germany actually had 3 separate national soccer teams (all FIFA recognized) during the Allied occupation and division.
From 1950 to 1990, the German national football team actually wore the West Germany jersey alone (the team’s home base being in Frankfurt, West Germany), while the Saarland and East German teams wore soccer shirts representing their respective areas.
Eventually, all the records of these soccer teams were absorbed by the present German national team, the latter acquiring the right to solely represent its homeland.
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Germany’s Great Feats
If you research online, you will see that Germany is considered as one of the most internationally successful national teams in the world. 
It has 3 World Cup titles under its belt, as well as 3 European Championships. The team has also been runners-up to 4 World Cup tournaments and 3 European championship matches. In 1976, the country (as represented by East Germany during that time) won an Olympic gold medal for soccer. 
Germany is the only country that was able to achieve World Cup victories for both the men’s and women’s categories.
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