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Juventus Soccer Jersey by Nike is an excellent way of showing to the world how you love soccer! This jersey represents one of the most important football teams of our time – and having this shirt on would certainly be a big statement for all to see.
Juventus F.C. is the third oldest club in Italy and is considered to be its first professional club. Many consider it as one of the most influential clubs not only in Italy, but the world as well. 
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Juventus: Its Story Told
The Juventus football club has played a vital role in the Italian soccer team’s World Cup victories in 1934, 1982 and just recently, 2006. 
Domestically, it is the most successful soccer club in Italy’s history. Internationally, the club’s feats are quite impressive as well. 
Here’s a list of its achievements:
Holder of 54 official titles (both international and national)
29 league titles
9 Italian Cups (a record)
6 National Super Cups (a record)
2 International cups
2 UEFA Champions League trophies
1 European Cup Winners Cup title
3 UEFA Cups (a record) and 2 UEFA Super Cups
Recognized as the only club to win all continental tournaments and the world title 
With its rich history, Juventus’ fan base has grown larger than expected. It is now considered to be the most popular club in Italy and is renowned all over as well.
Official Nike Soccer Uniform
The club’s first colors comprises of a striped blue and white jersey combined with white shorts.
Juventus’ away uniform is a yellow jersey and blue shorts. For its third colors, each player wears a black shirt and black shorts.
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