West Bromwich Albion Football Accessories and Merchandise

Thank you for visiting the West Bromwich Albion Accessories and Merchandise shop at Soccer Box. West Bromwich Albion is a Premier League football club. If you are a supporter or are looking for a gift for a fan this is the place to shop for West Bromwich Albion football accessories and souvenirs.

West Bromwich Albion was founded in 1878 and has spent many years playing in the top-flight of English football. The club is based in the Midlands and has a large and loyal fan base in central England, however, fans can be found across the country. West Bromwich Albion football merchandise is a popular choice for fans that want to show their team pride and support. Accessories and merchandise can be used every day at home, school, in the car or office.

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West Bromwich Albion famously wears a striped navy blue and white home kit. The design of the team’s accessories and merchandise range is based upon this famous color scheme. Many of the accessories and souvenirs are navy and white in color, and feature the team’s crest.

The crest is a symbolic addition to any team’s football kit and merchandise. The West Bromwich Albion crest is similar today to the crest that was initially adopted in 1880. The crest features a blue and white striped background with a song bird (throstle) perched on a branch. This famous and historic crest adorns the team’s merchandise and accessories range.

The focal point for support of West Bromwich Albion is their home stadium;' The Hawthorns. Initially the bird on the crest sat on a crossbar, following the team's move to The Hawthorns this was swapped for a hawthorn branch to unite club, stadium, kit, fans and all accessories and merchandise.

Football accessories and merchandise is perfect for using every day. The West Bromwich Albion football shirt looks great on match day but cannot be worn at work or school. Whereas, West Brom football accessories such as the quilt cover can be used to brighten up any young fans bedroom, or they can use the stationary set and other accessories at school.

Other West Brom football merchandise that is available at Soccer Box includes the Peroni Glass that is perfect for enjoying pint while watching the big match. Have a browse of our West Bromwich Albion football accessories and merchandise store for great gift ideas for kids and adults.

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