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Welcome to the Footballs and Soccer Balls shop at Soccer Box. If you are looking for a soccer ball you are in the right place. There is a huge selection of footballs and soccer balls available to choose from depending on your requirements.

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Adidas and Nike are the main suppliers of football kits and soccer balls to many of the big clubs and national football teams around the world. Whether you are looking for footballs for an amateur team, a ball for you youth, or as a 1st soccer ball for your infant we have a great choice at Soccer Box. You can shop for official team footballs and league soccer balls depending on your requirements and preferences.

Browse the selection of footballs available at Soccer Box and order today. Express & international shipping options available on all orders!

Soccer balls are available in a range of sizes. Size 5 is the official match day ball size used for all football games in leagues throughout the world. Smaller size footballs are great for kids, training and skills practice. Many of the soccer balls available can be ordered in different sizes to suit your needs. You can even get a small skills ball for practicing fine ball skills and tricks. A skills ball is also the perfect choice as a first soccer ball for any infant.

Depending on how often you use your ball, and the purpose of using your soccer ball we sell footballs of various quality, and price ranges. If you are looking for a soccer ball for heavy usage you will need to ensure that the soccer ball you choose is suitable for the purpose. Most of the footballs available are constructed using the traditional hexagonal panel design. The balls panels are machine stitched together making the spherical soccer ball shape.

Higher priced soccer balls often utilize stronger stitching techniques to ensure that the ball will last longer. However, all footballs sold by Soccer Box are quality tested to ensure that they will stand up to every day use. Footballs are fitted with an inner bladder that gets inflated via a valve to produce a perfectly spherical shaped ball. The material and quality used for the bladder contributes significantly to the quality of the soccer ball and its shape maintenance properties. Footballs are fantastic, but a slightly misshapen ball will ruin a great game.

The soccer balls generally include either a rubber or latex bladder. Footballs with a latex bladder are generally more resilient and maintains a perfectly spherical shape for longer. However, if you are buying a ball for a youth, or for the occasional kick-around a rubber bladder will meet your needs perfectly. Remember is you are buying for kids that soccer balls are easily lost, several lower priced footballs are probably a more prudent choice! Soccer balls are a great choice of gift for any keen football fans.

Whichever soccer ball you choose don’t forget that you can shop for all the football essentials at Soccer Box. As well as soccer balls, shin pads are a must for any player, and goalkeeper gloves are a necessity if you play in goal. When ordering your soccer ball check out the goalkeeper gloves, football boots and other accessories that are also available.

We stock footballs for various teams as well as official league match soccer balls. If you support a specific team you can buy a football in those team colors, with official crests and logos so you can show your support on the football pitch. Team footballs are also available in various sizes and styles, have a look at the range of balls available and choose your favorite.

Soccer balls are a popular choice for football fanatics and collectors. Each season new footballs are launched for various leagues and competitions. Adidas is the main supplier of footballs to Football Associations around the world. You can shop for the latest Adidas Premier League footballs or the Champions League balls; they are great for simulating a real match with your mates or as part of a team. Alternatively display your soccer balls around the home as part of your ball collection.

Soccer Box is your 1-stop shop for footballs, soccer balls, football kits and all team merchandise. Place you order online today!

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