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  1. Has hooliganism returned to English football

    Everyone connected to English football will be deeply troubled by the recent violence scenes witnessed in the Premier League and FA Cup including the terrible scenes of Millwall fans causing havoc on the terraces during their FA Cup semi-final against Wigan and Newcastle fans creating disturbances after their Premier League loss to local rivals Sunderland. It had been hoped we would not go back to the dark ages of English football with the formation of the English Premier league with all the best players from around the world featuring in English Premier League shirts. Hooliganism first started in English football in the 1970's and continued into the 1980's with some major battles creating a horrific reputation for English football and their fans with Europeans calling football violence the "English disease." The situation came to an all-time low point during Liverpool's 1985 European Cup final match against Juventus at the Heysel stadium where Liverpool fans broke a police guard and attached Juventus fans. In the resulting panic a wall collapsed causing the deaths of many Italians and the incident was termed the Heysel stadium disaster. This incident caused the governing body UEFA to take action and all English teams were banned from European club competitions until 1990.

    The UK government was shocked at the violence and poor image that was being portrayed and took drastic action to curb the violence and create a more family friendly environment at stadiums. All seater stadiums were introduced with heavy penalties for any fans that were found guilty of causing trouble. Also the introduction of a new top division caused the Premier League attracting only the best players in the world to feature in a Premier League shirt has created an environment where parents are happy to bring their children. Although little violence has been seen at stadiums i

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  2. Sponsorship Deals On Football Tops

    There is now much more to the most popular sport in the world than what there used to be. Football has become very popular and is now one of the most watched and played sports in the world. A few years ago the aim of the game used to be to put on one of your team's football tops and score as many goals as possible and reach the highest in the table. Now there are many more factors and expectations in the world of football. There is a lot of money in football, the size of the player's wage packets for one. Another part of football that attracts many different companies from around the world are the sponsorship deals on football tops. Clubs from all angles are included; many national teams like Brazil, Portugal and England are all involved in big money deals. It was Liverpool who were the first ever club to have a main shirt sponsor printed on to their shirts; they had Hitachi in 1979, although they still kept their manufacturers Umbro on their shirts. The football club agreed a deal with the Japanese electronics company and wore their shirt with pride  as they were the first ever team to walk out on to the pitch with the new-look sponsored shirts. Other clubs started to follow in the footsteps of Liverpool FC, other popular teams such as Manchester United who's first ever sponsor was Sharp electronics and Arsenal who were sponsored by JVC.

    Football tops have changed their image many times over the years, each year looking more modern and stylish. Shirt sponsors were limitregular_2012juventushomeshirted in size by the league when they first came out to keep football fans happy; some people took a dim view on the all-new shirt sponsors. Some companies were banned from offering football clubs sponsorship deals such as cigarette companies as this was seen as bad advertising, alcohol however is used often on football shirts.

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  3. Frank Lampard, Rafael Benitez, the Champions League and the new Chelsea home kit?

    regular_2013chelseahomeshirtRafael Benitez is Chelsea's interim manager, Benitez is a Spanish football manager, and his appointment in November 2012 was an unpopular choice with Chelsea fans. Benitez's unpopularity comes from his previous association with Liverpool football club and negative comments made about Chelsea. Despite, his unpopularity Benitez would like to end his time at Chelsea on a high by securing a Champions League place. Benitez has steered the Chelsea football team to the chance of qualification through either winning the Europa league or securing one of the places available to the top four teams at the end of the Premier League season. Chelsea are currently one goal up after the first leg of the Europa League semi-final against FC Basel, the return match will be on Thursday at home for the Chelsea team in their well-known royal blue home Chelsea football kit. The Europa League final will be against the winner of the other semi- final between Benfica and Fenerbache, it will be played in Amsterdam on 15th May.In the Premier League Chelsea are currently in a very respectable third position, however rivals Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur and Everton are close behind with only six points separating the four teams.

    There are still four matches left to play in this seasons Premier League competition, with some tough matches remaining the team will have to proudly step out in their Chelsea football kit and play at their best. On Sunday the Chelsea team will travel to Manchester to play 2013 Premier League Champions Manchester United, with home matches against league rivals Tottenham Hotspur and Everton as well as a trip to Villa Park the Chelsea team need to be united and on top form if they are to end the season in a Champions League place position. If Frank Lampard can score one more goal wearing his Chelsea football kit he will equal the current record for

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  4. Win A Barcelona Shirt!

    This week Soccer Box are running a brand new competition on Facebook giving people the chance to win a fantastic official Barcelona home shirt. Barcelona are one of the most popular teams in the Spanish La Liga and are currently top of the league with 84 points, with Real Madrid second on 71 points. Barcelona have always been a great Spanish team and over the last few years they have become very well-known in England, especially for their star striker Lionel Messi along with other key players such as Iniesta, Xavi and David Villa. Many young footballers thrive to play like Messi, who has become an idol to many. Unlike some other footballers he has been professional throughout his entire career on and off the pitch. Messi has been playing in his Number 10 Barcelona home shirt for the first team since 2004 and has come a long way, scoring hundreds of great goals and picking up awards for various achievements including the Player Of The Year Award three times in a row including 2012. Barcelona were managed by Pep Guardiola from 2008 to 2012 and he enjoyed a very successful time there winning a total of 14 competitions including 3 La Liga, 2 Copa Del Rey, 2 FIFA World Cups, 2 UEFA Champion's League, the list goes on. However in 2012 Guardiola left and is now due to start as manager of German side Bayern Munich in July 2013. Tita Vilanova was the man to take over at Barcelona and he did in Junregular_2012barcelonahomeshirte 2012, so far he has been successful to, managing to keep Barcelona top of the table.

    Whenever there is an upcoming fixture between Barcelona and their main competition Real Madrid, it is often known

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  5. Giroud 3 match ban to remain, how will Arsenal fare without him?

    Oliver Giroud is a French striker who now wears an Arsenal football kit following his move from Montpellier in summer 2012.  This season Giroud, who wears a number 12 Arsenal football shirt, has been Arsenal's second highest scoring player so far netting 17 goals, he has however been given a 3 match ban following a red card at Fulham last weekend for a challenge against Stanislav Manolev.  With only four Premier League matches left to play this season losing Giroud is a blow for the team who are not yet guaranteed a spot in the Champions League competition.  The ban was contested by manager Arsene Wenger after the match as Giroud claimed to have "slipped whilst going for the ball", the Football Association have however upheld the three match ban and Arsenal will play the next three matches without Giroud in his Arsenal football kit.

    Arsenal are currently third place in the Premier League table, closely followed by London clubs Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspurs in fourth and fifth, with only two points separating these three rival teams the battle is on to secure a much coveted Champions League place.  Manchester United have already secured victory as Champions of the Premier League 2012, they will travel to the Emirates Stadium this weekend for their match against Arsenal on Sunday. Without Giroud wearing his Arsenal football kit Arsene Wenger, the Arsenal manager, will have to make some tough decisions to field the strongest possible team knowing that every point is vital if he is to continue his reign at Arsenal with never failing to secure a Champions League place.

    This weekends match against champions Manchester United is likely to be heated, with emotions in the Stadium running high following Robin Van Persie's controversial move up north to Manchester United from Arsenal last summer for a fee of £24m.  The host team in their Arsenal football kit will reportedly give the newly crowned champions Manchester United a guard of ho

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  6. Terrible Week For Spanish Football Teams

    regular_2011bayernmunichhomeshirt The games in mid-week ended with bad results for two of the favourite Spanish football teams from La Liga. Both of the Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid have lost the first leg of their Champion's League semi-finals. It was Barcelona up first and with the likes of star striker Lionel Messi playing a full 90 minutes we would have expected a fantastic show against Bayern Munich. However it did not turn out that way and Barcelona ended up losing 4-0 to. The German side played fantastically all the way through, their squad consisted of players such as Robben, Ribery, Gomez and Muller while Barcelona one of the best Spanish football teams ever played with most of their first team players, Messi, Pedro, Xavi, and Iniesta. The match was held at the Allianz Arena in Munich on Tuesday night. There are a total four teams left trying to reach the Champion's League final, these being Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund. That leaves two Spanish football teams and two German football teams.


    Many though it would end up an 'El Clasico' final between the two Spanish football teams but the results from the first leg tell us something else. From the off Munich played great, there first goal came from Mueller in the 25th minute, next to score was Gomez just after half time in the 49th minute, then Robben made it three before Mueller grabbed his second in the 73rd minute. Although the goals stopped there Barcelona could not find the net to pull one back, Messi did not look himself, whether he is not fully recovered after his injury and was rushed back in we don't know. He was bought on for Cesc Fabregas in the 62nd minute when they played against Paris Saint Germain and failed to score then too. Jupp Heynckes, Bayern's manager could not describe how proud he was of his team. In the second leg which will take place at Barcelona's home ground in the Nou Camp they go in with a 4-0 advantage and Barcelona have to score 5

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  7. Is This The End Of Barcelona's Domination?

    Spanish giants Barcelona have always been a very popular team, they play in the La Liga and their home stadium is Camp Nou which holds up to 99,786 people. The squad play in their home Barcelona football shirt as part of the Barcelona football kit. The home shirt is a mixture of blue and red and has a great design. They have had a fantastic record in football and have never been relegated from the top Spanish league La Liga, along with their rivals Real Madrid. These two teams have a huge rivalry and whenever these teams are put together for a match against each other it is named 'El Clasico'. In 2009 Barcelona were the first team to win the treble, they won the Copa Del Rey, La Liga and the UEFA Champion's League. Barcelona have had their fair share of top players over the years including the famous Ronaldinho who played for them from 2003- 2008. He won the Ballon D'or in 2005 and has also been named as a FIFA world player. Young children and footballers idolised him and his skills as a football player as he played so during his time in his Barcelona football kit. He played as number 10 in the Barcelona football shirt and enjoyed his time there netting 70 times in 145 appearances.


    In July 2008 Ronaldinho rejected an offer from Manchester City and decided to accept a large offer made to him by Italian side AC Milan, July was the last time he played in his Barcelona football shirt. In 2005, Lionel Messi who had played football since he was very young got moved up to the Barcelona first team and started to get paid first team rates. At first he played as number 19 in his Barcelona football kit, up until Ronaldinho's departure in 2008 when he inherited number 10. Messi quickly established what it was he needed to do to fill the shoes of the former number 10 and over the years became a star on the pitch and an idol to the fans. He scored in nearly almost every match and when he was not scoring he was assisting his fellow team mates

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  8. Will we see AC Milan in the Champions League next season?

    AC Milan are a popular Italian football team, they are currently sitting in third place in the Italian Serie A football league, with Juventus occupying the top spot and Napoli sitting in second. The first and second place teams in the Serie A league are guaranteed a spot in the group stages of the European Champions League competition, whilst the third place team have to qualify by playing a two-legged knockout match.  So with 5 games left to play have AC Milan got any chance of beating Napoli to second place who are currently 7 points ahead, or will any chance of a Champions League spot be taken away by Fiorentina who are only 1 point behind AC Milan in fourth place? Wearing their home AC Milan kit the team travelled to the Juventus stadium last weekend where they lost 1-0 following a second half penalty, losing in Turin was a blow to the team who had not been beaten in the previous 14 Serie A matches.  Their next match is on Sunday at home against Catania who are currently 9th in the league, AC Milan will be looking to secure 3 points from this match in the hope of widening the gap between them and Fiorentina who will be playing Sampdoria.  Napoli will be playing Pescara, currently positioned at the bottom of the Serie A table.

    AC Milan have consistently played in top flight Italian football, since the formation in 1929 of the Serie A league, this is where AC Milan have played their football, except for two seasons in the early 80's.  The AC Milan kit has been red and black at home for the entire history of the club, Rossoneri is the clubs well known Italian nickname translating to the " red and blacks".  AC Milan are one the most successful football clubs in the world winning the Serie A league 15 times and the UEFA Champions League 7 times.  AC Milan are also one of the most supported teams in Europe, according to Adidas the AC Milan kit is their 5th most popular seller, selling an average of 350,000 per year.  You can

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  9. Van Persie makes the difference in a Manchester United kit

    Last night Robin Van Persie highlighted his phenomenal first season in a Manchester United kit with a dramatic hat trick including his second goal that was an amazing volley. Having lost the title in dramatic fashion on the last game of the season last year against their arch rivals Manchester City it was clear how proud Sir Alex Fergusson was of his team. Van Persie started his career playing for Feyenoord in 2001 and then Arsenal spotted his world class talent and signed him where he became an instant hit with the Gunners and was their captain last year. robin-van-persie-manchester-united-home-football-shirtAfter negotiations fell apart it was with sadness Robin Van Persie sought a new team in the Premier League and was targeted for a host of top teams including current champions Manchester City. However Van Persie was persuaded by Sir Alex to sign for him and was paraded in the summer in a Manchester United kit. Although Van Persie has always been an incredible talent this season he has set a new standard and the Manchester United fans have quickly welcomed him at Old Trafford.

    Robin Van Persie is currently the Premier League lead goal scorer with 24 and has teamed up with Wayne Rooney perfectly this season to strike fear into all defenders this season. Robin Van Persie has widely been tipped for the PFA player of the year award and with him yet to turn 30 he has plenty more years in a Manchester United kit and more trophies are bound to come with one of the best strikers playing for the most successful Premier League team. Sir Alex and Manchester United have not had everything their own way this season with a disappointing 1-0 loss to Chelsea in the FA Cup quarter finals. Further disappointment t

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  10. Rooney on his way out of Old Trafford?

    regular_2012manutdhomeshirtR10 Wayne Rooney started his career playing for Everton where he enjoyed years of success. Rooney had decided he wanted to take on a new challenge and joined Manchester United in 2004 for 25.6 million pound. He was given the number 8 Manchester United shirt by manager Sir Alex Ferguson and made his debut in the Champion's League on the 28th September. Manchester United played Fenerbahce and won 6-2. Three of these came from Rooney making him the youngest player ever to score a hat trick in the Champion's League. Rooney's first season with United could have been better though, they came third in the league missing out on the title, however they did do better in their cup competitions. Wayne Rooney really started to make a name for him self becoming United's best goalscorer for that season, for his achievement and skill he was handed the PFA Young Player Of The Year award. In 2007,  Rooney picked up an injury when he fractured his ankle, which had previously happened in 2005, almost a year after he first put his number 8 Manchester United shirt on. Wayne Rooney continued to play great football until October 2010 when stories about a possible exit from Manchester United appeared all over the internet and in the press.

    The story was that Rooney had left Sir Alex Ferguson shell-shocked when he announced that he would like to leave the club, no one expected it especially the manager. Rooney backed his words up by suggesting fears about the strength of the team and their ability to bring in world class players. After that Rooney was left on the bench during their Champion's League defeat against Real Madrid and a bit shell-shocked him self, the star player that everybody wanted is now sitting on the bench during a very important game. Too add insult to injury, what Rooney admitted he craved came true, in the 12-13 season Manchester United had landed Arsenal's star striker Robin Van Persie. Rooney did not leave in 2010 and has continued to play for United, not

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