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  1. Terry Accepts Benitez's Squad Rotation Policy

    chelsea-shirt-2012It has been no secret that there seems to have been some kind of rift over the past couple of months between Chelsea's John Terry and Chelsea Interim manager Rafael Benitez. Terry has been playing in a Chelsea shirt since 1998 when he joined the youth team from West Ham United. In 1998 he then went on to play for the senior Chelsea squad where he has made approximately 500 appearances with 384 of these being in the league, the rest cup competitions. So far Terry has scored a total of 32 goals. During his career he has also played a large part in the England squad, he started in 2003 when he was picked by Sven-Goran Eriksson, so far for England he has made 78 appearances and scored 6 goals. He was made England captain in 2006 up until 2010 and then again in March 2011 to February 2012. He was also made Chelsea captain by Jose Mourinho when he became manager and during his time as team captain John Terry led the Chelsea team to three Premier League title wins, two league cups, four F.A

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  2. Arsenal Struggling To Qualify For The Champions League

    In the past Arsenal have always been very strong contenders for the Premier League title along with Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City. However as of late their form seems to have slipped and they have found themselves having to put up a really hard fight to even grab a Champion's league spot and with the season drawing to a close soon they really need to pull their socks up. A few years ago Arsenal were in amazing form and the Arsenal kit was a big seller, however over the past year or so other teams have become more popular with a lot of people purchasing Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City kits. Even teams from La Liga including Barcelona and Real Madrid have become increasingly popular. The Arsenal kit that has been worn this season is red for the home kit and the away kit is purple and black striped.

    Currently Arsenal have played 33 games in the season and have 60 points, 20 points less than top of the league Manchester United with 80 points. It has only

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  3. Football Club Merchandise

    Football has been around for years and kits have changed rapidly over time. When football first began most football club merchandise like football shirts were quite plain and did not feature things like sponsors and logos. Clubs in the Premier League were driven by commercial concerns and started to use manufacturers logo's on their shirts, many other clubs followed. There is a large difference now when you look at a recent football shirt compared to an old one. Football shirt printing has also become very popular over the years. It was around 1967 when football clubs started to feature logos on their shirts, this would usually just be something small not like the shirts you see today. In the 1980s manufacturers Hummel and Adidas began to design shirts with a difference, as new technology led to the introduction of such design elements

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  4. The History Of Football Training Kits

    Football training kits are used by millions of professional footballers around the world, it first became well known when the Premier League launched in 1992. There are many different types of training kit and over recent years it has become more and more popular which has seen people of all ages buying these kits from sports shops in towns and online. Nowadays online you can take a look at a variety of football training kits as there are so many different types. For example for football player's standard training wear which they will usually have to wear whilst at their training ground would be items like the always popular training top. These products are usually made from quite thin material in order to keep player's cool whilst training. With Premier League club's using popular brands such as Nike and Adidas on their football shirts and training tops it is no wonder more and more people are buying them. To go with training tops the squad with usually either wear matching shorts or trousers

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  5. The Popularity Of Junior Football Kits

    Over the years football has become more and more popular and is now one of the most watched sports on television today. In recent years more and more people have started to play football by joining local football teams, buying football shirts, football shorts, football socks and Junior football kits. There are 2012barcelonahomeboyskitmany football legends from the past including the likes of Diego Maradona, who is famously known for his goal against England where he hand-balled the ball in to the net. Also players such as Pele, Zinedine Zidane, Franz Beckenbauer made a fantastic impact in their football careers. These are just a few there are so many more legends in football and we partly have these people to thank for making football so famous. As time has gone on and years passed

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  6. Is David Beckham ready to retire?

    David Beckham, full name David Robert Joseph Beckham has had a very successful career so far. The 37 year old footballer, born on 2nd May 1965 is married to former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and lives with her and four children, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper. David Beckham started off his youth career playing for Tottenham Hotspur and Brimsdown Rovers until he moved on to play for the red devils Manchester United. His career at United started in 1993 where he played for many years up until 2003 and during his contract at Manchester United he had a loan spell at Preston North end. Beckham made 265 appearances for manchester-united-football-shirtsManchester United and in that time he hit the back of the net 62 times. Also during   yea

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