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  1. Nike launch the new Barca Kit

    The new Barcelona Home Shirt has reverted to the traditional red and blue vertical stripe design with more red stripes than blue.  The sleeves start off blue, but hint at an echo to last years design by gradually merging into red, the right sleeve features the official La Liga LFP patch. The shirt has a striking v-neck collar that is yellow in colour at the front, and around the back of the neck the collar is yellow and red striped, this is the design of the Catalan flag a heritage the club are extremely proud of and like referred to in the design of their kits. Inside the shirt underneath the collar is lettering that reads Mes que un club that translates to 'More than a club', this references the fact that Barcelona FC is a symbol of Catalonian culture and has become a popular club motto.

    In traditional football shirt style the f

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  2. Can You Personalise An Arsenal Baby Kit?

    regular_2012arsenalhomeboyskitWith the popularity of football hitting a new high in the last few years, and the rise in football shirts and kits being ordered, even the tiniest of football supporters have began ordering football kits. That's right baby kits are available for little football fans, the sizes of these usually range from 3-6 months up to 24-36 months. The next step after this are the Little Boys kits which start from 3-4 years. Even though there is much less material used during the making of these kits, they are not much cheaper in price. The Arsenal Baby kit is available from prices starting at around £28 pound, whereas the little boys kit is £35 pound. The Arsenal Baby kit consists of an official Arsenal shirt, shorts and socks as worn by the squad.

    Some people are strong football supporters, so wish for their children to follow their support for a certain football team, parents often do this by buying football shirts and kits early on in their child's life so they grow up
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  3. Adidas reveal 2014 World Cup shirts to sports retailers

    Next year will be the 20th FIFA World Cup football tournament; it is due to be held in Brazil between 12th June and 13th July 2014. Brazil is only the fifth country to host this prestigious competition more than once, the first occasion being the 1950 World Cup.  Qualification for next years World Cup is underway with round 2 due to take place in November, Brazil as the host country receive automatic qualification. The remaining world teams compete for qualification in groups sorted via continental zones, FIFA awards a number of places to each continental group with a final World Cup tournament consisting of 32 teams from around the globe.  The World Cup is held every four years and is one of the worlds most widely viewed sporting events.

    The World Cup is an opportunity for the residents of countries worldwide to unite behind their national football team and show solidarity in supporting their team and country. One way many people choose t

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  4. Nike Launch the New Home England Football Shirt

    It has been revealed that the brand new England home shirt from 2013 will be manufactured by big American sports brand Nike. Many images of the possible New England home shirt have been leaked all over the internet, but it is more than likely these are fake. The first real picture to be unveiled was one on Twitter, posted by Arsenal and England midfielder. The shirt was pictured in a snap and worn by a student at Jack Wilshere's former school in Hertfordshire.  The young lad had the chance to model the new shirt as Wilshere had picked him out for his fantastic football skill. The Arsenal midfielder explained ''I gave Jason the shirt because his commitment and work-rate really impressed me today; he showed that it's what you do on the pitch that matters - from your first match as a nine year-old all the way up to the international stage.''

    As the picture filtered through Twitter, comments and tweets flooded in as the public gave their opinions on the New England home shirt. T

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  5. Will Gareth Bale still be wearing a Tottenham Hotspur Kit next season?

    Sunday saw the final ten games of this years Premier League Season, with Manchester United securing the top spot several weeks ago and Manchester City safe in second, all eyes were on who would secure third and fourth and the much coveted Champions League places.  Chelsea were guaranteed third or fourth and after beating Everton 2-1 at home ended the season in third place with 75 points.  This left Arsenal and Tottenham fighting for fourth place, Arsenal started the day one point ahead meaning that Tottenham had to secure a win and hope Arsenal lost or drew if they were to gain entry to next years Champions League competition.

    Tottenham Hotspur hosted Sunderland at their home stadium of White Hart Lane, while Arsenal travelled to Newcastle. The Spurs game was a hard fought battle with their goalkeeper Mignolet working hard to make numerous saves, the referee refused to award Spurs several penalties one for an attack on Gareth Bale the other for a handball.  Finally in

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  6. David Beckham To Hang Up His Paris Saint Germain Football Shirt

    An announcement has been made by David Beckham which has come as a shock to many football fans; he is to hang up his Paris Saint Germaiparis saint germain football shirtn football shirt. Beckham only signed for Paris Saint Germain at the end of the transfer window in January 2013. The 38 year old only signed a five month deal to begin with, which sparked speculation about the footballer's career, he also revealed that his entire salary earned from P.S.G would go to a local charity. Football fans from around the world were hoping to see Beckham return to the Premier League, however Beckham decided the right move would be
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  7. How Premier League kits became so popular

    The Premier League has become the most popular football league in the world that attracts the best players from around the world which ensures the quality on show rivals any other League including La Liga and Serie A. Fans race to buy the Premier League kits are their favourite team.

    The Premier League was created on the 20th February 1992 from all the teams in the old English first division. During the 1970's and 1980's although English football were very successful in Europe most notably Liverpool FC during the 1980's English football stadiums were in very bad conditions. Many stadiums were crumbling and football hooligans were causing a terrible impression for English football. The Heysel stadium disaster during Liverpool's European Cup final meant English teams were banned from European competitions for 5 years.

    However by the end of the 1980's football in England was going through a renaissance. After the horrific Hillsborough Stadium accident when 96 innocent

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  8. The New Newcastle United Away Shirt By Puma

    regular_Newcastle United Away ShirtEverything is looking positive for Newcastle United at the moment, first it was the news of Arsenal's 4-1 win over 18th place Wigan on Tuesday, which secured the Magpies a definitive place in the Premier League next season and today the release of their brand new Newcastle United away shirt 2013/14. The new shirt is now available for purchase from most sports retailers. The price of the Newcastle United Away Shirt comes in at around £44.99 for adult sizes and £39.99 upwards for the kid's away shirt. We are unsure about the sales of the new Newcastle kits this season, the Magpies have not played their best this season and have come away with only 41 points with a goal difference of -22 with one game left to play and that is against the Gunners, Arsenal. This is a shock for the Toon fans as Newcastle finished in fifth place last season and qualified for the UEFA Europa League. The majority of Newcastle United fans have supported their team and manager Alan Pardew, but some fans
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  9. Chelsea win another European Title

    Rafael Benitez the interim Chelsea manager and the rest of the Chelsea players, proudly wearing their Chelsea football kits, were celebrating last night after winning the UEFA Europa League final. The match played at the Amsterdam Arena was between the London based Chelsea and Portuguese side Benfica.  It has been a long and difficult season for the Chelsea side; they have played a staggering 68 games so far this season.  Chelsea won the UEFA Champions League in 2012 but was knocked out in the group stages of this year's competition therefore, joining the Europa League competition in the second round.

    Last nights game was a true roller coaster ride of highs and lows, the first half ended goalless with Benfica looking to be the better side.  The second half was truly exciting Benfica's Cardoza had a goal disallowed in the 50th minute because of an offside ruling, Torres scored in the 59th minute to put the players in the Chelsea football kit 1-0 up. Chelsea's su

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  10. New Warrior Liverpool Home Kit Launch

    2013liverpoolhomeshirtIt is now the exciting part of the football season again, football teams getting promoted, relegated and some winning league titles. However another feature that all football supporters await is the release of their favourite club's new kit. Near the end of the season is when most clubs start to put their kits out there to sports retailers for pre-order. This is no exception for Merseyside team Liverpool. The reds have announced their release date for their new kits including the Liverpool home shirt 2013/14 to be the 30th May. Plenty of Liverpool fans will be flooding in to purchase the latest shirt and find the best deal. The new Liverpool kit has been revealed and is ready to pre-order now. The design of the new Liverpool home shirt goes right back to the old design from 1984. Warrior, Liverpool's kit manufacturer have revealed that they wanted to create a modern take on the 1984 home shirt. You can definitely see a resemblance between the two shirts. The 2013/14 shirt features plenty
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