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  1. The New Liverpool Away Football Kit Now Revealed!

    This time of year is always quite exciting for major football supporters; they get to find out what their favourite club's new football kit will look like. The one that most fans tend to look out for is the home jersey; this is the shirt that the football players wear during all home matches. Most fans like to show their support by wearing their matching home shirts to the stadium; the home style is usually the most popular out of all kits. Along with the away kit some teams release a third kit, this is not worn as many times as the two original kits but is most often used when their opposition wear the same colour kit and it could become confusing.

    Liverpool, being one of many popular teams in the Premier League have recently unveiled their new away kit. This new strip has caused such controversy in the papers and in online forums. Arguments and conflicts about the style of this kit have gotten

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  2. Is The Money In European Football Putting Pressure On The World Cup?

    brazil world cupNext year our country along with countries from around the globe will get into the spirit of football and cheer on our national teams during the FIFA World Cup, it will be the 20th time the competition is being held and is due to be played in Brazil.  Brazil are a South American country with a strong footballing culture, the Brazilian national squad has secured victory in the competition five times and are the only country to have played in every tournament.  As a country Brazil has a growing economy but is riddled with problems such as bad public services, corruption and high prices, over recent weeks during the Confederations Cup, a warm up to the main event, there has been growing discontent among the Brazilian people about the cost of hosting such a major event, they are arguing this money would have been better spent on education and healthcare, there are also concerns regarding the tax breaks given to FIFA.

    The World Cup brings together footballing nations from e

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  3. Brand new AC Milan Away Shirt now revealed

    The freshly designed AC Milan away football shirt has now been revealed by the club. Last season's away kit was loved by fans, the mixture of the white red and black was a hit with the supporters and many away shirts and kits were sold to millions. Everyone has probably been wondering how Adidas will top last season's shirt, but we think they may well have done it. The German sports brand have kept the new shirt white after seeing what a hit it was last year.

    The 2012-13 away jersey has quite bold colours, the red and black areas surrounding the shirt sponsor really stand out and the matching red and black trim on the sleeves. The new jersey has been toned down a little, there is not so much brightness and the old design also sported the red and black Adidas three stripes, although this looked great it was a bit overpowering in some people's opinions. Now Adidas have added in a touch of class and have featured their three stripes in gold. There was one small red line on each sleeve

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  4. Enter Our New Competition And Bag Yourself A Barcelona Football Lionel Messi Duvet Cover!

    Competitions have always been a popular way to engage consumers, many kinds of media such as newspapers and television programmes run simple competitions to encourage the audience to repeatedly purchase the paper or watch the show. Companies around the globe use this same theory to entice customers to shop in their stores or purchase their products. Fast food chain McDonald's have teamed up with Hasbro and offer the McDonalds monopoly sweepstakes for a period each year, the theory being that when you make a purchase you get an instant prize voucher that may simply be for a burger or perhaps if your lucky one of the larger prizes such as holidays, electrical equipment or cash. Many other companies use this mechanism to encourage product sales including Pepsi and the ice cream brand Magnum recently.

    With the advent of the Internet the focus of competitions has moved away from collecting tokens, postal entries or calling hotline numbers, for example Pepsi's recent competition relied

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  5. The Unveil Of The New Manchester City Home Football Shirt 2013-14!

    manchester city home shirtMany of the brand new Premier League football kits are being revealed now and the new Manchester City home shirt has now been unveiled by the club. The shirt is very nice, it has a classical look to it with added simplicity, however this is certainly not a boring shirt and you can tell that Nike have put in great effort to design it. The quality of the material is fantastic and feels like it is worth the price it retails for. We feel that the City fans will really like the new kit and will enjoy maximum comfort whilst wearing the new design.

    The Blues sadly missed out on the title at the end of the 2012 season; closest rivals Manchester United already had a large lead in the middle of the season and ended it 11 points ahead of City. Second place was still a massive achievement for the team; however it would not have felt the same for the squad and supporters after winning the title last year when they came in first place after not winning the league for 44 years. Umbro d

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  6. Carlo Ancelotti Named As New Real Madrid Manager

    Today it was revealed that Carlo Ancelotti will be the man to take over at the Bernabeu. The 54 year old has been managing Paris Saint Germain since 2011 but on the 9Th May announced that he would be leaving and set out to be the next main man at Real Madrid. Ancelotti was the favourite to land the new role after Jose Mourinho left for Chelsea, the bookies all had him down to get the job. We all wonder how he will cope managing the players in the Real Madrid football kit, will he succeed Jose Mourinho's former team?

    The Italian was named coach of the season during his time in France and has also succeeded at many other clubs. Ancelotti has been managing since 1995; he first managed Regianna and Parma, before moving on to some bigger clubs. One of the main Italian clubs he coached was Juventus in 1999, he ended his spell there 0n a positive with many consecutive wins

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  7. Can Ajax win the Eredivisie for the fourth year running?

    Ajax is a Dutch football club based in the countries capital Amsterdam, it was founded in 1900 and is one of the most successful clubs in the world. Professional football was legalised in the Netherlands in 1955 and the now world famous Eredivisie league was introduced in 1956, since then Ajax have been crowned league champions an impressive 24 times. They have won this title for three successive years three times in 1966,67 and 68; 1994, 95 and 96; and most recently 2011, 12 and 13.

    In total Ajax have won more Eredivisie's than any other Dutch club, however despite PSV winning 18 times, less in total, they can claim the achievement of winning more successive championships. PSV were crowned champions four years running in 1986, 87, 88 and 89; and again in 2005, 06, 07 and 08. Can Ajax equal PSV's record and win the Eredivisie in the upcoming season? The club has also been successful in the international arena winning the European Cup/Champions League five times, and can also

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  8. Barcelona Launch A Cheaper Stadium Jersey

    As more and more of the 13-14 football shirts and kits are revealed with their new designs, there was one interesting product we have happened to come across. This was the Barcelona home and away stadium shirt. Looking at these products online next to the replica Barcelona shirts you cannot tell a difference, people often get confused when it comes to these shirts as you cannot tell the difference between the materials until you feel one with your hands. The biggest giveaways are the prices. These stadium tops can cost as much as £10.00 cheaper than the replica version, automatically this makes you wonder why there are two different shirts with the same picture but different prices. This is no type mistake and often people think that they are a fake version of the original shirt, this is not the case they are still 100% official and come from the same manufacturer. On this top in particular although this is not always the case the sleeves are slightly different, the replica version

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  9. Benitez officially unveiled as Napoli coach: is this a good move all round?

    After Benitez's move to Napoli was announced last month he was officially unveiled as the teams coach last week. Napoli are an Italian football club based in the Naples area, Walter Mazzarri the teams former coach has moved to Italian rivals Inter Milan but left behind a strong legacy after helping the team to secure second place in the top flight of Italian football, the Serie A league. Cavani a Napoli player was last seasons Serie A top goal scorer netting 29 times, and certainly helped the team to their best league finish since 1990 however, it is rumoured he is looking to move on during the summer and has been linked with a possible transfer to Chelsea or Real Madrid.


    Potentially losing Cavani is a huge blow for Benitez and it is rumoured he is looking at some big

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  10. Do You Find It Confusing Choosing Your Junior Football Kit?

    kids footballThere is often a lot of confusion when it comes to choosing children's kits. This can be down to the styles of the kits. Each season a new kit is usually released by clubs and it is often hard knowing which strip to buy when you still have the choice of the latest design and the previous season's design. If it was a gift for a child for example and it was going to be a surprise then you would not be able to ask them which kit they would like and from which year. If you were to go in to a retail shop you may receive help from a shop assistant but if you were ordering your item online it would be hard with no help. Another main factor which people tend to struggle with when choosing a junior football kit are the sizes.

    Depending on which manufacturer designs the strip you are looking for you will have to look carefully at the sizes when you come to order your item. Some companies tend to use

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