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  1. Premier League football shirts functional sportswear or fashion accessory?

    Bukta was the first manufacturer of sportswear, and in 1920 the company that was later to become Umbro was established and began manufacturing football kits. It wasn't until the 1980s that Adidas entered the market and Nike kits weren't introduced until as recently as 1993. Since the 1990s football as a sport has been massively commercialised with the introduction of the Premier League, TV rights deals, huge sponsorship deals and ever increasing transfer fees. Historically football shirts have been available for fans to buy since advances in manufacturing during the 60s and 70s, buying and wearing the kit of your favourite team is now more popular than ever.

    Premier League football shirts along with kits from clubs around the globe are manufactured using a great deal of technology in comparison to the originally heavy cotton kits from the olden times. Nike use recycled plastic

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  2. How England Football Kits Have Changed Through The Years

    England has always had a national football team dating back to 1870 where they played their first match in the UK against Scotland. As the national team has been playing professionally for a number of years, there is no doubt that the players have donned a variety of kits over the years. Within this blog post we are going to acknowledge the ever-changing appearance of these kits which don the three lions with pride as well as showcasing notable kits. So, to find out more about the England kits evolution, keep on reading.

    wayne rooneyEvolution of the England Home Kit

    Dating back to the first home kit worn by the England national team, their home colours have always seen a white shirt decorated with the three lions and navy shorts and socks. In the 1800s we saw the first kit introduces with a diamond detailing in the centre and then shortly

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  3. How playing football helps in your child's development

    kids footballFootball in England has been a professional game since 1888 when the Football League was founded, it is now one of the most popular team sports around the globe not only attracting professional players, amateur leagues for adults and children are also extremely popular.  In today's society where we lead more sedentary lifestyles and children are often more interested in computer games, than getting outside and kicking a football it is increasingly important to understand the long term benefits for children of playing team sports such as football.

    Many of us would identify ourselves as supporting or following one team or another, and it is a popular family activity to watch a football game whether live at the stadium or at home on the TV, buying and wearing kids football jerseys is big business, however whilst watching the game as a family has its own benefits putting on a kit and getting out there has a variety of different positive benefits.  Recent research has shown t

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  4. Andy Carroll's Liverpool Disaster Almost Over

    The shock £35 million pound paid in 2011 by Liverpool for former Newcastle striker Andy Carroll never really paid off from the start. Many fans were shocked when ex Anfield boss Kenny Dalglish bid £30 million for the striker, however this was turned down by Newcastle so he improved his offer an upped it to £35 million pound. This was accepted by Newcastle but with Carroll claiming he had been pushed to leave the club and did not really want to go the Liverpool fans doubted what they would be getting. NUFC staff denied this and stated that Carroll had said he had wanted to leave.

    It was a done deal and the 24 year old moved in to Anfield and took over from now Chelsea striker Fernando Torres taking on his old number nine shirt. Andy certainly looked the part in his new Liverpool football kit but there were no goals to prove that his £35 million pound was worthy. Even though Carroll was

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  5. Are you happy with the Premier League fixture list for the new season?

    Today has seen the release of the official Premier League fixture list for the 2013/14 season, it kicks of on 17th August when your team will be showcasing their new kits as well as hoping to start the season with a win.  The top flight of English football was formed in 1992, the twenty top teams play each other twice at home and away, there are therefore 380 games played throughout the season that starts in August and ends in May each year.   Compiling the fixtures list is a complicated task, a computer program compiles an initial list taking into account many factors such as dates to avoid including European competition dates, FA cup match dates.  The list needs to avoid two local teams playing at home on the same day, a balance in frequency of home and away matches and club requests are also taken into account.  After a draft list is compiled it is checked and scrutinised by the Fixtures Working Party that includes representatives from each club

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  6. Are Football Stadiums Really Family Friendly?

    Many families travel to football stadiums each week to support their favourite football team and watch them play. Some people buy season tickets, prices of these can vary depending on which team you want to go and watch. A team like Arsenal for example are very expensive to go and watch an average single adult season ticket for them costs around £985-£1955. The pressure can be on for parents to take children to football matches as the popularity of the sport grows and the sales of kid's football kits rise. You can see how this may be expensive for family's and for those who can afford to visit I am sure they want to be in a safe and secure enjoyable place with a good atmosphere, but is a football stadium the best place for this?

    Some football fans generally visit football stadiums as this is one of their interests but some supporters set out to cause trouble. There have been numerous stories in the press in the past surrounding football hooliganism and fights between other s

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  7. Can Holland make up for a terrible Euro 2012 and finally become world champions in Brazil 2014?

    The Dutch national football team has been in existence since 1905 when they played their first international match against Belgium.   After the first World Cup competition was held in 1930 the Dutch side played in the 1934 and 1938 rounds, but then due to either not entering, or failing to qualify they did not play in the tournament again until the teams golden years of the 1970s.  During this period in the Netherlands teams such as Ajax and Feyenoord took a different approach to their style of play referred to as 'total football'. The 1970 World Cup winning Brazilian team captain Alberto has said 'their style of play was amazing to watch', this was referring to the Dutch team during the 1974 World Cup. During this same tournament the Dutch team reached the final for the first time but lost to Germany. Since then they have suffered the same fate losing against Argentina in 1978 and Spain in 2010, unfortunately they hold the title of being the team to have played in th

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  8. How Nike Manufacture Football Jerseys From Recycled Bottles

    recycled bottlesThere has been a lot of talk surrounding Nike's claim to have made many new 2013-14 football shirts entirely from recycled plastic bottles, but exactly how could they achieve this?

    Well, Nike first started this in 2010, however not many people have much knowledge on this. Back in the old days shirts were made from old woolen like material, up until kit makers came up with the continental cotton design. Everyone will remember cotton-like football shirts, these looked comfy but did they have all of the great technology of today's shirts? Since Nike announced the new Dri fit technology in the 1990's, it has been very popular ever since. Nike's competitors Adidas also have their own line of technologies claiming to keep you comfortable during sport, these in Climacool, Climawarm and Climalite.  These are used in the making of football jerseys, they use mesh panels and  fabric that wicks sweat away from your body and moves any moisture to an outta layer which will ensure y

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  9. Is the current Spain team the greatest of all time?

    Next year is a World Cup year, the competition is due to be held in Brazil during the summer of 2014.  Spain currently hold the title of World Cup champions after winning the last competition three years ago in South Africa, they are also reigning winners of the European competition winning both Euro 2008, and Euro 2012.  The Spanish national team is the only team to have won three consecutive European or World Cup titles. The question on every football fans lips is 'Can Spain win again in Brazil?' The qualifying stages for next years World Cup take place later this year, the players in the Spain shirts have been drawn in group one and will compete against France, Belarus, Georgia and Finland for a place in the competition finals in Brazil.

    It is only since their victory in Euro 2008 that the Spanish national side has been a footballing force that other sides may be threatened by, previously the team had not won the European competition since 1964, and prior to

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  10. How Playing Football Is Good For Your Health

    Football is not only an interesting sport to watch, it is one of the most popular sports as chosen by the young and old today. There are more and more new local football teams being set up each day in the UK, this includes 7-a-side for younger children and 11-a-side for teens and adults. As young children are becoming more familiar with professional football teams and players than ever before, some idolise a certain football player, they may have never played football before but would like to achieve what their favourite player has, therefore having a go at playing a new sport.

    Football is great for health, when you are young and as you get older it is important to keep fit, this sport is not only one of the most interesting sports but it has been proven to be one of the top sports for improving your health. Exercise is always a good thing, but with some types of exercise and sport is can sometimes become quite boring and tedious, this is the excuse some people use when it comes

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