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  1. How Arsenal's successful business model causes problems on the pitch

    During the last two decades the financial profile of football clubs has significantly altered. With the introduction of the Premier League in 1992 came an increase in revenue from television rights, this has sparked a drastic increase in the finances of the top flight clubs.  Many of the football clubs in the Premier League are now owned by financial giants from around the globe, much talked about examples are the Glazier family who own Manchester United, and Roman Abramovich who owns Chelsea.  These business tycoons who have invested millions of pounds have encouraged the dynamic of football to shift, there is now a huge financial focus whereby players are traded for astronomic transfer fees, and wage bills are ever increasing.  One club to have evaded this new style of football business is Arsenal, they are owned by a parent company issuing only a small number of high value shares that are infrequently traded and unavailable on the large stock exchanges.  This alternative approach mea

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  2. How To Choose Your Football Team To Support

    thinking footballAs everyone grows up we start to make our own choices, this usually applies when choosing your favourite football team to support. Some families are extremely passionate about their football team and want their own children to follow them and support the same football team as them. A lot of pressure can be put on to children to support a certain team, some people take their children to football matches young so that they are bought up with supporting that team.

    As children grow older they have more freedom to make their own choices, most people change which football team they support. Often you will get 'glory hunters' these kind of football supporters will back whoever is winning at the time. Others will support a number of different teams, they may move from place to place but still support the same team that they grew up with.  Many people will collect football

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  3. New kits for the 2013-14 Premier League Season

    Premier LeagueThe English Premier League is the most supported football league around the globe, it is more popular that the Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A or the German Bundesliga.  Top flight games involving some of the best loved clubs such as Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea are watched by supporters around the world, television rights to these matches are expected to be worth in excess of £5bn for the new season.  With the summer break well under way, and hot transfer gossip emerging daily, supporters attentions are being drawn to the launches of the new kits that their favourite players will be wearing on the pitch next season.

    Saturday 17th August 2013 will see the kick off of the 22nd annual Premier League competition, the fixture list for all of the seasons games is due to be announced in the coming week.  The Premier League replaced the Football League First Division as the top flight of English football in 1992, it is a competition betwe
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  4. Recycled Football Shirts For Charity

    clothingWith the popularity of football growing in the UK it is no surprise that the love for the game is spreading to the rest of the world and so many young children are now in to football. In the UK millions of football shirts and kits are sold each day, for birthdays, Christmases and general gifts. However some people who are also passionate about football are not so lucky and cannot afford to buy a single football shirt. Some families in the UK are currently struggling due to the credit crunch but there are some people who think that they will never have the money to buy any kind of football merchandise, this is where recycling football shirts to charity comes in.

    There are many charities who now donate football merchandise to other countries who cannot afford themselves to buy them. There is one charity Kits4Causes who donate to all kinds of people around the country. They donate any

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  5. How FC Barcelona became so popular

    barcelonaBarcelona football club was founded in 1899 by a group of foreign footballers after Joan Gamper put an advertisement in a local paper.  Playing amateur football until 1910 the club quickly secured a reputation for playing excellent football, they won the Copa Macaya in 1902 securing their first trophy.  In 1909 the club moved into its own stadium for the first time, this was the Carrer de la Industria, it was the first floodlit stadium in Spain, being made of two tiers and holding a capacity of up to 6,000 spectators.   In 1910 the team joined in with European competitions, becoming a professional club and has since then continued to grow and amass an amazing array of honours and achievements.

    In 1928 Barcelona football club in cooperation with other Spanish sides founded the La Liga competition, which today remains the top flight of Spanish football.  Barcelona, along with only two other teams have since 1928 only played in La Liga, they have never been

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  6. Who Will Join Brazil and Japan In The 2014 World Cup?

    Japan are the first named team to get through the qualifying stages and will be joining Brazil in the World Cup next summer. Japan made it through their group stages with wins against Latvia and Canada. They lost two games and on 4/06/2013 scored a last minute penalty to draw with Australia taking them through.

    Japan has some great players, one of these being Shinji Kagawa. The Manchester United striker has had an up and down season, with some great goals but his knee injury has often got in the way of his fantastic form. It now comes down to the second automatic qualifying spot. This is out of Australia who currently sits in third place, Iraq, Jordan and Oman. The Fifa World Cup 2014 will feature 32 teams altogether, one of these was given to hosts Brazil but the defending champions Spain will be fighting for their place. There is now only 30 places left after Japan took the second spot.

    We will see many new 13-14 World Cup kits in the tournament next year hopefully including

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  7. Professional footballers that smoke

    Being a professional footballer today involves not only fame and fortune but also a dedication to fitness and training.  In the past is was widely accepted that footballers would lead the party lifestyle drinking, smoking and not looking after their bodies.  As far back as the early 1900s cigarette companies and some footballers actually formed advertising partnerships.  In the 1890s cigarette packets were sold with a card containing an image of a popular player, and the famous Sir Stanley Matthews over fifty years later promoted a particular brand of cigarettes.  Today professional players follow strict diet and training regimes and are even subject to curfews and restrictions during the main playing season particularly prior to big matches.  It is surprising then to see some of our favourite stars with a cigarette in their mouth.

    Smoking is widely publicised as dangerous to health, it damages the lungs and can cause breathing problems as well as c

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  8. How Technology Has Improved Football Clothing

    brandsAll aspects of football have changed over the years with the technology that is used in football clothing included. Years ago football kit designers used basic materials in order to manufacture football shirts such as 100% cotton and polyester. Nowadays things have changed dramatically with gadgets such as sensors recording the player's movement being introduced.

    Approximately 20 years ago big sports brand Nike were one of the first to bring out their Nike Dri Fit technology, this is a very popular choice with sports fans. It was not only football shirts that were made out of this material, Nike designed a variety of different sports clothing. Nike Dri fit was first used in golf; many professional golfers such as Tiger Woods have praised the new technology. He once said 'With Dri-FIT, it keeps me cool and because of the stretch in the fabric, it moves with you and doesn't hold you back." As well as Nike's newer Dri fit technology, previous materials used included Therma-fit
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  9. Under 21 football and the future of the England national team

    The Premier League is the most widely supported football league around the globe, with matches being shown in 212 countries and 185,000 hours of television coverage worldwide in 2011/12.  However, although the Premier League itself is widely successful the English national team is less so, often producing lacklustre performances and failing to win any significant silverware since the World Cup in 1966.  The Premier League is boosting its success by spending what is often ludicrous amounts of money on foreign stars instead of investing in young English talent that will bolster our national side. Startlingly only approximately 30% of players in the Premier League are eligible to wear an England Home Shirt. Recent research has shown that last season only 2.28% of total Premier League minutes were played by England Under 21s, and several teams including Chelsea, Stoke City and Wigan Athletic did not field an English Under 21 during the entire season.  These figures all fa

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  10. The demand for personalised football shirts

    Van Persie Personalised ShirtWearing the replica top of your favourite football team has been a popular tradition since the mid-nineties when mass production was introduced, it is seen as a great way of identifying yourself as a fan and exhibiting your team support.   In 1870 when football kits were first introduced each player wore exactly the same kit, there were no squad numbers and each individual players shirt were not identifiable.  Although numbers were first seen during a game in 1928, giving each player a squad a number that was kept throughout a tournament was officially introduced for the 1954 World Cup, this was the first time the competition aired on television and the numbering system was to assist the commentators in identifying the players involved in tackles and goal scoring throughout the matches.  Amazingly names were only added to the numbers for the 1993/94 season after the introduction of the Premier League. The addition of names and numbers and competition patches has revolutionised the purch
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