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  1. Barcelona football souvenirs for the bedroom

    Barcelona are an extremely popular football club based in the Catalonia region of Spain, 25% of the Spanish population support the club as well as people all over the globe.  Team merchandise is widely available and extremely popular with the Barcelona kit being Nike's second highest seller, selling in excess of 1 million in the last five years.  Wearing the team kit is not the only way of showing allegiance to your favourite football team, today there are a wide variety of souvenirs, and novelty items available to purchase.  With the improving availability of satellite television, and Internet access, as well as the influence of larger numbers of foreign player transfers, people are increasingly deviating from the tradition of supporting local English clubs and are beginning to spread their football support around the globe.

    The importance of a well structured, nurturing childhood is well documented, children need to be encouraged to reflect their own personalities an

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  2. Premier League Teams Get Richer

    The Premier League is one of the most well-known and loved leagues in the world, most people choose to watch football as their first choice sport either on their television or at their club's stadium, but just how much money does it cash in each season?

    It is no secret that most Premier League clubs are very well off. The likes of top four sides Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal and Tottenham have their fair share of money. All teams in the league will receive a cash sum at the end of the season; this all depends on where they finish in the table. The likes of Manchester United who came first would have received the most money. Roman Abromovich, billionaire and owner of Chelsea F.C is well-known for his spending sprees in the transfer windows, Chelsea are one of the richest clubs in the world.  The bottom three clubs that get relegated each season will receive something known as a parachute payment if they are a club who have been promoted and then been r

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  3. The launch of the new Manchester United Home Top

    Manchester United are one of the most popular football clubs in the world, they have a deeply ingrained local heritage based in the manufacturing of cotton dating back to the 18th century.  The club like to embrace this local history in the look and design of the football kits that the players wear each week on the pitch.  Nike a sportswear manufacturing giant based in America has been designing and producing the teams kits since 2002, today the new kit designed for the upcoming 2013/14 season is released for sale.

    The club was originally introduced under the name of Newton Heath in 1878, this was changed to Manchester United in 1902 after financial difficulties saw the original club wound up, with the introduction of a new name came the introduction of the now famous red and white colour scheme.  It is therefore no surprise that the new home top is red in colour, it is an all red, plain fabric design that is classically simple.  Again referring to

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  4. Warrior Reveal The New Liverpool Away Kit

    Liverpool's kit manufacturer Warrior has now revealed the brand new Liverpool away kit. The American brand has designed all of Liverpool's kits including the home, away, third and goalkeeper. We have all already seen the Liverpool home kit which was officially released on the 30th May 2013. The home kit certainly shocked a few football fans, Warrior really went back in time as they designed this kit, as normal the kit is red but features some bold features such as the bold white stripes on the collar and sleeve areas. There are also faint dark red vertical stripes on the shirt with images of the Liverbird

    Warrior officially took over as Liverpool kit maker in 2012; they stepped in the shoes of Adidas who had been Liverpool's manufacturer for many years. Adidas always kept the shirt quite simple but classy, sometimes featuring minor pattern. However new designers Warrior have different ideas, last year's kit 2013-13 was quite a change, they took away the usual Liverpool badge

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  5. History of sponsorship deals on football tops

    sponsorsFootball has long been a traditional sport in the United Kingdom with the first clubs emerging around the 1850s, during the proceeding 20 years there was little regulation in regard to official rules and there were no team uniforms.  In the 1870s with the introduction of the English FA Cup and standardised FA rules, clubs also began to introduce colour schemes and uniforms for players.  In the early 1900s the traditional shirts, shorts and socks became the standardised uniform, often made from heavy cotton materials, new designs such as stripes began to appear.  The first manufacturer of football kits was Bukta, who appeared in 1879, they dominated the market until 1920 when Humphrey Brothers Clothing, which eventually became Umbro, began to take over.  After the war, in the 1950s Umbro introduced a new 'Continental style' of kit, manufactured from lighter materials and featuring v-necks, shorter length shorts and innovatively designed patterns.  In the earl

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  6. The importance of pre season training

    The football season ended a couple of weeks ago, with no summer tournament this year footballers have got a long break between now and August when the new Premier League season begins. How do footballers spend this break? Whilst many of us would spend a holiday from work drinking beer, filling up on comfort food, and lounging in front of the television this is not the case for our favourite football superstars. Professional footballers are advised to take a couple of weeks off, spend time with their families resting their tired bodies after a long action packed football season, but then it's back to a strict regime of pre season training. All footballers whether professional Premier League players, or amateur lower league and even Sunday league players are advised to undertake regular pre season training to ensure optimum fitness and performance.

    In the past professional footballers used to undertake rigorous

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  7. Launch of the new England Away Shirt made by Nike

    England Away ShirtThis year for the first time the England football kits are being manufactured by American sportswear company Nike.  Umbro has been supplying the shirts since the 1950s, Umbro was bought by Nike in 2007 but retained it own brand identity and continued to supply Umbro branded football shirts.  However, Nike decided to sell Umbro and focus on the Nike brand in May 2012, at this point Nike made the Football Association an offer regarding the future manufacture of the England football kits, the FA announced in September 2012 that a deal had been agreed.  The home kit was worn at Wembley for the first time last week, and the official launch of the England Away Shirt took place in time for the team to showcase it during their friendly against Brazil at the Maracana Stadium in Rio De Janerio.  The England team produced a decent performance in their new kit drawing 2-2 with the mighty Brazilians.

    Nike has focused on producing simple, elegant styles that reflect the traditional heritag
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  8. The launch of the newly refurbished Maracana stadium

    The Maracana stadium is located in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; it was originally opened in 1950 to host the FIFA World Cup in which Brazil were beaten by Uruguay in the final 2-1.  The stadium is regularly used by the four local football teams in Rio De Janeiro; Botafogo, Flamengo, Fluminense and Vasco da Gama, as well as it being a national stadium for Brazil games. The stadium closed in 2010 and has been extensively refurbished in preparation for the 2014 Fifa World Cup that is being hosted by Brazil. The refurbishment has involved demolishing the original two tier seating bowl and replacing this with a single tier seating bowl, the seat colours reflect Brazilian national colours and those of the Brazil home shirt. From the outside the stadium is a domed shape, it looks modern and has been likened to a spaceship. The original roof has also been demolished, the new roof covers 95% of the seats and is manufactured from Teflon coated fibreglass. The new stadium holds 79,000 fans making

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