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  1. Summer tours boost Premier League shirt sales

    The English Premier League is the most popular football league in the world, attracting supporters from all around the globe. It was founded in 1992 to replace the Football League First Division as the top flight of English football, the top twenty teams compete from August to May playing each other at home and away, at the end of the season the team with most points are crowned champions, whilst the bottom three teams are relegated to be replaced by the three teams from the Football League Championship.  During the summer break many teams allow their players a short holiday before starting pre-season training. In the past pre-season training involved getting fit after holiday indulgences, and friendly matches with lower league teams. However, now a days the top Premier League teams head off, far afield on summer tours showing off their Premier League shirt.

    This y

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  2. How Long Will The Fans Keep Faith In Arsene Wenger?

    arsenalhomeboyskitThere is no doubt Arsenal are a decent football team and show skill in the Arsenal Nike football kit, but the club have failed to win the Premier League since the 2003-4 season. Ever since the squad won the title at the end of the 2003 season they have not won one ever since. From 2004-05 when they finished second every other season after that they finished third or fourth and this year was no different with the Gunners only managing fourth place.

    Finishing the season inside the top four is a big achievement, getting the chance to play champions league football is always a great thing in football, but the fans seem to be becoming tired of the managers tactics, especially during the transfer windows. During season 12/13 Wenger did sign four players, these were Santi Cazorla, Olivier Giroud, Nacho Monreal and Lukas Podolski. So far since they joined they have done well, Cazorla is
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  3. Where has the loyalty gone in football?

    Until the recent past football clubs were a close knit unit, players spawned from their local areas and played for the same team for many years, there have always been transfers and controversy but nothing on the scale of today's game.  Paul Scholes and Gary Neville both began and ended their playing careers in a Manchester United kit, players such as Matt Le Tissier refused to leave Southampton despite interest from bigger clubs and offers of higher pay and more benefits, and Alan Shearer who chose playing in the football jersey of the team of his birth place Newcastle United as opposed to moving to the mighty Manchester United, these kinds of loyal team players are rarely found in today's game. Since the restructuring of the football league, and the introduction of a new top flight the Premier League in 1992, the dynamic of club football has changed dramatically.

    With the introduction of the Premier League came new satellite television deals worth millions of pounds, significantly

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  4. Jersey Colour - Does it Suit You?

    Kit manufacturers come up with all kinds of crazy designs at the end of each season. There have been some surprising kit releases ready for the 2013-14 season including the Juventus Away Football Jersey, there is a large range of styles available now, but does the colour of your shirt really suit you?

    The majority of kit manufacturers usually tend keep the home kit quite plain and it more often than not comes in the traditional club colors as it usually would, just with different style collars, logos and sponsors. The home kit is one of the most popular strips, usually chosen over the away and third kits. Many people who buy season tickets to watch their favourite team at their home barca-131478ground tend to purchase the home jersey to show team pride, the squad would also be wearing the

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  5. England's Struggles Continue At Euro 2013 With A Draw Against Russia

    With the group stages nearly over and the quarters as the next hurdle, England ladies did themselves no favours yesterday as they drew 1-1 to Russia. England are now sitting third in Group C with only one point, France are leading at the top of the table on six points. The England ladies must try and win against France on Thursday 18th July, failing to do so will probably see them heading out of Euro.  How the group stages work sees the top two teams of each group going through to the quarter finals, following by the two best third-placed teams left in the tables, this is unlikely for the England squad but they will not know for sure until the remaining games from Group A & B have been played on Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th.

    England manager Hope Powell expressed her disappointment with her team following the 1-1 draw.  She stated "I think we are lacking some real quality in terms of executing that final ball, it's sloppy." England were saved by Toni Duggan's i

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  6. With which club does Cesc Fabregas's future lie?

    Cesc Fabregas is a Spanish footballer that has made a name for himself as man with an impressive talent on the pitch.  He started his football career at a local Spanish team and was fabregas-arsenal-homequickly signed by the Barcelona youth academy at the young age of ten.  He played alongside other stars such as the renowned Lionel Messi in his original position of defensive midfielder, he was an asset to the youth team scoring over 30 goals in a season however, he was never selected for the first team.

    In 2003 at the still very young age of 16 Fabregas made the massive move to England and joined the Arsenal academy.  Initially he spent his time trying to settle into the English lifestyle and learn the language, being so young he thought it would be a while before he had an opportunity to play for the first team.  Surprisingly jus

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  7. How to eat like a professional footballer

    Football is a popular sport played by people of all ages and abilities around the world, partaking in any sport is great for health, it burns calories and reduces body fat, as well as increasing aerobic fitness.  When playing sport and exercising it is important to eat correctly to ensure your performance levels and the health benefits gained reach their optimum level.  For professional footballers this balance of good nutrition and training is vital if they are to play at the highest levels of their ability, top clubs such as those in the Premier League employ highly qualified sports scientists, dieticians and nutritionists to ensure the players get the best possible guidance.

    To help give people guidance on how much to eat for optimum health and well being the Department of Heath has issued guidelines regarding our calorie and nutritional intake, it is recommended that male adults eat around 2500 calories per day, and adult females should eat around 2000.  This gu

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  8. Football Kit Sales Boom In Anticipation Of The New Premier League Season

    premier leagueAs sad as it is to see the season come to an end for many fans there is always excitement when it comes down to the transfer window. This is where all teams get the chance to discuss their options and talk with another club if they have interest in a player. This can often influence football supporter's decisions on which football shirt they will purchase and whether they will buy additional printing. With shock signings and transfer requests during the summer window, a fan may buy a jersey from their favourite team with their favourite player's name and number on the back, only for the player to move during the transfer window. This can be quite annoying and the fan may decide that they want to buy a football shirt supporting the same player but at a different team, this then doubles to amount of shirts being bought by one person but when there are thousands and thousands of people purchasing new shirts and kits every year the shops will make millions.

    All clubs will release a home

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  9. How do you wash your football shirt?

    washing your football shirt

    Football is an extremely popular sport, watched and supported by fans around the world. Â Team kits were introduced as early as the 1870s when it became apparent that players in each team needed to be distinguished from one another, the first official kit manufacturer was Bukta who were established in 1879. Â Since these early days of heavy cotton tops and long length shorts kits have evolved dramatically to their modern day form. Â Today's main manufacturers are Nike and Adidas, Nike make kits for teams such as Manchester United and Barcelona, Adidas are the suppliers for Real Madrid and Chelsea amongst many others. Â In the 1970s Admiral began aggressively targeting clubs in order to supply their kits, they made high quality versions for the teams and low quality nylon replicas were made available for the public to purchase. Â As technology has developed and kits have changed manufacturers now offer fans the opportunity to purchase high quality kits exactly the same as those worn by t

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  10. What Will Happen To Manchester United Kit Sales?

    With all the changes that have happened in the space of a month at Manchester United including the ever popular Sir Alex Ferguson leaving, sports business owners will be wondering what will happen to sales of the Manchester United kit.

    Very near to the end of the 2012-13 season Sir Alex Ferguson retired as manager at Old Trafford after 26 years in charge of the club. He enjoyed some very successful years at the club; he won 38 trophies including 13 Premier League titles and two UEFA Champion's League titles. All of the Manchester United fans loved and respected him and so did the players. It came as a huge shock when the 71 year old announced his retirement and it left a big hole in the club. The next question on everybody's mind was who was going to be the next manager and would they be able to fill the boots of one of the most successful managers of all time.

    There were plenty of rumors flying around and stories in the media, bets from bookies and much more.

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