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  1. How The Arsenal Soccer Set Offers Great Value

    Arsenal soccer setArsenal is one of the most successful Premier League football clubs, since the clubs foundation in 1886 they have won thirteen top flight league titles. The team play at the Emirates Stadium in London, there traditional kit colours are red and white however the Arsenal away soccer shirt is well known for its stylishly contrasting looks, last year's purple and black design was extremely popular and this season's vibrant yellow kit is likely to be equally so.

    The Gunners are one of the most supported English football teams, there home game matches are frequently sell outs. Club merchandise is sold across the country and around the world, with the football such as the Arsenal away soccer shirt and souvenirs being popular choices.

    The club have a massive following of young fans aspiring to play like their idolised players; products such as the Arsenal soccer set are great for young fans and are a perfect gift choice.

    You can shop for the Arsenal soccer set from online soccer retailer Soccer Box, it is reasonably priced at £16.99 and contains four Arsenal branded items great for budding young footballers. The set contains a size 5 football, pump, drinks bottle with sports cap and a captains armband.

    The red and white colour scheme is carried throughout the set and coordinates with the home jersey; each item also features a club crest.

    Young supporters are sure to appreciate receiving the Arsenal soccer set as a gift for birthdays or at Christmas; it is a great value and good quality gift set.

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  2. What Makes A Great Soccer Shirt?

    soccer shirtThere are a variety of different factors that need to be looked at to establish the difference between a great and not so great soccer shirt. It is not always the initial appearance of a shirt that makes the difference, the way that the shirt has been manufactured and the technologies that have been used make the item good or bad.

    Soccer jerseys can be made from a variety of different materials, this can help you with performance and can either help you to play with ultimate comfort. An example for me would be the Spain Home Soccer Shirt, this product has some amazing features including Climacool technology, integrated in to the fabric by Adidas this will ensure you stay cool, dry and comfortable during the game.

    Years ago a soccer shirt was often made from cotton, manufacturers decided to change these to polyester because they knew that this material would allow them to add these helpful technologies in to their products. Polyester shirts are very resistant to creasing, because of this they are very easy to take care of.

    The cotton shirts that were used many years ago would of been quite uncomfortable to play in, there were not mesh inserts or any way of the player releasing the sweat from their body, the sweat would have soaked in to the shirt making it extremely heavy.

    In modern day football, manufacturers are making their soccer shirts using polyester mesh. This is a material very capable of releasing moisture from the body, very much different to the materials that used to be made from natural fibres. Polyester mesh shirts are also very lightweight as they are constantly clearing out any moisture that leaves the body.

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  3. How The Chelsea Have Became So Popular

    Over the last decade Chelsea football club has grown in popularity in both the UK and around the world.  Sales of Chelsea kits including the home, away and Chelsea third soccer jersey have soared.

    This is more than likely to be due to the phenomenal success of the Chelsea soccer team since the club was bought by the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich in 2003.


    Roman Abramovich has invested heavily spending over £100m on new players in the first year, he has been ruthless in the team's management hiring and firing ten managers since his arrival at Stamford Bridge.


    Abramovich's approach seems to have the desired effect as the players who wear the Chelsea soccer jersey have bought home a lot of silverware over the past few years.


    When Jose Mourinho arrived at Stamford Bridge in 2004, his management style and Abramovich's push for results really turned the clubs fortunes around. In the 2004-05 season, for the first time since 1955 the Chelsea team won the top flight of English football.


    Securing the double by winning the Premier League again the following season ensured that the Chelsea soccer jersey became increasingly well known and popular around the globe.


    More and more people began declaring themselves fans of the London based club and began to shop for kits such as the Chelsea third soccer jersey.


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  4. How Football Socks Protect Your Feet

    Many professional footballers have seen their careers end as a result of a bad football injury, this could be self-inflicted, for example falling badly on your ankle during training and breaking or fracturing a bone. It could also happen during a match, another player may cause you serious injury with a bad tackle, such as a slide in your shin and this may not have been done purposely but can still cause significant harm. Shin pads are a great way of ensuring this does not happen and most surprisingly, socks. Yes socks are only made up of soft materials but it has been proven that they can help prevent injury during football. The Newcastle United home soccer socks are a great example of a product you could look in to purchasing to ensure your safety during your favourite sport.

    The main point of football socks has always been to hold the shin pads in place. However these days most shin pads strap around the leg and some depending on your preference strap around the ankles too and underneath the heel.

    Shin pads are a must have in football; they protect the shins which are important bones in the legs and can become easily injured in soccer if not protected. Some people use tape to ensure their socks do not come down; therefore neither do the shin pads.

    The best shin pads to purchase which are available from most sports stores are the ankle shin pads, these usually fasten around the back of the calf with Velcro and feature the ankle protecting section which cups your ankle and fastens underneath the heel.

    It is not just the shins and ankles that need protecting, your feet are a major part of your body and if you are a soccer lover then you will want to be protecting these

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  5. Football Kits For Back To School

    football kitsOver recent years there has been much debate and discussion surrounding the decreasing emphasis of sport in schools and the increasing number of children who are classified as overweight.  There are a number of new initiatives intended to encourage increased sport activity in schools.  Getting into kids football kits and other sportswear at school is aiming to help all children increase their activity levels. 


    It is recommended that children are physically active for at least one hour every day, however recent research has found that only 51% of children meet this target. The percentage of girls meeting the recommended target is significantly lower than that for boys.


    Schools can help boost this percentage and improve the health of children by promoting activities such as soccer, getting children into football kits and getting them active every day.


    From the start of this academic year for two years the government are giving primary schools extra funding, specifically for improving sports and physical education provision in schools.


    Sports and PE provision is also to become an increased focus for Ofsted inspectors who will be looking to see children enjoying putting on football kits or their sportswear and being encouraged to be active regularly throughout the school day.


    The Premier League recognises that getting youngsters playing in kids football kits is a great way of boosting

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  6. How Shin Pads Prevent Injuries

    Protecting parts of the body from injuries is a technology that was first used as long ago as the Middle Ages, when warriors used guards to protect themselves during battle.  Over the years multiple sports have used the same idea to give their players protection from injury. Soccer is one of today's modern sports where players use sports kit such as the Adidas Predator Club Blue Shin Pads to prevent injuries during training and whilst on the pitch. 

    Shin pads have evolved from the ancient idea of a 'greave', this is described as armour specifically worn to protect the shin, it was often made from some kind of heavy metal such as bronze.

    The first sport to recognise the need for body protection and introduce the use of shin pads was cricket, soccer followed their example in the late 1800s, however the guards worn were no where near as effective for sports use as items such as today's Adidas Predator Club blue shin pads.

    When you shop for shin pads you will find they are available in various styles and sizes to suit differing requirements, they are an essential piece of soccer sports kit but need to be comfortable to wear.

    Some simply slip inside the football sock protecting only the shin, others are secured using Velcro straps for a better fit, then there are more technically advanced versions for increased protection.

    Engineered by Adidas the Predator Club blue shin pads feature built in ankle protection, a Velcro strap and are made from extremely lightweight material so they do not hinder the footballer during game play by being cumbersome to we

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  7. Is Rooney Now Happy In The Manchester United Home Kit?

    Wayne Rooney has been wearing a Manchester United home football top since he signed for them in 2004; he left his former team Everton for a transfer fee of £25.6m.  His career at Manchester United has been full of success winning five Premier League championship titles and a UEFA Champions League title amongst other trophies.

    Wearing a Manchester United home kit he is one of their highest ever goal scoring players, and has won the heart of fans, his name and squad number are the most ever requested on personalised soccer shirts since the start of the Premier League.

    With the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson at the end of last season the Red Devils are facing their first ever Premier League season with a different manager. The man who has filled Ferguson's place managing the players in the Manchester United home kit is former Everton manager David Moyes.

    His arrival at Old Trafford has caused some frictions with Rooney who formerly played under Moyes at Everton.

    Rooney has expressed his desire to hand back his Manchester United home football top after a series of disagreements with the United management. There is a degree of uncertainty surrounding the disagreement, Rooney is reportedly unhappy he has not been picked in the first team squad during the summer tour, and has not had any match time in the Manchester United home kit.

    Moyes claims Rooney is unfit to play soccer following injuries to his hamstring and shoulder, however, despite the reported injury he was picked by Roy Hodson for an England friendly versus Scotland.

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  8. How Italy Training Wear Is Great When Training In The Gym

    Puma are a sportswear company based in Germany, they secured the rights to make the Italy training wear for the Italian national team in 2002, and have recently extended the deal to last until at least 2018

    In addition to the official match day kits Puma also supply the team with their kit for soccer training and pre-match warm ups, these include tops, tracksuits, jackets, jerseys and the Italy T7 polo shirt.

    The Italy training wear range is designed to coordinate with the team kits and is a great way of showing support for the Italian football team.

    They are one of the best soccer teams in the world based on performance in international competitions, the World Cup is the most prestigious football title and Italy have claimed the title four times, only beaten by Brazil who have won five times.

    As it is manufactured by top sportswear company Puma the Italy training kit range is not only suitable for everyday wear but is also a quality performance product designed for working out, and sports training.

    Products such as the Italy T7 polo shirt utilise specialised technology that ensure the fabric is designed for performance on the soccer pitch.

    This fabric will pull sweat from the body, and maintain a flow of air via specifically placed mesh panels to keep the skin cool, this allows the body to work harder as it is not overheating.

    Therefore the products in the Italy training wear range are the ideal purchase for working out at the gym, and are an option to be considered next time you shop for sports and fitness clothing.

    The brand new Italy T7 polo shirt has been designed for 2013, it looks

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  9. The Stylish New Inter Milan Home Kit

    Internazionale, as they are known in Italy have one of the best records in the Italian Serie A.  They were formed in 1908 and since this time the Inter Milan home shirt has been the iconic blue and black striped design, earning them the nickname Nerazzurri, meaning the black and blues.  Over the years Internazionale soccer club have notched up eighteen Serie A titles, seven Coppa Italia's and three UEFA Champions League titles amongst other honours. 

    Since 1998 American sportswear giant Nike has been manufacturing the Inter Milan home kit, in 2008 the club signed a new ten year deal worth in excess of £80m that will keep Nike as manufacturer until at least 2018.  Since 1995 Pirelli, a tyre manufacturer has sponsored the club and their logo has featured prominently on the Inter Milan home shirt, they are also minority share holders and part owners of the club.

    This seasons brand new Inter Milan home kit has recently been released by Nike in preparation for the start of the 2013/14 Serie A league, and is available to purchase in stores and online shop.  The Clubs traditional black and blue vertical stripes are darker than on past season jerseys giving a bold and striking look that will appear impressive on the pitch, and when worn by fans in the San Siro stadium on match day.  The darker colours are thought to represent and celebrate the clubs achievement of winning the cup winners cup fifty years ago.

    The new Inter Milan home shirt features a stylish mandarin collar with concealed fastenings, in traditional Nike style this hints at the clubs locality and history, the area being one of the fashion capitals of the world. Â&nbsp

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  10. Why Nike Footballs are so Technically Advanced

    Nike are an American sportswear company, they were founded in 1964 and have grown into a multi billion dollar global brand supplying products for many different sports and leisure activities.  They are one of the leading football kit manufacturers for clubs worldwide, and their soccer equipment is some of the best available, used by amateurs and professionals.

    The company invest heavily in research and development to produce equipment with the latest innovations for professional clubs and leagues whilst also producing better value ranges allowing everyday fans and consumers to purchase products such as the Barcelona Away Prestige Football, boots and training kit.

    The brand new Nike footballs range has recently been unveiled, the company will be supplying balls for use in the biggest, best and most popular leagues for use on the pitch by top stars from the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga and Italian Serie A. The new Incyte ball is available to purchase for around £100, however they have also made cheaper replica versions called Strike for each league, these bargain Nike footballs are available for fans to purchase for around £18 each.

    The new Nike footballs Incyte range are claimed to be the most technologically advanced balls to ever be produced for use on the pitch.  The Premier League version uses white, purple and orange colours with specially depth enhanced graphics that are designed so the players can more easily spot the soccer ball during game play, this is said to lead to better reaction times and faster decision making.  This has been named Nike RaDaR (Rapid Decision and Response) technology.

    Other benefits of the new Incyte Nike footballs includes five layer technology to improve the players first touch, enab

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