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  1. How Arsenal Souvenirs Makes the Perfect Gift For Any Gunner

    Everybody has a person in their life that is harder than most others to buy for, by this i mean to buy gifts for. This may be because the majority of items they mention they like are way too expensive or it may just be hard to find this certain item online or in the shops. A souvenir is another word for a keepsake, memento or token of remembrance. Purchasing one for somebody can mean a lot more than a standard gift which has no significant meaning. To football supporters receive a soccer souvenir would be ideal and special. There are many types of football souvenir available. An example would be the Arsenal Giant Mug. This is a great way of showing support for your team whilst drinking your favourite drink and would make the perfect gift for any Gunner.

    If you are searching for a souvenir for a footie mad fan, then there are many places to look around for them. You will find that typing football souvenirs will bring up many findings on
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  2. How German Teams Became The Best In Europe

    Just like the Premier League in the UK, other countries run their own leagues. Spain hold the La Liga, including teams such as Barcelona and Real Madrid. These two teams have a few of the bgerman teamsest players in the world playing for them such as Lionel Messi and Neymar for Barcelona and Christiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale for Real Madrid. This is the same case for German clubs. Players such as Lewendowski, Robben, Mario Gotze and Marco Reus play for some of the best German clubs. You will notice that Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich football shirts are very popular.

    The Bundesliga was founded in 1962 in Dortmund by the German football association; however it is now operated by the German football league. The league is made up of 18 German teams who play

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  3. How The Premier League Became So Popular

    The Premier League, also known to some as the Premiership, is one of the biggest leagues in the world, along with La Liga and the Bundesliga. The Barclays EPL is now broadcast in 212 territories around the world, a total of 80 different broadcasters show action from this very popular league. The TV audience for PL games is 4.7 billion that is a lot of people watching the soccer.

    Various English teams take part in this football league each season including Manchester United, Aston Villa, Sunderland, Chelsea, Manchester City, Everton and many more. You can usually establish which team is which by their kit. For example Manchester United football shirts are worn by the Manchester United team; the design will depend on whether they are playing at home or away.

    The FA Premier League was first formed in 1992, when teams from the first division decided to break away

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  4. Why You Should Support Your National Team

    Depending on where you are from, you will more than likely have a national football/soccer team. Your national squad will be made up of players from football teams dotted around the country; for example the England national squad have first choice players such as Frank Lampard (Chelsea), Jack Wilshere (Arsenal), Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) and Theo Walcott (Arsenal) who are from Premier League teams in England. Players are picked by the national manager depending on their form in their domestic league at the time.

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  5. Kit Yourself Out With The Best Soccer Accessories

    soccer accessoriesThere are many ways of showing your support for your favourite football team, this includes going to watch your favourite team play matches, buying your teams latest replica shirt and watching the game from home. Along with soccer shirts and football kits there are other types of football merchandise available from soccer shops and online including accessories such as football boots.

    These are very popular and are in high demand, bringing in the money for shops and online stores. Football boots come in a range of shapes and sizes, some sport a simple but classic design and some boots feature crazy patterns with bold colours. It all depends on preference and budget. Various accessories are available for a large range of people of all ages.

    Soccer boots are available from most stores and online websites, they are made from a variety of manufacturers including Nike, Adidas, Puma and Lotto. Out of all football boot manufacturers

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  6. Support Your Country With The England Soccer Set!

    England has a long sporting history of playing football, their national team played in the first ever international match against Scotland in 1872. National pride is evident during large soccer tournaments such as the European championships and FIFA World Cup with sales of adult football kits, the England boys home shirt and items such as flags increasing dramatically.

    England soccer setMany young fans follow and aspire to be like their favourite players by supporting whichever soccer team is there preferred choice, however when it comes to national games the country, children and adults alike, unite to support the England squad.

    Young fans that like to practice their skills will appreciate a football themed gift such as the England
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  7. Bag a Bargain and Shop for Last Seasons Soccer Shorts!

    soccer shortsFootball kits for top flight teams all over Europe frequently change with each new season, with the official kits being quite expensive to purchase it is often more economical to support your team by purchasing last season's kit.  For example you can shop online now at Soccer Box and order your Porto Home Soccer Shorts from last season at a reduced bargain price. 

    In the past soccer shorts were different to those worn as part of today's high quality professional sports kit. When team colours for clubs were initially introduced this just covered the jerseys and players wore whatever colour shorts they had.

    Before 1900 shorts otherwise known as 'knickers' were required to cover the knees and were usually only in black, white or navy.

    After 1904 the rules regarding 'knickers' covering the knees were reconsidered, and they gradually became shorter.

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  8. Premier League Training Wear At Bargain Prices

    Premier League Training WearAs football is one of the most popular sports in the world, football merchandise becomes one of the most sought after products worldwide. By this we mean all kinds of football related products, you can have replica products such as soccer jerseys and football kits. Or you can have training kit items such as woven trousers, warm up shirts and training jerseys like the Arsenal Boys Core T-shirt.

    If you are looking for items that are not clothing then you also have the option of souvenirs, these are perfect gift ideas and there is usually memorabilia available for to suit all fans.

    Vintage soccer shirts are another brilliant type of merchandise, these are old designs and can become worth some good money to collectors.

    Some products can be very expensive, depending on the manufacturer and team. The prices of replica shirts
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  9. How The Lionel Messi Range Is Marketing Genius

    Lionel Messi rangeLionel Messi is one if not the most popular player in the world at the moment, children who support the team absolutely love him and look up to him as their idol. The 26 year old has been playing for the Barcelona first team since 2004, before that he was playing for Barcelona C and then B.

    He has scored 220 goals in 248 appearances for the senior team, an outstanding amount of goals for any player to score. Since his popularity became huge all over the globe billions of people have had the stars name printed on their Barcelona shirt, children as young as 3 and 4 can wear the Messi printed soccer kit.

    As well as the replica team wear he also has a clothing line of his own from Adidas along with sports accessories. The Barcelona Lionel Messi Towel is a fantastic product and a great way of showing your support for your favourite player.

    There is no doubt that millions of pounds
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  10. The Importance of Choosing the Correct Football Boots

    football bootsSports shoes are specially designed pieces of equipment made specifically for protecting your feet whilst playing sports such as football.  Soccer shoes as they are known in America, such as the Puma Black evoSpeed 5 FG Mens Football Boots are each designed with specific features for playing on different surfaces, in different conditions and at different levels of ability. 

    Football boots today come in a huge range of styles and colours to suit different tastes, they are made by large sportswear brands such as Nike, Adidas and Puma.

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    Soccer players may want to look stylish on the pitch with good looking sports shoes however, when you shop for soccer shoes it is of vital importance to consider other elements to ensure you are buying the right
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