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  1. A Look at the Past and a Peek into the Future of the Poland Soccer Jerseys

    The Poland national soccer team is one of the most renowned in Europe, but unfortunately they won't be heading for the FIFA World Cup this year. However, fans of the Polish national team know that there is more to love about their favorite team than just the World Cup! They still wear their Poland soccer jerseys with pride, even as they are left out of this year's big dance.

    Poland Home Jersey 2014 - 2015

    Check out the official Poland home jersey 2014 - 2015 available now at Soccer Box. Stay at the height of football fashion with all your favorite team Poland gear from their kit sponsor Nike. Show the whole neighborhood what true fans look like and look great cheering on your favorite team from home or at the stadium.

    A Look Back at the Polish National Team

    Poland has seen a measure of international success in its nearly hundred-year history. Though they may have lost their first international match to Hungary, they went on to redeem themselves in a legendary rematch just before the outbreak of World War II.  This victory, however small, was their first step towards becoming the team they are today. But once things began to warm up for the Polish team they began an upswing that saw them to Olympic gold.

    The Summer Olympics of 1972 was a very important time for this young international team. With a squad of only amateur players the Polish national team managed to secure a gold medal in football. Elder fans of the Polish football team still relish the day they saw their team win Olympic gold, so show your support for this winning team with a Poland home jersey 2014 - 2015.

    Since then, Poland has been involved in a number of storied football moments, such as their draw of England at Wembley in the qualifying

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  2. Australia Football Team Will Be At This Year's World Cup

    As kickoff day draws every closer, fans are eagerly awaiting the first sightings of the bright yellow Australia football shirt on the field in Brazil. This year marks the fourth occasion on which the Australian national team will be representing their home country in the FIFA World Cup tournament held in Brazil this year. While the Socceroos have a relatively empty schedule until the World Cup kicks off in June, there is still plenty to enjoy about Australian club football.

    Australia 2014 World Cup Home Jersey

    You can purchase your own Australia home jersey 2014 to show your support for the Socceroo's at their fourth ever World Cup appearance. These four time OFC champions rely on the support of their diehard fans to get them through what looks to be one of the toughest World Cup tournaments in recent history. You can find all your favorite Socceroos merchandise on Soccer Box, your one stop shop for all your favorite team and club kit, jerseys and more

    Fans Prepare for The Socceroo's Kickoff Day

    The Australian national football team's fans have always been an important part of their preparations for the World Cup. In fact, they are holding a farewell game for their biggest supporters in May, where they'll take on South Africa in a friendly exhibition match to hone their skills before the cup. Fans dressed in the Australia home jersey 2014 will fill ANZ Stadium to capacity on the 26th and give their team the sendoff they need to rock the international pitch in Brazil.

    Even celebrities like Perth born singer-songwriter Samantha Jade are fans of the Australian Socceroos. Catch her dressed in a stylish Australia home jersey 2014 at the Soceroos farewell game where she'll perform

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  3. Soccer Box has World Cup Football Shirts from all your Favorite National Teams

    Who could forget the FIFA World Cup? The World Cup is one of the biggest international sporting events in the world, with teams from over 30 nations Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup Home Soccer Jerseycompeting for the championship title. With each new World Cup tournament there is a new round of official football gear and kit from participating teams, and this years 2014 World Cup football shirts are some of the most stylish and good looking yet.

    You can find the brand new jerseys from all your favorite World Cup teams at Soccer Box, in stock and ready to deliver to your door in time for this summer's big dance. Show your support for the host team with a Brazil soccer jersey, updated for the 2014 games. Check out all the ways to cheer on your favorite World Cup football team at Soccer Box and find official fan gear for your family, friends and loved ones at unbeatable prices.

    The FIFA World Cup: A Short History

    The history of the FIFA World Cup is a rich and interesting one, but far too in depth for a single article, instead we can take a look back at some of the highlights of international football history. FIFA's current World Cup champions are team Spain, who beat out the world's toughest competition four years ago in South Africa. This year in Brazil, Spain will retake the field to defend their championship rights against an even tougher competition.

    The Federation Internationale de Football Association, or FIFA has held the World Cup every four years since its creation in 1930. There have only ever been two instances of delinquency in holding World Cup tournaments, in 1942 and 1946 during World War II. This year's host has won the international championship a total of five times, more than any other national team, so why not show your

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  4. Fans Follow France to Brazil in Hopes of International Victory

    You can show your support for the French football squad with official fan gear from Soccer Box. You can find the France boys FIFA World Cup home kit 2014 by team kit sponsor Nike, in stock and ready to deliver to your door in time for this year's big dance. Les Blues will need all the fan support they can muster in order to face down all the talented teams who also have their eyes set on the championship title, but with enough team spirit they may yet pull through.

    Feeling Les Blues: France's Shaky Start

    Aside from their qualification into this year's big dance, there hasn't been very much to celebrate recently for fans of the French national football team. The team hasn't exactly been found lacking, but they also haven't found victory in any of their last major tournaments. The last few UEFA Euro tournaments saw team France to the quarterfinal stages, but they haven't seen an international championship since they won the FIFA Confederations Cup back in 2003.

    Their qualification round for the 2014 World Cup was a bumpy ride as well. A loss to Ukraine put France dangerously close to being knocked out of the qualifier, but they rebounded with a 3-0 victory that gave them the push they needed to qualify for their fifth consecutive World Cup. Now is the time to show your support for Les Blues with some brand new fan gear from the Soccer Box shop, like the France boys FIFA World Cup home kit 2014.

    Team France certainly went through a lot to make it to this year's World Cup, and players and fans alike hope to make the most of this opportunity at international fame. Luckily, the team is equipped to do some damage in the upcoming tournament, and have a roster of star players ready to show the world that France is still a serious contender on the international stage.

    Team France's Hope for the Future

    Les Blues will be lead into

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  5. Red and White Switzerland Football Shirts set to Make a Comeback at 2014 World Cup

    Switzerland 2014 World Cup Home JerseyFans of the Swiss national team begrudgingly admit that their favorite team hasn't really had much success in the FIFA World Cup. In fact, we haven't seen the red and white colors of Switzerland football shirts on the better side of the quarterfinals since they hosted the games in 1954. But recently, things have been looking up for head coach Ottmar Hitzfeld and the Swiss squad, and it's starting to look like the Switzerland national soccer team might be a serious contender in this year's games.

    The stylish Switzerland 2014 World Cup home jersey, which will be worn this summer by captain Gökhan Inler and the entire Swiss team, is available now at Soccer Box. Soccer Box has all the essential Switzerland national team gear and merchandise to show your support for the European underdog. Find some Swiss football colors for the whole family at the Soccer Box shop, your one stop store for official football fan gear and kit.

    The Little Swiss Miracle Growing

    The event in Swiss football known as "The Little Swiss Miracle" is certainly an often and fondly recalled memory for fans of the Switzerland national team. In 2002 the Switzerland Under-17 squad found victory at the European Championship, only to follow up with another championship victory in 2009. As if that wasn't enough, the Under-21 squad made an appearance in the European Championship finals just 2 years later in 2011.

    This fortuitous turn of events changed the face of Swiss international football, and is an auspicious omen for those hoping to see Switzerland play a bigger role in this year's World Cup. The team is full of players who made The Little Swiss Miracle possible in the first place, and fans, and team officials are expecting a great performance from the young and enthusiastic team. Why not show your Swiss team spirit with a Switzerland 2014 World Cup home jersey to wear on kickoff day when your favorite team takes to the

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  6. A Baby Soccer Jersey for all your favorite World Cup Teams!

    The new way to show support for your favorite football teams is with a baby soccer jersey for your team's littlest fans. Official kit sponsors for all your favorite national football teams are now producing soccer kits for fans of all sizes, even toddlers! Start them young, and you can enjoy a whole lifetime of cherished football memories with your child, as you take them to all the future matches of your favorite national team.

    You can show your baby's support for your family's favorite World Cup teams with baby kit from official kit sponsors like Nike, Adidas and Puma. Soccer Box has made a point to bring as many of the new baby football jerseys as possible to you so families across the globe can enjoy the type of bonding only football fans can know. Check out the Netherlands World Cup home baby kit 2014 to show your support for the Flying Dutchmen in this year's FIFA World Cup.

    Flying the Dutch Colors in the FIFA World Cup

    Fans of the Dutch national team will be pleased to find that the solid bright orange colors of the Netherlands kit will stay true at this year's big dance. The colors of Orange-Nassau are just as prevalent on the baby version of Holland's kit, with the embroidered team crest and Nike logo featured prominently on the kit's shirt and pants. The official Netherlands baby kit is designed to mimic the kits you'll see on the team's actual players when they take to the pitch this summer in Brazil.

    Showing your support for team Holland with a Netherlands World Cup home baby kit 2014 is a great way to get your family into the football craze. The World Cup is one of the biggest broadcast sporting events in the world, and responsible for fond football memories in the homes of every young soccer fan. Continue the tradition by introducing the youngest members of your family to football mania at an early age, and make a new lifelong fan for your favorite team.

    The Orange

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  7. Japan Football Shirt Changes Come with a Surprise for Fans!

    The Japan national football team is one of the most successful soccer teams in Asia, and fans of the Japan football shirt are bursting with anticipation for their team's immediate future. That's because their team is headed to Brazil for the biggest event in international sports; the FIFA World Cup. When the games finally kick off in early June, you can expect team Japan's biggest fans to head down to cities like Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paula and Fortaleza to cheer their favorite team to victory on the international stage.

    Kagawa Japan World Cup Home Jersey 2014

    Japan will be participating in their 5th ever World Cup and fans of Zac Japan have never been more excited to see their team competing in the big dance. The team's official kit sponsor, Adidas, has released a brand new Kagawa Japan World Cup home jersey 2014 in celebration of the team's next shot at international fame. You can find it, and all your other favorite team Japan football merchandise at Soccer Box, in stock and ready to deliver to your door just in time for the 2014 World Cup.

    Zac Japan Unveils new Home Jersey and Mascot for 2014 Games!

    The Japanese national team is one of the most sponsored national football teams in the world. With strings of big name sponsors like Sony, Audi, Mizuho Financial and kit sponsor Adidas, Zac Japan is able to cross the boundary into popular culture in a way few other national teams can. Japanese fans of Samurai Blue are known to be some of the most dedicated fans of any national team, with roars of their fan chant "Nippon Ole" echoing through international stadiums.

    This year Zac Japan is celebrating its qualification into the 2014 FIFA World Cup with a brand new home jersey

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  8. Find Cheap Football Shirts for your Favorite Team

    football shirtsEvery true football fan knows that the best part about going out to enjoy your favorite team's match with your family and friends is dressing up to cheer them on! Fan participation and allegiance has been a huge part of football history for just about any team you can name. Local outlet stores and big box retailers might have just some of the fan gear you need to show support to your favorite team, but you can find cheap football shirts, kit and more online and save big on your next family football outing.

    Soccer Box is your one stop online shop for all your favorite team's official fan gear.  You can find current and backdated fan merchandise like the AC Milan home shirt 2012 - 2013 by Adidas with savings upwards of 50% off! So stop wasting time shopping at brick and mortar retailers and get more for your money online at the Soccer Box shop!

    Stock up on Gear For the Whole Family

    But don't worry; the deals don't end there! There are hundreds of discounted items available now at Soccer Box. Official gear from all your favorite national teams, international teams and Premier League teams is in stock and ready to deliver right to your door in time for their next big match.

    The AC Milan home shirt 2012 - 2013 is the perfect gift for fans of the second most successful football club on the international level. The 2012 - 2013 season was AC Milan's 30th consecutive season as a top flight Italian football team and marked the beginning for a new age in Italian soccer. Any true AC Milan fan would treasure a home shirt commemorating this landmark season.

    AC Milan isn't the only team that has cheap football shirts at Soccer Box. Real Madrid, Arsenal, Spain and even Tottenham Hotspur merchandise is available at 30% to 65% off, so you can find and afford gear for the whole family, even if they don't agree on their favorite team. Stock up on your favorite team's colors and maybe

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  9. Black and White Juventus Soccer Jersey tops Italian Serie A

    The Italian football powerhouse Juventus is topping the Italian Serie A rankings once again this season. Fans of the best supported football club in Italy are having a great time attending the team's winning games and hope to see the stripped Juventus soccer jersey lay claim to the Serie A title once again this year. Things are looking good for Juventus this year; they're currently undefeated, winning six of their last eight games.

    Show your support for one of the most celebrated and important teams in football with some official Juventus gear from the Soccer Box shop. Fan support has never been higher for the team dominating the Italian Serie A for the second straight season. You can find Juventus training kit, jerseys, and all your favorite black and white Juventus football gear right here at the Soccer Box shop.

    Juventus Shuts-Out All Comers

    Juve has let their skills and tenacity on the field speak for themselves in this season's Serie A matches. They hold a firm 14 point lead over second place contender Roma and show no signs of slowing down now. Juventus has an impeccable record this year thanks to their star players and overwhelming fan support.

    Juventus's current unbeatable spree seems puny compared to their 2010-2011 season. In an unprecedented 38 game holdout, Juventus became the first team to ever go a whole season undefeated in the Italian Serie A. And though they just won their 29th Serie A title last season, Juventus players and fans hope to see another undefeated season for their team very soon.

    Unfortunately, Juventus has already lost this season, albeit only one time. But one measly loss won't stop Juventus's millions of fans from donning their Juventus training kit and enjoying the admittedly impressive season their

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  10. Players From Brazil Are In Preparation for the World Cup

    Brazil, the International Federation of Association Football's most decorated national team, is once again hosting the FIFA World Cup this year. The green and yellow of the Brazil training kit can be seen darting across the football fields from Belo Horizonte to Sao Paolo, and fans from across the country are gearing up to support their national team during the first World Cup hosted on Brazilian soil since 1950. Anticipation is mounting in both Brazilian players and fans, for the biggest sporting event their country has ever seen.

    Become a part of Brazilian soccer history by supporting the Brazilian national soccer team with some team gear from Soccer Box. You can find everything from the notorious bright green training top to the Brazil 2014 World Cup N98 jacket at the Soccer Box online store, in stock and ready to ship in time for the games. Fans all over the world will be proudly displaying their Brazilian colors come match day, so don't miss out on all the fun!

    Brazilian Nationals Dominate World Cup History

    Brazil is without a doubt, the top performing nation in FIFA history. They are the only team to have qualified for every single World Cup tournament since 1930 and have won an unprecedented 5 World Cup titles. When they're not qualifying through regular FIFA league play, they may as well be qualified as the hosts; starting with the 2014 games, Brazil will join the likes of Mexico, Italy, and Germany as repeat hosts of the FIFA World Cup

    Since their first FIFA Championship victory in the 1958 World Cup held in Sweden, Brazil has risen to the top of the international football ladder, holding on to Elo's top ranking spot for nearly 8,000 days. Though they remain one of the most decorated teams in all of football, they have yet to win a World Cup on their own soil. Granted, they've only had one chance so far, but Head Coach Luiz Felipe Scolari has made it a point to give Brazilian football

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