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  1. The Football History Of Manchester City

    By the time the team finally became the Manchester City football club, nearly 15 years of its history had already elapsed. Since then though, another 120 years have gone by and its become quite clear that the name "Manchester City" is going to be an integral cog of English league football play for as long as English league football play exists. The popularity of the Nike Manchester City home shirt 2013 2014, as well as other pieces of team gear, has proven that point in spades.

    Manchester City Soccer Shirt

    A Complicated Past

    Part of the reason that the light blue colors of the Manchester City home shirt have remained such a ubiquitous sight in English soccer is that the team who wears them has seen such an impressive record as a football team. "Impressive" doesn't necessarily

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  2. Italy Soccer Jerseys Expected to Have Big Showing in Brazil

    The Italian national football team is perhaps one of the most respected and feared teams that are competing in Brazil for the 2014 World Cup. They have had many football successes in the past and currently hold a total of four World Cup titles. They Italy 2014 World Cup Sweatshirtclearly have a genuine bid for the title again this year, and it will be no shocker if the stadiums in Brazil are filled with Italy soccer jerseys to show support for this incredible team.

    Italy has a worldwide fan base, and even some of the greatest teams such as Brazil, a team also expected to have a huge showing this year not only in numbers, but in play too, will be hard pressed to put up points against the Italian national team. They may have won four World Cup titles, but they have also come close several more times losing out in two finals, and coming

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  3. Poland Football Shirt Won't Appear at 2014 World Cup

    Poland Away Shirt 2014 - 2015It's been a difficult span of years for the Poland national football team. Once a prominent force in global soccer during the 1970s and 1980s (in both 1974 and 1982, the Poland team took third place in the World Cup), Poland has fallen off in recent years, failing to qualify at all in 1990, 1994, 1998, and 2010, and failing to advance beyond the group stage when it did qualify in 2002 and 2006. Now, the team has missed qualification once more for this summer's World Cup in Brazil, meaning that the red and white of the Poland football shirt will be absent from the event once again.

    Still, life will go on for the Poland team. Already, Soccer Box has stock of the Poland away jersey 2014 2015, which Polish players will wear in their campaign to qualify for the 2016 UEFA European Championships. The shirt is red with a bold white stripe running down the center of the shirt from the collar to the bottom seam. It's a perfect tribute to the Polish flag, and since it's made by Nike (and uses

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  4. Liverpool Fail to Top the Premier League Podium

    It was a disappointing end to an otherwise terrific season for the Liverpool football club, as the light blue and white of the Manchester City jersey and not the bright red of the Liverpool home kit ultimately came out on top of the Premier League podium. For much of the season, Liverpool and Manchester City battled closely along with a third competitor in the form of Chelsea football club for the top three slots on the Premier League standings table.

    Ultimately though, it wasn't Liverpool's season to win, as Manchester City slipped into the lead position with just weeks to spare, successfully winning its final two games to pull ahead of Liverpool and win the title. Still, the season was Liverpool's most promising in years, and fans of the team have high hopes for the team's chances in 2014 2015. In fact, excitement for next season is so high at Liverpool that Soccer Box already has merchandise ready, like the Liverpool home goalkeeper jersey 2014 2015.

    The purple goalie shirt,

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  5. Will the Brazil top the World Cup Podium This Summer?

    Brazil is quite busy at the moment. Not only is the country in the final preparation stages for this summer's FIFA World Cup event, but it is also gearing up for the Summer Olympics set to be held in Rio de Janeiro two years from now. Amidst all of this massive planning and extensive global scrutiny, however, Brazil also has the responsibility of putting a team on the football pitch, and many soccer fans around the world are wondering if the sharp yellow of the Brazil football shirts will be the sight at the top of the podium when all is said and done.

    Undoubtedly, soccer prognosticators have plenty of reason to speculate about the chances of the Brazil 2014 World Cup home jersey being the last in the team's history to include a crest with five stars. The stars in the team's crest, of course, represent the unrivaled five World Cup titles that Brazil has accumulated over the years. Those five wins are enough to make the team a contender in any World Cup event, but this year,

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  6. South Korea Soccer Jersey to Make Ninth Appearance in World Cup

    South Korea 2014 World Cup Away ShirtWhen the 2014 FIFA World Cup commences in Brazil this summer, it will officially be the 20th time that such an event has taken place. Out of those 20 tournaments, the red, blue, and white colors of the South Korea soccer jersey have appeared eight times before, with the ninth to come this summer. And the South Korea national football team, which is still riding high off its unexpectedly strong finishes in the 2002 and 2010 World Cups, is hoping that nine will prove to be a lucky number.

    Current FIFA world rankings have the South Korea team slotted at 55, meaning that no one really expects the team to make much of an impression in Brazil come this summer. That fact hasn't daunted fans of the Asian team, however, who are flocking to the Soccer Box online store to purchase items like the South Korea 2014 FIFA World Cup away jersey. The away shirt, a white jersey with bands of color on each sleeve one red and one blue was manufactured by Nike and boasts South Korea's distinctive

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  7. New Portugal Training Kits Launched For The World Cup

    The Portugal national football team is slotted at number 3 on FIFA's most recent rankings of the world teams, meaning that every time the team appears on the pitch whether wearing its home kits, its away jersey, or its Portugal 2014 World Cup sideline tracksuit everyone in the football community will be paying sharp attention to see if the team can make good on its immense promise. For those looking to root for the team, Soccer Box has a full array of Portugal gear available, including the aforementioned jerseys and tracksuits.

    Close Qualification Performance

    Portugal may be ranked third in the world by FIFA at the moment, but that doesn't mean the team had the easiest time of things in the qualification round. On the contrary, the Portugal team initially came in second in its UEFA group after being edged out in points by Russia.

    Both Russia and Portugal were drawn into qualification Group F, along with Israel, Azerbaijan,

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  8. Will the France Football Shirt Get Redemption in 2014?

    However, despite all of this glory, the France national soccer team has often lacked for one thing: year-to-year consistency. The team's victories at the World Cup, for instance, have often been followed by years with disastrous early eliminations or failures to qualify, and that fact has left many fans wondering whether the France 2014 FIFA World Cup home jersey will be associated with a good year for the team or a bad one.

    France Football Shirt

    2014: An "On" Year?

    The unpredictable nature of the team hasn't kept France football shirt products from being big sellers on the Soccer Box online store, though. On the contrary, as the 2014 World Cup draws ever nearer, fans are accumulating gear to cheer on their favorite soccer teams on

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  9. Ivory Coast Football Shirt to Make Third World Cup Appearance This Summer

    Until 2006, the Ivory Coast football shirt had never made an appearance at a FIFA World Cup event. This year, however, the Ivory Coast national football team will enjoy its third consecutive World Cup qualification a fact that has marked this small African country as a team to watch.

    Ivory Coast 2014 World Cup Away Shirt

    In celebration of the World Cup qualification, Puma has unveiled the Ivory Coast 2014 FIFA World Cup away jersey, a green shirt boasting the Puma logo on one breast and the team's distinctive elephant crest on the other. The Ivory Coast team is nicknamed "the Elephants," and that fact is reflected on the team's uniforms, all of which you can purchase from Soccer Box in time for the World Cup event.

    A Brief World Cup History

    Prior to

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  10. Manchester City Home Kit Marks 2014 Premier League Victory

    Luckily, it isn't too late to get your hands on a piece of the Manchester City's winning season legacy. Soccer Box still has stock left of the team's Manchester City home jersey 2013 2014, a light blue Dri-fit shirt that is also the first kit Nike has ever designed for the football club. It's the perfect gift for an ardent Premier League follower.

    Manchester City Home Kit

    Manchester United's Rise from Complacency

    Right now is a hugely celebratory time for the Manchester City soccer club. After all, the team just clinched its second Premier League trophy in just three years. However, for a long time, the team seemed complacent to languish in the "almost" category of England's soccer teams.

    Indeed, for 44 years, the

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