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  1. Belgium Target The World Cup

    Belgium's national football team is nicknamed the "Red Devils," and the team has certainly played like the devil over the course of qualifying for the 2014 World Cup, essentially global soccer's world championship. Soccer, or football, is the most popular sport in the world, played by millions (or perhaps even billions), and World Cup international tournament play, occurring every four years, is the most-watched sporting event on the face of the planet. That the Red Devils captured their group in qualifying for the 2014 World Cup, dominating with a record of 8 wins, 2 draws and absolutely no losses in a strong field is reason enough for the team's fan following to purchase record numbers of the Belgium football shirt.

    Belgium will contest for FIFA World Cup honors in Brazil, site of the 2014 tournament to be held from June 12 to July 13. Though Belgium is relatively small in size and population when compared to several of the most successful soccer teams in Cup play, it's the

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  2. Manchester United A Club Of History

    Ever since the English Premier League was founded in 1992, Manchester United football club has been the division's dominating force. Since then, the team has won 13 of the 21 league titles that have been distributed. In five of the seasons where the Manchester United soccer jersey did not reign supreme in the Premier League, the soccer team managed to claim a runner-up position. In short, there has been no more consistent factor in the Premier League or in league football in general than Manchester United.

    All of that has made it all the more surprising to see the team fall from grace this year. Not only will the Manchester United home kit not be seen atop the Premier League podium this spring, it will also not be anywhere close. In fact, for the first time in the history of the Premier League, Manchester United will finish outside of the top three on the end-of-season standings list.

    Of course, the team's distinctive red home jerseys available on Soccer Box are

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  3. Fans Hope to Finally See the Colors of the Netherlands Soccer Jersey A top the World Cup Podium

    Netherlands 2014 FIFA World Cup Home JerseyWhen the Netherlands national football team took second place at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, it wasn't the first time that the vibrant orange and blue colors of the Netherlands soccer jersey had been associated with the runner-up position. On the contrary, with three second place finishes, the Holland football team holds the dubious record of having appeared in the most World Cup championship matches without actually winning any of them.

    This year, however, fans have hopes that the Holland 2014 FIFA World Cup home jersey will be associated with a different honor: the top place on the podium and the right to hoist the iconic World Cup trophy toward the skies. In celebration of that hope, Soccer Box is selling a variety of Netherlands gear, including the team's orange home jerseys, its blue away kits, and other items like jackets and tracksuits.


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  4. PSG to Chase Top Spot

    Prior to a rousing victory in the 2012 2013 season, the Paris Saint Germain Football Club hadn't won France's Ligue 1 title since 1994. In fact, before last year, PSG only had two Ligue 1 titles to its name. After the current season, however, the PSG football shirt will be the first to be associated with back-to-back Ligue 1 wins since Lyon's seven-season dominance came to an end in 2009.

    Indeed, it's been another banner year for the Paris Saint Germain team. With 37 games played so far (out of Ligue 1's traditional 38-game season), PSG has won 26 of them and drawn 8. That leaves the team with only two losses, which is nearly unheard of across an entire season. With only 1 game left to play PSG cannot be knocked from the top spot this will make the Paris Saint Germain home shirt 2013-14 an even bolder sign of glory than the 2012-13 jersey was.

    Paris Saint Germain fans who want to have a piece of this stellar season for posterity's sake should head to the Soccer

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  5. Players Don England Training Kit in Pursuit of Strongest World Cup Finish in Half a Century

    It's been 48 years since the England national football team claimed its one and only FIFA World Cup title in 1966. Now, with a World Cup tournament in the offing this summer, and with players donning the England training kit and working hard with coaches and managers to mount an attack plan worth of international glory, many fans in London and throughout Britain are wondering if the England team could bring home a second trophy at long last.

    England Navy Sideline Jacket 2014

    England Training Kit

     With all of this in mind, Soccer Box has built

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  6. Find Cheap Official Football Shirts Online at Soccer Box

    Sometimes, finding official merchandise for your favorite soccer teams is easier said than done. Sure, you can purchase directly from the team itself, perhaps before or after attending a match at said team's stadium, but if you don't want to pay an arm and a leg, you are probably out of luck. And when you finally do find cheap official football shirts from some third party, you have to worry about them being knock-offs or unsanctioned products.

    Luckily, your search for affordable soccer merchandise can end here. At Soccer Box, we have a huge range of affordable football jerseys, with our selection of different kits spanning almost every team national or league-based that you can think of. Our biggest sellers are jerseys from the current football season, but if you are looking for the best deal possible you will want to go back a season or two. For instance, we are currently selling the Real Madrid home shirt 2012 2013 for a deep discount price of 45% off.

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  7. Chile Mark Ninth World Cup Appearance in 2014

    When players charge the fields of Brazil wearing the Chile football shirt at this year's FIFA World Cup tournament, it will be only the ninth time in the event's history that such an occurrence has happened. Over the years, everything from disqualification Chile 2014 FIFA World Cup Away Shirtto poor performance to outright banning has kept the Chile national soccer team from partaking in the world's biggest soccer event.

    This year, however, not only has Chile qualified for the World Cup, but the team also has a decent position on FIFA's world rankings. In fact, Chile is currently ranked and seeded at 13 by FIFA, a fact that has established the team as something of a dark horse underdog for tournament success. Needless to

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  8. Could the Portugal Soccer Jersey Become a Symbol of World Cup Glory This Year?

    In its 100 year history, the Portugal national football team has never won a FIFA World Cup title. In fact, the Portugal soccer jersey has only been glimpsed on the pitches of six World Cup tournaments, meaning that, of the top-ranked teams in this year's event, Portugal will be one of the least experienced on the global football stage.

    Portugal 2014 World Cup Home Jersey

    Still, that fact isn't lessening the vigor of the team's fans, who are ready to bleed the distinctive red color of the Portugal 2014 FIFA World Cup home jersey come this summer. The shirt, with its subtle striping of dark and bright red hues, not to mention the Nike swoosh and the classic cross of the team's crest, is expected

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  9. Barcelona Still a Symbol of Soccer Excellence

    Despite the fact that the Barcelona football club has seen a few hiccups this season, there is no doubt that the team is still a prominent force in both Spanish football and in international European soccer. Last year, players and fans alike wore their Barcelona football shirts proudly as the team claimed its fourth La Liga title in five seasons.

    This year, the Barcelona team will likely finish second in the Spanish La Liga standings, losing the title to Atletico Madrid. Still, Barcelona gear has remained popular at Soccer Box, and our online store is still offering a wealth of items to celebrate this season, from long-sleeve away jerseys for adults to the


    Barcelona boys home jersey 2013 2014. All gear is designed by Nike, and much of it has Barcelona's distinct vertical stripes and red, blue, and yellow color scheme.


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  10. Premier League Trophy Lifted by Manchester City.

    Manchester City Home Soccer Jersey 2013 - 2014The 2013 2014 Premier League has been a battle from beginning to end. Over the course of the season Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City have all been strong contenders and taken turns as favorite to take the top spot. Unlike last season the race for the trophy has gone down to the final match. Ultimately, the team wearing the Manchester City home kit seemed to be in the strongest position but what happened on match day?

    Unlike the rest of the season the final week matches all kicked off at the same time on the last day on the season. Sunday 11th May at 3pm was the date and time. The Manchester City home shirt 2013 2014 would get its final use against West Ham at the Etihad Stadium. Manchester City went into this match with a 2-point lead, only a draw was needed to secure Premier League victory.

    A Season of Success

    Liverpool would face Newcastle United at home,

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