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  1. 2014 World Cup Will Be the Fourth to Feature Croatia Soccer Jerseys

    Few kits in the game of football look more classic or timeless than the Croatia soccer jerseys. Indeed, the colorful checkered shirts worn by the Croatia national football team be they home kits or away jerseys are as striking as any uniform in all of international football.

    Croatia 2014 FIFA World Cup Away Shirt

    All of this only makes it that much more surprising that the Croatian football team has only existed since the early 1990s. Indeed, when the Croatia 2014 FIFA World Cup away jersey makes its first appearance in this year's tournament in Brazil, it will be only the fourth time that the Croatian team has competed in a FIFA World Cup event. In celebration of this fact, Soccer Box has stocked up on a full array of the nation's attractive kits.

    Soccer Box's selection

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  2. Players Don Ajax Kit, Prepare for Yet Another Eredivisie League Victory

    Amsterdam's Ajax football club (also known as Amsterdamsche Football Club Ajax or "AFC Ajax") has consistently been the single most successful soccer team in The Netherlands. As members of the Eredivisie league, the players in the red, white, and black Ajax kit have won 32 league titles.

    The Ajax kit is one of the best-looking football uniforms in all of Europe. The team's jerseys are manufactured by Adidas and made with Climacool material, to make sure that wearers be they the fans or the soccer players themselves are always comfortable.

    Comfortable is something that both fans and players alike will want to be as Ajax makes a bid for yet another victory in the Eredivisie league. The team has won the Eredivisie championship title for the past three consecutive seasons, and from the looks of the current standings, fans will want to have their Ajax home shirt 2013 - 2014 ready to celebrate the addition of another consecutive win.

    Eredivisie History

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  3. Australia Soccer Jersey to Resemble Brazil Shirts at Upcoming World Cup

    Australia 2014 World Cup Away ShirtIt's a funny piece of trivia that the Australia soccer jersey, worn by the players of the Australia national association football team, looks an awful lot like the corresponding shirts worn by the players from the Brazil national football team. Indeed, both teams wear yellow home jerseys with green trim, and both disparate jerseys are designed and manufactured by Nike. Consequently, the only factor that really differentiates the home shirts from the two teams is the team crests that are embroidered on the breast.

    For these reasons and since Brazil is the host country at this year's FIFA World Cup event there is a good chance that Australia fans will be opting for their away shirts for the bulk of the competition, so as not to be confused as Brazil supporters. In fact, the Australia 2014 World Cup away jersey has been selling quite well at Soccer Box; with its navy coloring and yellow trim presenting a nice differentiation from Brazil's 2014 away match kits (which have no trim and

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  4. Support One of the World's Best and Most Well-Known Soccer Clubs with a Manchester United Football Shirt

    It goes without saying that Manchester United is one of the best and most universally recognized football clubs in the world. Even people who don't live in England or don't follow soccer at all probably know something about and recognize the Manchester United football shirt and club, be it about their remarkable domination of England's Premier League division or the tragic 1958 Munich air disaster that saw the death of eight team players.

    Because of the worldwide fame that the Manchester United football club has attained, it's hardly surprising that fans are always flocking to purchase gear that aligns them with the team. At the Soccer Box online store, we have a full selection of branded Manchester United soccer gear, from football shirts and uniforms to hoodies, all the way to miscellaneous merchandise like hats, stuffed animals, pencil cases, razors, toothbrushes and more. Soccer Box even has the authentic Manchester United away jersey 2013 - 2014, an authentic jersey designed

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  5. Brazil Away Kit Still a Must-Have Item for the Team's Home World Cup Event

    Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup Away ShirtDespite the fact that the Brazil national football team will essentially be the home team for every match it plays in the forthcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament, that doesn't mean that the team's players will always be suiting up in their iconic yellow and green national colors. On the contrary, every team that plays in the World Cup is given "home" games and "away" games for the sake of fairness and objectivity, and the same trend will result in the Brazil away kit being visible in the stands and on the fields of the team's home country.

    Luckily, the Brazil 2014 World Cup away jersey looks every bit as great as the team's distinctive home kits. In fact, the Brazil away shirt is one of the most attractive jerseys in all of soccer, with a subtle striping interplay pattern between blue and slightly darker blue, not to mention the Brazil team's famous five-star crest. The jersey is designed by Nike, and can be found at the Soccer Box online store alongside a slew of additional
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  6. Atletico Madrid Kit Popular As Team Pushes for La Liga Domination

    Over the years, the Atletico Madrid soccer club has been a consistent presence in the Spanish football league system. So far this season, the team has been on fire once more a fact that probably explains why the Atletico Madrid kit has been such a popular product among world football fans.

    Indeed, while most of the focus in the worldwide football community is currently on the 2014 World Cup which will commence this June in Brazil all of the football club leagues and championship tournaments around the world are still moving along at full force. With Atletico Madrid showing potential to win both Spain's La Liga league and the UEFA Champion's League tournament, the team's gear has been selling like hot cakes on the Soccer Box online store.

    Luckily, with a slew of different items, from adult away shirts to the Atletico Madrid boys home shirt 2013 - 2014, Soccer Box has been able to handle the demand with aplomb. Stop by our store today to check out the range

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  7. England Celebrate the Birthplace of Football

    When fans toss on their England jerseys to support their team at this year's forthcoming FIFA World Cup tournament in Brazil, they won't just be celebrating England's chances at international football glory. On the contrary, every England soccer shirt reflects not just the heritage of the England national football team, but also of the sport as a whole.

    That's right: while variations of what we know as soccer or football today were played around Europe as well as abroad in areas like Ancient Greece, Rome, Australia, and Japan it was 1800s England where the sport we know today started to take root. At Soccer Box, we celebrate that fact by offering a slew of different England national football team gear in our online store, from sweatshirts and soccer balls, all the way to the currently in-demand England youth World Cup away shirt 2014 that many young soccer fans will undoubtedly be wearing this summer to cheer on their team.


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  8. Check Out the Soccer Box AC Milan Store for Authentic Football Gear!

    Of all of the clubs in world football, only one is more successful than AC Milan. Club Atlético Boca Juniors from Buenos Aires is at the top of the mountain, but in the 115 years since its inception, AC Milan has accumulated enough UEFA and FIFA trophies, titles, and overall accolades to become one of the most dedicated entities in the history of club football. And now, you can celebrate the team's enduring legacy with a visit to the Soccer Box AC Milan store.

    At Soccer Box, we carry a wide range of branded products for the venerable AC Milan football club. On one side of the coin, we have the jerseys, products like the AC Milan home shirt 2013 - 2014, an eye-catching black and red striped home kit made by Adidas. We also have the team's away kit, their training jerseys, and their lesser known "third" jersey all for fans who just can't get enough of AC Milan spirit when the team is out on the soccer pitch.

    On the other side of the coin, the Soccer Box AC Milan store is d

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