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  1. Uruguay 2014 World Cup Home Jersey Holds Tough in England Match

    Both Uruguay and England were beaten last weekend in their debut appearances at the 2014 World Cup, Uruguay in a 1-3 upset against Costa Rica, England in a hot, humid, and exhausting 1-2 soccer battle against Italy. As a result, stakes were high for both teams to win and keep their mathematical hopes of progressing to the next stage alive. In other words, the battle between the Uruguay home shirt and the England away kit today was a key match for both teams, and England just happened to be the one to blink.

    England Away Kit

    Luis Suarez: The Hero of the Match

    The most worthy wearer of the Uruguay 2014 World Cup home jersey today and the undisputed Man of the Match was Luis Suarez, who makes most of his yearly paycheck playing striker

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  2. Support One of Soccer's Finest with Ronaldo 7 Portugal 2014 World Cup Away Jersey

    If you want to get your hands on this special Ronaldo version of the classic Portugal football shirt, head to the Soccer Box online store today. The shirt is quite traditional, a white Nike kit complimented by classy blue trim. Ronaldo's name and jersey number (7) are emblazoned proudly on the back of the shirt.

    From Real Madrid to the World Cup

    The Ronaldo 7 Portugal 2014 World Cup away jersey not only pays tribute to Ronaldo's role as a team captain for the Portugal national football team, but also to his position at Real Madrid, where he has played forward since 2009. The legendary forward wears the jersey number 7 for both teams.

    This past season, the jersey number 7 proved to be a good luck charm for Ronaldo at Real Madrid. With his league team, Ronaldo played a substantial role in helping to win the UEFA Champions League Real Madrid's 10th. Ronaldo scored the final goal

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  3. Spain World Cup Home Kit 2014 to Bow out Early; Chile to Progress

    Going into this summer's World Cup, virtually everyone was pointing to the Spain World Cup home kit 2014 as the uniform of a frontrunner. Not only was Spain sitting at the top of FIFA's prestigious "world rankings" list, but the team had also successfully won three major tournaments in a row the 2010 World Cup and the 2008 and 2012 European Championships and performed admirably in the qualifiers for this year's cup. By all accounts, the Spain national football team should have arrived in Brazil ready to defend its title as the greatest team in all of football.

    In that case, the question is this: what in the world just happened? After getting thrashed last week in a 5-1 match against The Netherlands, Spain was once again manhandled in a 2-0 match against Chile. The loss guaranteed two things: first, that the red and gold of the Spain football jerseys will not be appearing in later rounds; and second, that the red and white of the

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  4. Get Ready for Upcoming The Season with Bayern Munich

    You can find this new 2014 2015 Bayern Munich soccer jersey online at the Soccer Box web store. In addition to next year's home kit, our Bayern Munich store also carries team shorts, socks, anthem jackets, and more. We also have versions of the same 2013 2014 home kits that the team wore en route to this past season's Bundesliga domination, and since these shirts are now out of season, they are available at a great discounted price!

    As you will see from comparing the Bayern Munich home shirt 2014 2015 with last season's home jersey, the team has made a few design changes that will change the overall look of the Bayern Munich squad next season. Where last year's Adidas home shirt was a predominantly red uniform with tasteful white trimming, this year's jersey adds some extra color into the mix, using red and blue striping to substantially alter the team's home kit aesthetics.


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  5. Cheer On Brit Captain with Gerrard 4 England 2014 World Cup Away Jersey

    Whether you are looking for the aforementioned Gerrard England football shirt or any other piece of merchandise for the England national football team, Soccer Box is a good place to look. We carry all manner of soccer gear, from home and away kits to goalkeeper jerseys and training jackets, and the England store is absolutely one of our most popular.

    A Third and Final Chance

    If you do opt to purchase the Gerrard 4 England 2014 World Cup away jersey from Soccer Box, you will likely be buying one of the last jerseys that the legendary Steven Gerrard will ever wear in World Cup contention. At 34 years old, Gerrard is nearing retirement age, and there is little doubt in the soccer community that this will be his final appearance in the World Cup.

    That also means that it's Gerrard's last chance to do the England football shirt proud and win his country a World Cup trophy. Gerrard made sizable contributions

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  6. Defense, Not Offense, Dominates Mexico-Brazil World Cup Meeting

    Mexico Home Football Shirt 2013 - 2014The second leg of World Cup Group A began on Tuesday afternoon with a match between Mexico and host team Brazil, and the story of the game wasn't the people who scored the goals, but the people who saved them. The match, which put the Mexico football jerseys in the away slot and the hosts in the home team position, ended in a scoreless draw, earning both teams a single group stage point. Undoubtedly, both teams would have preferred the three points that accompany an outright victory.

    For the many fans in attendance that were wearing Brazil soccer jerseys, the match was a second indication that the home team might not have what it takes to win this tournament. Last Thursday, they defeated Croatia 3-1, but did so thanks to a good deal of luck (and to a penalty kick that was largely undeserved). This week, Brazil's offense was repeatedly denied by the Mexico defense. Neither sign is a good one that Brazil will be able to withstand the harsher competition still to come.

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  7. Celebrate Second Place Success with a Barcelona Kids Football Kit

    As the 2013 2014 season of La Liga came to its conclusion, the Barcelona soccer club was firmly established as one of the finest teams in Spain. Though Barcelona ended up finishing second in La Liga to Atletico Madrid (and edging out Real Madrid by virtue of goal difference), the team was undoubtedly in top form as it crossed the finish line, drawing Atletico in its final game of the season. Now, as the offseason begins and Barcelona's best players prepare to head over to Brazil to partake in the World Cup, it's the perfect time to stock up on team merchandise like a Barcelona kids football kit!

    Soccer Box currently has several Barcelona home and away kits discounted to celebrate the end of the La Liga season. If you already have gear that displays the football club's main colors of red and blue, or its away colors of red and yellow, then you might consider going a different route. For example, we also have a Barcelona kids third shirt 2013 2014 in stock, providing a classy, midnight

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  8. USA Marks Strong First Showing at 2014 World Cup

    In the last two World Cup tournaments, the United States national team was sent packing by Ghana. In 2006, Ghana were debutants who beat the U.S. in a group stage match and at least partially contributed to the Americans' early, winless departure from that year's World Cup. In 2010, the U.S. team managed to make it beyond the group stage, but lost again in a meeting with Ghana in the round of 16. Based on those two occurrences, many were wondering if the same fate would befall the USA 2014 World Cup away jersey.

    USA Soccer Jersey

    A Quick Lead

    Luckily for fans of the United States team, the third time really was the charm. Team USA had clearly come to play this time around, and within 32 seconds of taking the field at

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  9. Germany Home Kit vs. Portugal Shirt: The Most Anticipated Match of the Group Stage Ends in Domination

    Going into this year's World Cup in Brazil, no group was afforded more attention than Group G, the supposed "group of death," with highly ranked teams from Germany, Portugal, and the United States, not to mention a talented spoiler in the form of Ghana. Specifically, an awful lot of hype was layered on top of the first match of the group, a duel between the Germany home kit and the Portugal away shirt that many figured would be the most exciting and contentious match of the entire group stage. With Germany seeded at number two on FIFA's world rankings, and Portugal just two slots back at number four, how could the early meeting between the two teams not ignite a few fireworks?

    However, while Monday's meeting between Germany and Portugal at the Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador, Brazil did result in some fireworks, they didn't come in the way most soccer analysts would have expected. Instead of the close competition many expected from the match, the clash between the white

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  10. Immense Celebration to Surround Real Madrid Home Kit 2014

    Some of the football leagues throughout Europe, from England's Premier League to Spain's La Liga, had released their jerseys for next season by the time all play on this one was winding down. The logic behind such timing makes sense, as it gives fans chance to mourn the ending of one season while already preparing for the next. However, the Real Madrid home kit 2014 stayed strangely off shelves until later, with the announcement coming through to soccer retailers only after seasonal play had all been Real Madrid Home Shirt 2014 - 2015completed. It was as if the Real Madrid football club was waiting for something.

    By the time the Real Madrid home jersey 2014 2015 made its way to Soccer Box (find it on

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