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  1. PSG Football Jerseys Now Available for 2014 - 2015 Season

    PSG Home Shirt 2014 - 2015The 2013 2014 season was a strong one for the Paris Saint Germain football club, with the team coming out in the top spot in the French Ligue 1 division. Now, with the 2014 2015 season looming, fans, team officials, and players alike will all be looking for a repeat, and with PSG football jerseys now available for the forthcoming Ligue 1 play, the countdown to a new year of league soccer is finally nearing its completion.

    To celebrate the new Ligue 1 season, which will officially commence on August 8th, the Soccer Box online store now has full stock of new jerseys for all of the best teams in virtually every league soccer division. One of those new jerseys is the Paris Saint Germain home shirt 2014 2015, a stunning new shirt design from Nike. The jersey is primarily two different shades of blue, with a red and white stripe running vertically down the center of the shirt from the V-neck. The shirt is made with Dri-FIT technology, for maximum comfort and breathability both on and off the field.

    The Ligue 1 Season Calendar

    Soccer fans will want to have their PSG football jerseys ready this year sooner rather than later. When the 2014 2015 Ligue 1 season kicks off on August 8th, it will do so with a match between Paris Saint Germain and Reims.

    The PSG players won't be wearing the Paris Saint Germain home shirt 2014 2015 for the August 8th match-up. The fixture is an away match and will be played on the Reims field at Stade Auguste Delaune. However, despite the fact that PSG won't have the home-field advantage for the opening game of the season, there is little doubt that Paris Saint Germain will be able to pull out a win.

    After all, Paris Saint Germain triumphed during last year's Ligue 1 season play because the team only lost three games. Another eight matches ended in draws, but the vast majority (27) of the games PSG played in last year's Ligue 1 resulted

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  2. Warrior Launch the Brand New Porto Football Jerseys!

    Porto is a Portuguese football team; they play in the topflight the Primeira Liga. After a busy season last season in which they finished 3rd the summer break is also packed, with pre-season friendlies and the launch of the brand new Porto football jerseys. A football shirt launch is always exciting for fans but this season marks the 1st with new kit supplier Warrior Sports.

    Porto Home Shirt 2014 - 2015After 14 years with Nike as kit supplier the brand new Porto home shirt 2014 2015 is the 1st to feature the Warrior logo. Warrior is an American sportswear company that is just beginning to break into the football kit supply market. The big names of Adidas and Nike were shocked when Warrior signed a £25 million a year deal with Liverpool in 2012, and now they have added Stoke City, Sevilla and Porto to their portfolio.

    Warrior has done a fantastic job in designing the Porto football jerseys. In the radical design that has become famous from Warrior the traditional blue and white home shirt looks very tame in comparison to the bold camouflage away football shirt, and the modern pink third shirt that has also been launched. You can get the latest shirts online at Soccer Box, fantastic football shirts in preparation for a fantastic season ahead.

    Porto Football Jerseys

    New Additions to the Squad

    Porto has had a busy summer with a string of friendly matches to get the blood flowing and serve as a training and team building exercise in preparation for next season. Their 1st friendly was on 7th July, the team went out to win and win they

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  3. Wide Selection of Baby Football Kits Available from Soccer Box

    Football merchandise isn't just for adults. While older soccer fans love wearing jerseys to support their favorite teams, one of the most fun factors of collecting team merchandise is that there are also options for kids, toddlers, and babies. If you are England 2014 Home Infant Kitlooking for new jerseys for your young ones, stop by Soccer Box today! We have a wide selection of baby football kits, spanning a substantial range of different teams. They are the perfect options for raising your child into the traditions of a football-loving household!

    So which baby football options do we have available at Soccer Box? Our baby-oriented options include jerseys for both club teams and international teams. You can find both a Chelsea baby kit and an England 2014 home infant kit when you peruse our virtual shelves. Whether you choose your favorite team or the popular team of the moment you are sure to find all the latest options to kit your baby out when you shop online at Soccer Box.

    Baby Football Kits

    England Fandom Starts Young!

    The baby football kits for the England national team are particularly eye-catching. Designed based on the home jerseys that the England team wore this summer at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, the England infant kits are traditional white with blue accents in the form of the England football crest and the Nike swoosh. The kits are soft and comfortable for your delicate infant. They include shirt, shorts, and socks meaning that they can make your young son or daughter look like a bona-fide soccer

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  4. Fiorentina Football Shirts Launched and Ready for 1st Serie A Clash!

    Fiorentina Home Shirt 2014 - 2015The Italian Serie A football league does not kick off for another month, the teams are currently on summer tours, making player transfers and honing tactics for the season ahead. However, kit manufacturers are busy launching the new merchandise including the Fiorentina football shirts that have just landed on the shelves at Soccer Box this week.

    Fiorentina is nicknamed La Viola due to the vibrant purple colored home kit. The Fiorentina home jersey 2014 2015 is purple with gold flashes; it is a bold and modern design that looks spectacular. This is one of the most magnificent football shirts the team has ever worn, designed by Joma, you can get your shirt online today, but hurry they will sell fast!

    First Match Outlook

    Earlier this week the much anticipated fixture list was announced, informing each club who they would be playing at what point between August 30th 2014 and May 31st May 2015. This schedule is important for the club and fans and gives some idea of how the season may progress; in particular the first and last games are important. Whoever Fiorentina meet 1st or last they will play 38 games, home and away against the other 19 Serie A clubs.

    The brand new Fiorentina home jersey 2014 - 2015 will not make its first Serie A appearance until the second match of the season. The first game for Fiorentina is an away tie against Roma. This is already gearing up to be one of the most intense matches of the Serie A kick-off week.

    Roma versus the team wearing the Fiorentina football shirts has been an intense match-up for many years. The first such away tie happened in 1931, when Fiorentina had the better game winning 3-1. Overall, Fiorentina has beat Roma more times than they have lost, however, away from home the odds are slightly skewed toward a Roma victory.

    Fiorentina and Roma both finished in the top 4 of last seasons Serie A table. Roma

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  5. Inter Milan Training Kit Gets Workout in American Pre-Season Tour!

    Inter Milan Blue Training Top 2014 - 2015Football clubs around Europe are gearing up for the 2014 2015 football season. After an exciting World Cup campaign many of the top players remain in good form, but with incoming and outgoing players every team needs to train and plan for the season ahead. Inter Milan is in the midst of an American tour along with several other high profile clubs. The brand new Inter Milan training kit collection is getting good usage in front of an American audience.

    Kit manufacturers produce spectacular match days shirts and kit, however they also design training kit for the team, that is also available for fans to purchase. Nike the kit supplier for Inter Milan has launched a new collection, products such as the Inter Milan training top 2014 2015 are available at Soccer Box now. This training jersey is a great alternative to the home or away shirt for showing your team allegiance throughout the season.

    International Champions Cup

    In recent years pre-season training schedules have also been used by clubs as a boost to their international exposure, and for worldwide marketing purposes. This season is no different for Italian Serie A team Inter Milan. The team is currently participating in the International Champions Cup a pre-season series of friendly games that is hosted across America.

    The purpose of this Cup is not to win huge prizes, or be crowned the best team it is to have the opportunity of playing against high profile clubs in a competitive but friendly manner. The Inter Milan training kit, and other team's training kits will be out in force as teams perfect their tactics ready for the important task of league and European football competition.

    The International Champions Cup includes 8 European clubs, split into 2 groups, the winner of each group plays in a final game in order to determine an overall winner. Inter Milan has been drawn alongside Real Madrid, Manchester United and Roma. Each

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  6. Will the 2014 Kit Mark a Resurgence for Manchester United?

    Not too long ago, the Manchester United football club was arguably the greatest team in league soccer. For years, repeated victories in the English Premier League, along with numerous continental trophies, marked Manchester United as the kind of sports dynasty that seemed like it would never end. Last year the team tripped up with the departure of longtime manager Alex Ferguson. This sent United into a tailspin that resulted in a seventh place finish on the Premier League table and a disappointing failure to qualify for any UEFA tournaments. Now, though, the team is back in the Manchester United training kit and working hard toward a brighter future.

    Will the hard work pay off? That much remains to be seen. In the meantime, fans can pledge their support for the Manchester United football club today by stopping by the Soccer Box online store and taking a look at the wide range of team merchandise we currently have in stock. From home kits to away jerseys, our virtual shelves are fully stocked with everything you could want or need to cheer for Man United. We even have great youth stuff, like the Manchester United kids knit tracksuit 2014 2015!

    This kids Manchester United training kit is a great option for the younger contingent of Man United fans out there. The kit includes a red jacket and black pants, both of which are made of knit Dri-fit material for maximum comfort. The training kit was made by Nike, and is of the highest quality that you will find anywhere.

    Manchester United Training Kit

    New Coach, New Era

    If you have been following league soccer at all lately, then you probably know that buying the Manchester United kids knit tracksuit 2014 2015 will bring you into the fold of a new era for the legendary

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  7. Chelsea Goalkeeper Shirt Has a Strong Legacy

    Much ink has been spilled lately to discuss the impending battle for the Chelsea goalkeeper slot. The duel will take place between Peter Cech, who currently serves as Chelsea's goalkeeper (and who has done an admirable job at making saves and keeping Chelsea Goalkeeper Shirt 2014 - 2015sheets clean in recent years) and Thibaut Courtois, who is set to return to Stamford Bridge this summer after three years spent on loan at Atletico Madrid. However, while both goalkeepers are bright talents in the football world, they are merely two pieces of what has become a strong legacy of defense for the Chelsea goalkeeper shirt.

    You can find that goalkeeper shirt, along with numerous other Chelsea soccer jerseys, on the Soccer Box online store. The goalkeeper jersey is a reddish orange long-sleeved shirt that complements Chelsea's usual blue color scheme nicely. Like the rest of Chelsea's football merchandise, the shirt was made by Adidas, and features the Adidas logo, the Chelsea crest, and the logo of team sponsor, Samsung.

    Chelsea Soccer Jerseys

    Choosing a Goalkeeper

    In deciding who will wear the Chelsea goalkeeper shirt during the upcoming Premier League season, Chelsea officials are in a difficult position, but it is also an enviable one. Either Peter Cech or Thibaut Courtois would be right at home on Chelsea's starting line-up, and both are among the finest goalkeepers in all of professional football. In other words, Chelsea can hardly go wrong.

    Still, the choice of who will start for the

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  8. Challenging Start to the 2014 - 2015 Season for Manchester City!

    Manchester City Home Shirt 2014 - 2015Over recent years the fortunes of Manchester City have increased dramatically. After not winning a major trophy since the 1970's and spending periods in the 2nd and 3rd tiers of English football, Manchester City has sky rocketed to the top of the Premier League winning 2 titles in just 3 seasons. The Manchester City football shirts are now the must have shirt worldwide.

    Manchester City took the trophy from rivals Liverpool and Chelsea in the final games of the 2013 2014 season ensuring that the Manchester City home jersey 2014 2015 would be a kit of champions. This brand new football shirt is the traditional sky blue color, with a modern cut-off V-neck collar that looks extremely stylish. This new Nike shirt and the rest of the team kit is online now at Soccer Box so order your shirt as Manchester City pushes to retain their title.

    Looking Back

    Manchester City has had an eventful history, if not the rich and glorious one that many fans would have liked to see. Up until the recent reincarnation of the club the most successful period for Manchester City was the 1960's and 1970's. During this time they won the First Division in 1968, along with the FA Cup, several Football League Cup titles, the Community Shield and even the UEFA Cup Winners Cup in 1970.

    However, after their period of success Manchester City slumped and fell into a long and ungraceful period of decline. The club not only fell into the 2nd tier of English football, but the Manchester City football shirts even spent a season in the 3rd tier. In 2003 they regained promotion to the Premier League and have managed to stay there since, however, the real turning point came in 2008.

    In 2008 the Abu-Dhabi United Group took-over the club, since then they have invested huge sums into the team. From the takeover until January 2014 the club spent a total of £509 million, more than any

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  9. Show an Appreciation for Worldwide Soccer.

    It's easy to be spoiled by all the football that is perpetually going on in England. The Premier League has brought many of the world's finest players to England for weekly play. With so many teams to cheer for and so many players to adore, it's easy to get AC Milan Home Shirt 2014 - 2015so swept away in seasonal Premier League action that all other football events fall by the wayside. However, die-hard soccer fans should never forget that there is also a whole world of football going on internationally. At Soccer Box, we have a wide range of international football shirts available so you can lock onto a new league and choose a new team to root for outside of England!

    One of our favorite international kits is the brand new AC Milan home jersey 2014 2015. AC Milan may have finished back in eighth place during the 2013 2014 season of Italy's Serie A division, but the team still houses some of the most exciting talent in all of soccer (Mario Balotelli and Nigel de Jong, to name a couple). It also has one of the best jerseys in the sport as well. The new AC Milan home kit design is bold and distinctive, a black and red-striped shirt expertly made by Adidas. If you are looking for an international team to cheer for, this jersey may well sway you toward Milan.

    Other Options Available

    If the AC Milan jersey is not your style though, then have no fear. Soccer Box has a wide array of international football shirts available. Whether you want to follow Italy's Serie A league, France's Ligue 1 division, or the Spanish La Liga, we have you covered.

    Indeed, in addition to the AC Milan home jersey 2014 2015, we are now carrying current, 2014 2015 shirts for Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid, Inter Milan, and more. Whether you

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  10. Borussia Dortmund is Gearing up for Smashing Bundesliga Campaign!

    In recent years the Borussia Dortmund football shirts have been the second-cog in the well-oiled German Bundesliga League. Borussia Dortmund took the Bundesliga title in both the 2011 and 2012 seasons, but Bayern Munich stormed ahead in both 2013 and 2014 to steal the title. If anyone can knock Bayern Munich from their podium it will be Borussia Dortmund but do they have what it takes to regain league glory?

    In preparation for league and European play the brand new Borussia Dortmund home jersey 2014 2015 has now been launched, and is available to order online at Soccer Box. This new shirt is a bold Puma design, a yellow football shirt half plain, half with diagonal black stripes this shirt is sure to be a hit on the football pitch this season.

    Player Roster

    The new home shirt may be bold, but is the team bold enough to take Bundesliga glory. Based on last seasons positioning Borussia Dortmund will need to work hard to take the title from favorites Bayern Munich. At a quick glance it seems that Borussia Dortmund were in snatching distance of the title sitting in 2nd place, however on closer inspection a lot more work was needed. Bayern Munich finished 1st with 90 points, a massive 19 points ahead of Borussia Dortmund on 71.

    If Borussia Dortmund can win out they will need to improve on what was a relatively impressive record last season. With 22 wins, 5 draws and 7 loses the Borussia Dortmund football shirts were 10 points ahead of 4th place Bayer Leverkusen themselves. However, with the might of Bayern Munich to thwart this season needs to be stronger and more organized.

    Jurgen Klopp has been the manager at Borussia Dortmund since 2008 and seems to have a clear picture of the season ahead. He has already signed Ciro Immobile from Torino. Immobile is an Italian striker, and it is hoped that Immobile will fit into the gap left when Lewandowski made the

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