Boys football kits are a great purchase for any young fan. Football otherwise known as soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, both at a player and supporter level.

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Whether you support an English Premier League team, a Spanish La Liga club, a national team or many others you are sure to find something suitable.

Spanish team Barcelona is one of the most successful and most popular clubs in the world.

With star players including the infamous Lionel Messi on the team, children and adults around the globe are supporting this top club.

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The brand new Barcelona kids football kit 2013 - 2014 is a stylish new strip that is a fantastic value official replica of the kit the team will wear for away Champions League matches.

It is a black kit with yellow trim detail including the Nike Swoosh showing it is an official team product.

For one low price you can kit your child out in the shirt, shorts and socks, available to fit boys aged 3-8 years.

Complete boys Kids football kit are available for a large selection of teams.

Dependant upon the manufacturer the shirt and shorts are always included, the socks are only included for certain teams that are manufactured by Nike, Puma and Umbro; Adidas kits do not include the socks as standard.

Priced at around £40 for the latest seasons strip these kits are great value for the youngest of fans, for older children the jersey alone often costs £40.

With the increasing use of the Internet and widespread availability of satellite television services, children today are more likely to support teams from leagues around the globe.

In the past families would often support the local team but this is increasingly not the case.

Children's wish lists often include boys football kits for teams in leagues around the world, as many choose to support an English team as well as following other clubs and top players.

Getting boys football kits for your children is a great investment.

Supporting a football team is a fantastic choice of hobby. The team that your youngster chooses to support now may lead to a lifelong hobby.

Supporting a football team is beneficial to your child's development, as they watch the team win and lose.

Watching the match is great for improving concentration, and talking about the team's skills, ups and downs with peers and adults is fantastic for improving social skills.

Many children want boys football kits for playing football in as well as for showing support for their favorite football teams.

Encouraging your children to join a local team or league has a significant number of benefits.

Government recommendations include children participating in an hour of physical activity each day, playing football is the perfect way of meeting these targets.

Research shows that in England and around the world there is a growing problem of child obesity.

Overweight, inactive children are more likely to become overweight inactive adults, increasing the likelihood of obesity related health problems.

Playing football increase the heart rate providing a cardiovascular workout, as well as strengthening some muscle groups and improving coordination.

Order boys football kits today and encourage your child to take part and reap the benefits.

As well as physical health benefits, playing football can help with your child's concentration and social development.

As a team sport, playing soccer will teach team working skills, playing in an organized league or team will involve relating to other adults as well as similarly aged children.

Being part of a team is a fantastic way of making friends.

Importantly it will also help your child experience winning and losing and to build upon skills and talent.

Whether it is the Barcelona Boys Third Football Kit 2013 - 2014 or any other team kits buying one for your child is a fantastic idea.

These great value kits for young supporters are perfect for showing team support as well for enjoying a kick around and experiencing the many benefits that can be gained from playing the beautiful game!

How many teams does your child support?

Do they pick teams from each European League or stick with local clubs?

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