Now, with yet another World Cup event only a month away, many are looking to Spain's performance in Brazil to show whether or not the team is indeed unrivaled in the annals of football history. The anticipation and speculation has placed a good deal of pressure on the Spanish team and has sent fans scurrying for items like the Spain home kit 2014 to cheer their team toward a game-changing victory. If you are looking for Red Fury merchandise, look no further than Soccer Box.

Indeed, Soccer Box has a full range of Spain soccer jerseys available for purchase, from the dark, blood red hue of the home shirt to the black and gold color scheme of this year's away jersey. We even have leftover stock from last year, when the Spanish team still played its away matches in blue. All Spain shirts are manufactured by Adidas.

Spain Soccer Jerseys

Red Fury on Fire

Thus far, Spain's campaign for the 2014 World Cup has done nothing to refute the team's unofficial status as the greatest squad to ever take the soccer pitch. In fact, the team's performance in the World Cup qualification rounds last fall only reinforced fans' beliefs that the Spain home kit will be seen at the top of the World Cup podium once more this summer.

In fall 2011, Spain was drawn into the UEFA Group I for World Cup qualification. There, the team faced off against France, Finland, Georgia, and Belarus, all of them fighting for just one slots in FIFA's biggest global football event.

Of the group, Spain was the only team not to drop a single match. Between September 2012 and October 2013, Spain met each of the aforementioned teams on two occasions. The Red Fury eradicated Georgia and Belarus without issue, giving up only a single goal to either of them across four matches (Belarus scored once in their second meeting).

France and Finland, meanwhile, put up a bit more of a fight, but still could not stand up to the tumultuous storm of red brought on by the Spain soccer jerseys or the gifted players wearing them.

In Spain's first meetings with both France and Finland, both matches ended in 1-1 draws. The Red Fury came back in full force for the rematches, though, beating France 1-0 on the team's home turf, and doing roughly the same thing to Finland (the score was 2-0) on that team's home turf.

2014 Odds

Clearly, the Spanish national football team is borderline unstoppable at the moment, a fact that is duly reflected by FIFA's current world rankings. Spain is slotted at number one, and many people expect that the team will cap its incredibly decade of victories with yet another win at the World Cup.

From simply looking at the statistics, it seems like a Spain victory is unlikely. After all, only two teams have ever won consecutive World Cups, and the most recent of those occurred in 1958 and 1962, when Brazil won twice in a row.

With that said, though, if the modern Spanish squad is indeed the best team of all time, then consecutive World Cup wins would be an appropriate sign of the affirmative. Furthermore, by winning consecutive European Championships in 2008 and 2012, Spain did something that no other football team has ever done. Could a similar accomplishment be on the way for the wearers of the World Cup Spain home kit 2014?

Whether or not Spain wins this year's tournament, though, there is no doubt that Spain soccer jerseys will be coloring many a Brazilian stadium red come June and July of this year. Find yours today on Soccer Box.