In past years, the International Champions Cup was just one tournament, played in the United States to give American audiences a chance to see some of the biggest soccer clubs in the world in action. This year, the 2015 International Champions Cup tournament expanded to include three editions: one in Australia, one in China, and one in North America and Europe. Real Madrid won the event in both Australia and China, and now, Paris Saint Germain have clinched the larger North American/Europe incarnation of the competition. They follow in the footsteps of Real Madrid and Manchester United, who won the ICC in 2013 and 2014, respectively.

Where the Australia and China versions of the 2015 ICC only featured three teams apiece, the North America/Europe event was more intensive, featuring 10 different soccer teams. The participants for the event came from all over, with football clubs hailing from Spain, England, France, Mexico, Portugal, and Italy all in attendance.

The Underperformers

Chelsea, meanwhile, won penalty shootouts against both Barca and PSG, but lost to both Fiorentina and the New York Red Bulls, for a point total of four. So while the Blues won more games than Barcelona, the two football clubs tied in point totals. In fact, Chelsea finished behind Barca thanks to goal difference (Barcelona was seventh, Chelsea was eighth).

So why the poor performances for two of Europe's finest football clubs? A lack of star players, for the most part. Both Messi and Neymar were completely absent from Barca's ICC lineups, and while Chelsea did utilize the likes of Diego Costa and Eden Hazard, you can expect to see much more of them once the Premier League gets started. Bottom line, the fact that Barcelona and Chelsea more or less bombed at ICC doesn't necessarily indicate weakness for the 2015 2016 season.

Paris Saint Germain's Victory

Manchester United, meanwhile, rounded out the top three.

What do you think the outcome of the International Champions Cup means? Could it foretell a Champions League victory for Paris Saint Germain this season? A return to the top of English football for Manchester United? Trouble ahead for Barcelona and Chelsea? Or is the friendly summer tournament ultimately meaningless? Let us know what you think, by linking up with Soccer Box on social media and sharing your thoughts! You can find us on several social networks such as Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn. And remember to shop for your team's 2015/16 home shirts at Soccer Box, we have all the latest kits including the official Nike PSG jersey.