Could FC Barcelona reach a clean-sweep, six-trophy run for the 2014 2015 football campaign? They're only two trophies away now, after beating Sevilla in extra time on Tuesday night to clinch the 2015 UEFA Super Cup title. Barca add that trophy to their already-impressive assemblage of titles from the past year, alongside trophies from the La Liga regular season, the UEFA Champions League, and the Copa Del Rey. Victories in the 2015 Supercopa de Espana and the 2015 Club World Cup would turn Barcelona's impressive year into one for the record books.

Still, while FC Barcelona have been very nearly unbeatable throughout 2015, their clean sweep campaign very nearly came to an end on Tuesday night, as Sevilla FC put up quite a fight in the 2015 Super Cup match. The game, played at the Boris Paichadzis Erovnuli Stadioni in Tbilisi, Georgia, pitted Barcelona (the winners of the 2014 2015 UEFA Champions League) against Sevilla (the winners of the 2014 2015 Europa League) for the ultimate European championship title fight.

Neymar: Barcelona's Fallen Hero

Undoubtedly, a big part of the reason that Tuesday's Super Cup match went to extra time was that
Neymar, one of Barcelona's foremost football heroes, wasn't playing. The 23-year-old Brazilian star has reportedly come down with mumps, and will be out for two weeks. Since Barcelona arguably won the treble last season on the strength of the Barca frontline-of Neymar, Lionel Messi, and Luis Suarez-Neymar being sidelined left a major hole in club's starting lineup.

Rafinha, a 22-year-old Brazilian midfielder who just came aboard at Barcelona last season, filled in for Neymar on the frontline, but Sevilla knew how to take advantage of Barca's weakness. Indeed, it only took Sevilla's Ever Benega three minutes to slip past the Barcelona defenses and put his team up 1-0.

Luckily for fans in the Barcelona home jersey 2015 2016, that lead was short-lived. Four minutes later, Lionel Messi scored to put Barca on the board. Eight minutes after that, he scored again to give the Champions League victors the lead. And just before halftime, Rafinha took an assist from Suarez to make the score 3-1: it was like he was channeling his absent Brazilian teammate.

Second Half Suffering

Indeed, the moment Rafinha scored his goals in the final minutes of the first half, it looked as if FC Barcelona were headed toward a runaway victory in the 2015 Super Cup. If the absence of Neymar couldn't throw the soccer club off their game, then certainly nothing else could, right?

Wrong, evidently. While Barca kicked off the second half in strong fashion-with Luis Suarez scoring a 52-minute goal, off an assist from Sergio Busquets-the Spanish soccer squad showed an unusual level of fatigue as the minutes left in the half ticked on.

Indeed, starting with a goal at the 57-minute mark from Sevilla's Jose Antonio Reyes, Barcelona's usual dominance tumbled and broke apart. Over the course of the next 25 minutes, Sevilla chewed up Barcelona's once-three-point lead to tie the game at 4-4 and send the match into extra time.

Pedro Saves the Day

Luckily for Barca manager Luis Enrique, there was still one card left to play. At the 93rd minute of play, Enrique substituted starting midfielder Javier Mascherano with Pedro. Messi, Suarez, and Rafinha may have been drained at full time, following an admittedly fiercely competitive match, but Pedro was able to come on fresh in extra time, and that fact alone rescued Barcelona's clean sweep hopes. At the 115th minute, Pedro netted a game-saving goal to give the lead-and the win-back to Barca.

The bad news is that this distinctly unrested Barcelona team will now have to play a completely rested Athletic Bilbao squad on Friday, in the first match of the Spanish Super Cup. The second leg is next Monday, and Barca will need a win to pick up the fifth piece of their six-trophy clean sweep. (They'll have until December until they have to go for piece number six in the Club World Cup.)