The Premier League in the UK is one of the most anticipated sporting events on the calendar. And this is only the beginning, teams are starting to release their sportswear ranges, the transfer window is wide open and fans love it so far. 

Now they have unveiled the fixtures of the Premier League for 2018/19. After reviewing their current schedule, we thought we would put together this article to discuss the low down on the preparations for 2018/19 and what we could expect. Here we will cover topics such as the fixtures themselves, inform you of notable matches and last but not least, introduce the three new teams who were promoted.



Taking on the reigning champions, Arsenal is against Manchester City on the first day of fixtures that take place on the 11thAugust. However, Arsenal has the home advantage as the game takes place at Emirates Stadium. This may make things more intimidating for the previous winners as they start off the season on unfamiliar grounds; however they take to their own pitch on the 18thAugust for their match against Huddersfield. 

Making the top 5 in the last season was Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool and Chelsea, with Arsenal narrowly missing out by 7 points. These top teams including the winners Manchester City are definitely the ones to watch going into the 2018/19 season.

With the World Cup in progress at the moment, it is safe to say we are expecting a lot from the England players such as Harry Kane after their impressive performance. Out of the first 2 matches played, Spurs’ striker – Kane had netted 5 out of 8 goals. This means that Tottenham Hotspur could most definitely be a tough competitor in this season’s tournament.

Notable Dates

You won’t want to miss the top teams in the Premier League battle it out for the trophy now would you? This is why we have put this comprehensive list together so that you can make a note of what matches you should look out for this season.

  • Chelsea VS Arsenal – 18/8/18, 19/1/19
  • Manchester United VS Tottenham Hotspur – 25/8/18, 12/1/19
  • Tottenham Hotspur VS Liverpool – 15/9/18,30/3/19
  • Chelsea VS Liverpool – 29/9/18, 13/4/19
  • Liverpool VS Manchester City – 6/10/18, 1/1/19
  • Chelsea VS Manchester United – 20/10/18, 27/4/18
  • Tottenham Hotspur VS Manchester City – 27/10/18, 20/4/19
  • Arsenal VS Liverpool 3/11/18, 29/12/18
  • Manchester City VS Manchester United – 10/11/18, 16/3/19
  • Tottenham Hotspur VS Chelsea 24/11/18, 27/2/19
  • Chelsea VS Manchester City 8/12/18, 9/2/19
  • Liverpool VS Manchester United 15/12/18, 23/2/19
  • Manchester City VS Arsenal – 11/8/18, 2/2/19, 
  • Tottenham Hotspur VS Arsenal – 1/12/18, 2/3/19
  • Manchester United VS Arsenal – 4/12/18, 9/3/19

Premier League Newbies 

At the end of the previous season we saw Swansea City, Stoke City and West Bromwich Albion relegated from the Premier League. However fans are much saddened by this news, starting from the beginning of 2018/19, there will be three new clubs welcomed into the league. The likes of Wolverhampton Wanders, Cardiff City and Fulham FC are the chosen ones to take their place this time round.

- Wolves

Their first official match of the season will see Wolves taken on Everton at their home ground at Molineux Stadium. As their opening game is in their stomping ground, they are expecting a large backing from their supporters as they begin on their Premier League journey. Although they have not played in this league since 2011/12 when they were relegated, Wolves have been crowned League One Winners in 2013/14 and most recently, Championship Winners in 2017/18.

In the previous season they have secured 82 goals, most of which being from Diogo Jota, who was on loan from Atletico Madrid. However, he appears to still be in the club’s line-up for the upcoming games. Although the transfer window is still open until the 9thAugust, so we may see him returning to his previous team.

- Cardiff

Cardiff City finished 2ndplace in the Championship last season which enabled them to earn the promotion they received to the Premier League for 2018. Their first game is against Bournemouth which is in their home ground that is Vitality Stadium. As they are playing away, they won’t have the luxury on their home crowd, however they will still come out fighting.

After an unsuccessful season back in 13/14, Cardiff City was relegated back down to the Championship after only one stint in the Premier League. Although, they have just about scraped the top 10 since then, it was a huge achievement when they placed 2ndin 17/18. Across the last season, Cardiff City scored 69 goals overall, which was a long way from the 82 seen by the winners – Wolves. 

- Fulham

The third and final team to be promoted to the Prem is Fulham FC. Although, looking at the statistics from the Championship, they narrowly made it into third place, with a 1-0 victory over Aston Villa in the Championship play-off final, it was most definitely a close call. Getting off to a good start though, their first match takes place at home in Craven Cottage against Crystal Palace.

When they were originally in the Premier League before they were relegated at the end of 13/14, Fulham FC was consistently around top 10 status. Which when the shocker of 19thplaced knocked them out of the league all together. Since then they got off to a rocky start in their new tournament, but they managed to claw it back last season. Could this spectacular turn around be down to their new manager which was appointed during 15/16 – Slavisa Jokanovic?

What are Your Thoughts on the New Premier League Season?

Going by how the clubs have performed previously, and taking into consideration the three new team’s joining the league, who do you think stands the most chance at lifting the trophy? Would Manchester City be able to defend their Winners title? Or do you reckon another club will steal their thunder? Let us know over on our social media pages where we love to chat all things soccer! Don’t forget that you can also purchase your cherished club’s Premier League football kits here at Soccer Box to kit yourself out ready for the new tournament starting. 

This article was written by Loren Astbury exclusively for Soccer Box.