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  1. Zinedine Zidane’s Football Career on and off the Pitch

    One of the most famous French footballers in the soccer community has got to be Zinedine Zidane. Playing in the Serie A, Ligue 1 and La Liga, Zidane has since migrated from his role as a midfielder to become the coach of the Real Madrid football team. So within this article we are going to look through his historic successes as both a player and manager. We will also analyse whether he was more effective on or off the pitch along with how he got started on his soccer journey all together and other notable achievements he has acquired over the years. So if you want to find out more about this legendary football icon, then continue reading.

    Zidane’s Soccer Journey

    Born in Marseille to parents of an Algerian heritage, Zinedine started his soccer journey at 10 years old. At this age he was given his first player’s license when he joined the local junior team for Catellane which was called US Saint-Henri. He only spent a year with this team before transferring to SO Septemes-les-Vallons after he was head hunted by the club’s coach – Robert Centenero.

    During his four years with this junior team, he was scouted at a training camp by Jean Varraud of AS Cannes. He was only meant to join the squad for a six-week time period; however, he ended up staying on with Cannes for a further four years where he would play professionally for them at age 18. Throughout his time with the Cannes squad playing at a pro level, this is where the coaches discovered that he had a raw and sensitive, personality, which meant that he took comments from spectators, especially from the opposition to heart. But through this, his coaches helped him channel his emotions into his play rather than reacting to it. During his time with the Cannes first team he contributed to the club’s first ever European success by qualifying for the UEFA cup and achieving fourth place.


    In 1992, Zidane transferred from Cannes to Bordeaux where he played for four years. During hi

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  2. Jurgen Klinsmann – Player to Manager

    Many outstanding football players find that at some point in their soccer career, they make the transition from player to manager – as we have seen with the previous few articles we have published. Therefore, within this post we are going to look into the established career of Jurgen Klinsmann and how he coped with making the swap from the pitch to the side lines. We also look into his performance both as manager and player along with the number of club and individual awards he has acquired over the years.

    Establishing His Soccer Career

    Born in Goppingen 1964, Jurgen started his soccer career at only eight years old. This is where he started playing for TB Gingen, but after six months with the team he managed to score an outstanding 16 goals in a single match. He only played with TB Gingen for 2 years before he transferred to SC Geislingen at age 10. After four years with the squad his family relocated to Stuttgart but Jurgen continued playing for the team up until he was 16 years old. At this age he joined Stuttgarter Kickers and in two years’ time he then signed his first senior contract with the squad to play professionally with them. However, this did not take effect until 1982 as his parents wanted him to finish his baker apprenticeship within their family business.

    During his first season with the Stuttgarter Kickers, Jurgen eventually became a regular in the first team. And during the 1983/84 season he scored a total of 19 goals for his team. But after this success he was recruited by the club’s first division rivals, VfB Stuttgart and within his first season with the team he netted 16 goals which made him the club’s top scorer, tying with Karl Allgower. One of his most impressive moves with the team was during the 1987/88 season where he made 19 goals which included an overhead kick during their match with Bayern Munich, and subsequently earnt himself the title of the Bundesliga top scorer.

    But with this success came in

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