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  1. Ajax V AZ Alkmaar

    Currently ranked first and second in the 19/20 Eredivisie, at the weekend we see Ajax and AZ Alkmaar go head to head for their second time in the tournament. With anticipation of this upcoming fixture, we have put this article together covering each team’s current performance in the league and how they compare to one another. So, if you want to find out more about Ajax and Alkmaar ahead of their weekend fixture, then keep on reading.

    quincy promes

    Ajax’s Current Performance in the 19/20 Eredivisie

    Currently in first place in the 19/20 Eredivisie table, first we are going to look into the current and historic performance of Ajax in their domestic league. In the bullet points below we have explored the results of their past five matches this season in order to see if there are any apparent trends which could give an indication to us of their for

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  2. Karim Benzema's Longstanding Football Career

    Karim BenzemaToday we are going to look across the football career of Karim Benzema. Covering his youth to senior soccer years both with clubs and internationally, we will compare his performance and progress throughout the years. Here are the basics of Benzema’s player and personal profile, to find out more, keep on reading:

    • DOB – 19th December 1987
    • Height – 1.85m
    • Weight – 81kg
    • Nationality – French
    • Signed – 1st July 2009
    • Position – Striker

    Benzema’s Youth Soccer History

    Born on the 19th December 1987, Karim Mostafa Benzema started his football career in 1995 at only seven years old with the under 10 squad for Bron Terraillon SC which was the local club of his hometown. Not too long into his time with SC Bron, the squad played a match against Lyon youth academy and Karim scored two goals within the game.

    This performance therefore attracted the attention from Lyon which

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  3. Chelsea V Spurs

    At the weekend Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur go head to head for the second time in the Premier League season for 2019/20. In anticipation of this match, we have put this article together where we investigate the recent and historic performance of both sides to see if there is a predicted clear winner. So, if you want to find out more about how Chelsea and Spurs have been doing this season, then keep on reading.

    chelsea abraham 2019 20

    Chelsea’s Current Premier League Performance

    To begin with we are going to look into how Chelsea has been performing in the 19/20 Premier League. Below we have explored their past five matches to give us a better idea on how they are coping this season:

    • 17/02/2020 – Chelsea (0) V Manchester United (2)
    • 01/02/2020 – Chelsea (2) V Leicester City (2)
    • 21/01/2020 – Chelsea (2) V A
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  4. Raheem Sterling’s Football Career

    Raheem SterlingIn this blog post we are going to look back across the football career of Raheem Sterling and how he transitions from his youth to senior contracts in both the Premier League and internationally. Covering all aspects of his soccer years from performance, transfers and goals, you can find out all about this signature Manchester City player throughout this article.

    Below are the basics of Raheem Sterling’s personal and player profile, if you want to find out more about his football journey, then keep on reading:

    • DOB – 9th December 1994
    • Height – 1.70m
    • Weight – 69kg
    • Nationality – Jamaican
    • Signed – 1st July 2015
    • Position – Forward

    Sterling’s Youth Soccer Career

    Born on the 9th December 1994, Sterling grew up in Jamaica before moving to London when he was only 5 years old. When he emigrated to England, he enrolled in the Copland School in Wembley and also began

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  5. Lazio V Inter Milan

    Lazio V Inter MilanCurrently in the top rankings of the Serie A, Lazio and Inter Milan go head to head this weekend on the 16th February. And in advance of this fixture, we are going to explore the performance of both Italian soccer teams in order to try to work out how the match will pan out. So, if you want to find out more about the current standings of these top Serie A clubs, then keep on reading.

    Lazio’s Current Performance in the Serie A

    Lazio have done considerably well this season to remain in the top 3. They are currently in the third position in the table at the moment with Juventus and Inter Milan only slightly above them. In this part of the post we are going to look at how Lazio have performed so far in the 2019/20 Serie A.

    To start off with, we have broken down their results from the past five fixtures in this season’s tournament:

    • 09/02/2020 – Lazio (1) V Parma (0)
    • 05/02/2020 – Lazio (0) V Verona (0)
    • 02/02/2020 – Lazio
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  6. Ciro Immobile's Club and International Soccer Career

    Ciro ImmobileWithin this article we are going to look across the long-standing football career of Ciro Immobile. Exploring his transition from youth to senior squads on both the club and international side, we are going to analyze his historic and current performance on the pitch.

    Here are the basics of Ciro Immobile’s personal and player profile, keep reading to find out more about his football career:

    • DOB – 20th February 1990
    • Height – 1.85m
    • Weight – 78kg
    • Nationality – Italian
    • Signed – 1st July 2010
    • Position - Striker

    Immobile’s Youth Career

    Ciro was born on the 20th February 1990 in Torre Annunziata and started his youth career in football at the Torre Annunziata ’88. After being at the football school in his local area, he transferred to Maria Rosa before joining the Salernitana youth team. During his time with Salernitana he did not reach the level he wanted of expos

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  7. Bayern Munich V RB Leipzig

    Bayern Munich V RB LeipzigCurrently ranked first and second place in the Bundesliga for 2019/20, within this post we are going to look into the upcoming match between Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig. Through the analysis of each sides current and historic performance, we are trying to gauge how the match will pan out this weekend. So, keep reading if you want to find out more about the top two Bundesliga teams at the moment.

    Bayern Munich Performance so Far

    To start off with we are going to analyze the performance of the home team as they could be seen to have an advantage this weekend. Within this section of the article we are going to take a look into how the team has been faring in the 2019/20 Bundesliga so far as well as taking notice of their past rankings and achievements in the league. This therefore will allow us to get a better picture on how the club will perform during their next match.

    Currently in top spot in the Bundesliga, below we have broken down the results of the last five

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  8. Marcus Rashford and His Journey to the Premier League

    Marcus RashfordMarcus Rashford is currently the top scorer for Manchester United and he holds a top 5 position for goals in the Premier League and Carabao Cup for the 2019/20 season. In his fifth season playing professional topflight soccer with Manchester United, we are going to look back on his journey from youth soccer to the first team as well as comparing his performance over the years.

    Here are the basics of Rashford’s personal and player profile, keep reading to find out more about his journey through the years:

    • DOB – 31st October 1997
    • Height – 1.8m
    • Weight – 69.8kg
    • Nationality – English
    • Signed – 1st July 2015
    • Position - Forward

    Rashford’s Youth Career

    Born on the 31st October 1997, Marcus grew up in Manchester which meant that his connections with the local club were strong from an early age. In fact, the first soccer game he ever saw was hosted at Old Trafford. He

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