After a busy summer of World Cup play and transfers all around, the 2014 2015 season of the Italian Serie A is officially upon us. With it comes a number of questions, but one of the biggest of these is whether or not AC Milan will be able to redeem last AC Milan Third Shirt 2014 - 2015year's lukewarm season performance. Coming off a third-place finish in 2012 2013, Milan fell to the eighth position on the division table last year. This year, fans will be wearing their AC Milan football jerseys hoping for a return to the pinnacle of Italian soccer.

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AC Milan Football Jerseys

Changes at Milan 

After last season's poorer-than-usual performance in Serie A, it's not surprising that AC Milan underwent a few changes over the summer to help forge the start of a new era. One of those shifts impacted the AC Milan football jerseys themselves. Indeed, this year's home shirt is darker and sleeker than last year's, a modernization that fans will love.

This year has also seen notable changes on the managerial front for the AC Milan soccer club. After last season got off to a rough start for AC Milan, the club sacked four-year manager Massimiliano Allegri. Allegri had seen Milan to its lone Serie A trophy of the decade so far, in 2010 2011, but officials lost faith in him and replaced him with former Milan midfielder Clarence Seedhorf.

After Seedhorf failed to right the ship, he too was removed from the manager position last fall, with former Milan teammate and star striker Filippo Inzaghi taking the reigns instead. It remains to be seen whether Inzaghi will do a better job in the coaching seat than Seedhord did, but fans are hopeful that his appointment will be a positive change for AC Milan.

Balotelli's Departure

Unfortunately, while managerial change-ups and design alterations to the AC Milan third shirt 2014 2015 could feasibly turn fortunes in favor of AC Milan, at least one change that took place over the summer will only hurt the team's chances at a Serie A title.

A year and a half ago, AC Milan signed Italian striker Mario Balotelli as mid-season transfer from Manchester City. Balotelli made quite a splash in his few months with the team that season, making 13 Serie A appearances, scoring 12 goals, and helping Milan to the third-place position on the league table.

Last season, Balotelli was not nearly as consistent, but was still the heart and soul of Milan's offense, making 41 appearances both in the league and outside of it and scoring 18 goals total.

Now, however, it looks like Balotelli's days of wearing the AC Milan football jerseys are over. In a late transfer, Balotelli has signed with Liverpool, supposedly as a replacement for Luis Suarez, who himself departed the Premier League for Barcelona this summer.

Balotelli will have big shoes to fill at Liverpool. Suarez was the Premier League's top scorer last season. As for AC Milan, the club will have to scramble to find another striker to don the AC Milan third shirt 2014 2015 if it is going to contend in for this season's Serie A title.

Not that AC Milan seems bitter about the departure, though. On the contrary, the club issued a statement praising Balotelli and thanking him for his contributions to the club over the past year and a half.

Do you think that Balotelli's departure is a final nail in AC Milan's coffin, or do you think that the club can bounce back this year, even without its top scorer? If you're hoping for the latter, stop by the Soccer Box online store and check out our selection of AC Milan football jerseys