AC Milan's Sunday, May 3rd away fixture against Napoli was a bizarre match for both football clubs. Considering Napoli's current position as the fourth-place team in the 2014 2015 Serie A, the Blues were strongly favored to beat AC's Red and Blacks on Sunday. Things became even direr for the Milan away side when defender Mattia De Sciglio earned a red card and exited the fixture within the first minute of play. But AC's back four proved to be remarkably effective throughout the first half and part of the second, blocking Napoli from taking the lead until the 70-minute mark. The game provided a taste of the Red and Blacks of old, and fans of the club can celebrate by picking up a new AC Milan tracksuit.

Unfortunately, the Red and Blacks still picked up a loss in the match. A quick scoring burst late in the game gave Napoli a 3-0 victory-helping to solidify the football club's position in the Serie A's top four. AC Milan, meanwhile, were knocked from 10th to 11th on the table, and will spend their final three matches trying to regain a top 10 position.

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When the Red and Blacks donned the AC Milan tracksuit on Saturday to take the pitch at Napoli's Stadio San Paolo, they were in desperate need of a victory. They had just suffered two substantial losses (a 1-2 defeat from Udinese, and a 1-3 loss against Genoa), and were losing grip on their spot in the Serie A top 10.

AC Milan White Presentation Suit 2014 - 2015Beating Napoli was never going to be easy for ACM. The Blues have had a very good soccer season, and beat the wearers of the AC Milan white presentation suit 2014 2015 handily (two points to nothing, in a home fixture for the Red and Blacks) back in December.

Still, when the AC squad arrived at Stadio San Paolo, wearing the AC Milan tracksuit, it was clear they had come to play. Even after Mattia De Sciglio was sent off-an early blow that could have easily derailed Milan's game entirely-the Red and Blacks played hard, resolutely blocking every offensive attack that the opposing team tried to formulate.

Possession-wise, the Blues dominated the fixture completely, controlling the ball for nearly 80% of the match's 90 minutes. But strong performances from AC's back four left the score still stuck at 0-0 by the time halftime rolled around. As the second half moved forward, it looked as if the Red and Blacks might even manage a draw. They rarely threatened offensively, but their defense was so good that Napoli's home squad was visibly frustrated by the proceedings.

The Scoring Burst

Unfortunately for fans in the AC Milan white presentation suit 2014 2015, the Red and Blacks could only hold their wall of defenses for so long. At the 70-minute mark, Napoli captain Marek Hamsik broke through and finally scored a goal.

Hamsik's goal shattered the confidence of the Milan squad, and gave the Blues the momentum they needed to surge into the lead. In a scoring burst that is nearly difficult to fathom, given how long the match was stuck in a 0-0 stalemate, Napoli netted three goals in six minutes to end the soccer game with a decisive 3-0 victory.

Can ACM recover from the loss and climb back into the 2014 2015 Serie A top 10? We'll see over the next three weeks, but in the meantime, you can support the football squad with a new AC Milan tracksuit from Soccer Box. The 2014 2015 presentation suit is available in both white and black variations.