After a lukewarm performance in the 2013 2014 Serie A, as well as an offseason dotted with more than a few losses, many wondered what kind of season AC Milan would have this year. Luckily, Milan has managed to cultivate a fairly consistent AC Milan Black Presentation Suit 2014 - 2015football performance thus far in the 2014 2015 incarnation of Serie A, and you can celebrate that fact by picking up a brand new AC Milan training kit at Soccer Box!

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AC Milan Training Kit

AC Milan's Current Season

Six weeks into the 2014 2015 Serie A, things are going reasonably well for AC Milan. The football club has a record of 3 wins, 2 draws, and 1 loss, and is currently sitting in fifth place on the league standings table. Even better for AC Milan fans, the team is five slots above crosstown rivals, Inter Milan, in the Serie A league standings.

Things started well for AC Milan this season. In a home fixture against Lazio, Milan triumphed 3-1. The next week, a 5-4 win over Parma kept Milan's momentum going-while also marking the highest-scoring match of the season so far.

The troubles began for AC Milan in week three of competition. The players took their home field at San Siro, wearing the AC Milan black presentation suit 2014 2015 and ready to face Juventus. Juventus, of course, is a club that is currently shooting for its third consecutive Serie A victory. In other words, the match was always going to be a challenging one for Milan.

Unfortunately, Milan's players couldn't get into the same kind of scoring groove that they had in the Parma match. Juventus, with its fierce defense, held AC Milan scoreless throughout the match. For their part, AC Milan's defensive lineup did fairly well too, only allowing the Serie A frontrunners to score a single point. Still, though, the match saw Milan having to shoulder its first loss of the Serie A season.

A Sad Slump

Since that loss against Juventus, the momentum of AC Milan's early season matches seems to have dissipated. Two disappointing draws in a row, against Empoli and Cesena, have some fans wondering if the AC Milan squad needs to go back to the drawing board, put the AC Milan training kit back on, and spend a few days just practicing and carving out a more successful playing style.

The draws, at least, didn't happen at home, which suggests that AC Milan may just be suffering from a case of the "away game blues." However, both Empoli and Cesena are clubs that Milan should have been able to beat: both were promoted from Serie B at the end of last season.

One piece of evidence in favor of the "away game blues" theory is that Milan won its most recent match: a home fixture against Chievo. The game ended 2-0 in favor of Milan, and may help the slumping squad to regain a bit of its early momentum.

Offseason Troubles

Of course, while fans were hoping that the AC Milan black presentation suit 2014 2015 would herald a championship squad, some football analysts would actually tell you that AC Milan is performing above expectations this season. And that's even with the club's recent slump of draws taken into account!

That's because AC Milan had a rough offseason, made all the worse by the fact that the football club was coming off a disappointing eighth place finish in last year's Serie A. After two strong club friendlies in July-wins against Renate and Monza-Milan entered the International Champions Cup and fell into a rut.

Three consecutive Champions Club losses, against Olympiakos Piraeus, Manchester City, and Liverpool-plus a club friendly defeat against Valencia-dampened the spirits of Milan players and fans alike heading into the Serie A season openers.

But Milan recovered its momentum after those off season losses, which means that the club can do the same again. Support them with a new AC Milan training kit from Soccer Box!