Last week was a big one for Real Madrid. Not only did the football club defeat Atletico Madrid in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals, but they also won 4-2 against Celta de Vigo in the regular season La Liga. The comfortable away victory keeps the Vikings just two points behind Barcelona in Spain's Real Madrid Home Shirt 2014 - 2015topflight division as the end of the 2014 2015 speedily approaches. Pick up an Adidas Real Madrid jersey from Soccer Box today to root for the team in both competitions.

Last year, the Vikings won the Champions League title and came in third in the La Liga. This year, the squad is gunning for both trophies, and you can help them achieve that mission with a new jersey from Soccer Box. We still have stock available of both the Real Madrid home shirt 2014 2015, and of the vivid pink away jersey from Adidas. Don't miss out on these expertly crafted shirt designs!

Real Madrid Jersey

Celta de Vigo

Regardless of which version of the 2014 2015 Adidas Real Madrid jersey you prefer, you will want to pick yours up soon! With only five weeks left in this year's La Liga campaign, things are getting down to the wire for the Vikings. The football club is two points behind Barca in the standings, and three points behind in goal difference.

The two squads remained on even ground with one another this past weekend. Real headed off to Celta Vigo for their match, while Barcelona also played an away game against Espanyol. Both teams won their fixtures by two.

Of the two soccer teams, Real Madrid had the higher-scoring game. The Vikings fell behind early on in their game after a score at the nine-minute mark from Celta forward Nolito. Luckily for fans in the Real Madrid home shirt 2014 2015, the squad was up to the task of catching up.

The wearers of the Adidas Real Madrid jersey were led by Javier Hernandez who scored a brace of goals thanks to strong assists from James Rodriguez and Sergio Ramos. James netted a point of his own, taking an assist from Cristiano Ronaldo for a successful scoring drive just before halftime. German midfielder Toni Kroos delivered the other goal.

Despite their four-point run, Real Madrid had a rather shoddy first half from a defensive perspective. In addition to the early goal from Nolito, the Vikings allowed the Celta Vigo home side to add a second score to their tally within the first half hour or play. It was a missed opportunity for Madrid to make up lost ground in terms of goal difference.

FC Barcelona

Meanwhile, Barca managed a two-point victory of their own this weekend in their away fixture at Espanyol. The difference was, they kept a clean sheet and only needed two goals-one from Neymar and one from Lionel Messi-to do it.

That victory puts Barcelona at 81 points in the table standings for the 2014 2015 La Liga, and at +72 in terms of goal difference. Real Madrid trails at 79 points and +69 GD, respectively. In other words, their win against Celta Vigo gained them no ground against their rivals from Barca.

Since Real Madrid is one of the few teams that can dependably score four or five points in match-both at home and away-they need to use that ability. Granted, the Vikings will need Barca to lose a match (or draw a couple) in order to catch up and win the 2014 2015 La Liga trophy. However, taking the lead in goal difference would certainly improve Real's odds, and the football club can't do that if they are conceding two or three goals in a game. Support the football squad and help them put forth a cleaner defense, with a new Real Madrid home shirt 2014 2015 from Soccer Box.

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