Next year will be the 20th FIFA World Cup football tournament; it is due to be held in Brazil between 12th June and 13th July 2014. Brazil is only the fifth country to host this prestigious competition more than once, the first occasion being the 1950 World Cup.  Qualification for next years World Cup is underway with round 2 due to take place in November, Brazil as the host country receive automatic qualification. The remaining world teams compete for qualification in groups sorted via continental zones, FIFA awards a number of places to each continental group with a final World Cup tournament consisting of 32 teams from around the globe.  The World Cup is held every four years and is one of the worlds most widely viewed sporting events.

The World Cup is an opportunity for the residents of countries worldwide to unite behind their national football team and show solidarity in supporting their team and country. One way many people choose to show their support is by purchasing and wearing the football shirt of their national team.  Most of the teams involved in the competition will have new kits for the occasion, and World Cup shirt sales will soar as fans rush out to buy the kit of their home country.  Adidas are a FIFA partner and have traditionally been a major supplier in the football shirt industry and the World Cup is no different.

Recently major sports retailers were invited to a special event hosted by Adidas in which it was confirmed they would again be supplying World Cup Football Shirts.  It is thought that Adidas will supply World Cup shirts for Germany, Spain, Argentina, Japan, Russia and Greece.

Adidas is a German company that makes football kits for some of the most popular football clubs around the world, their shirt designs always feature the popular Adidas three stripe logo often across the shoulders and down the sleeves.  Football fans want their team kits to look stylish enough to wear everyday, however the sportswear giants Adidas know it is about more than looks, it's performance that matters to the star players who will be wearing the World Cup Football Shirts.  Adidas research and technology developed their unique Climacool fabric after studying the reactions of the human body to exercise and exertion and sweat production.  Climacool fabric is designed to draw moisture away from the body and increase air flow to the skin, thus keeping the wearer feeling more comfortable and able to perform at their maximum ability for longer periods.  The new World Cup Football Shirts that are soon to be released will be produced using the Climacool fabric.

The title of World Cup winner has only been awarded to 8 different teams throughout the history of the competition, Brazil the host for 2014 have won five times, Italy have won four times, Germany three, Argentina and Uruguay have each won twice with England, France and Spain being crowned World Cup Champions once each.  The players wearing the World Cup Football Shirts will all be hoping and dreaming that their team can beat the others and be named winners of this major sporting event.

Which team do you think will win the World Cup in 2014?

Who will you be supporting?

World Cup Football Shirts from Adidas and other major suppliers will be available to order from Soccer Box when they become available.